Top 12 Best Alternatives To Enpass

List Of The Best Alternatives For Enpass

We have identified the best password manager alternatives for Enpass. These are the best 12 tools to consider if you want to use something other than Enpass.



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Enpass is a password manager that allows users to securely store passwords, credit cards, and sensitive information that can be difficult to remember. With just one robust master password, users can access all their passwords to ensure they never forget them and their safety is not compromised.

Of course, Enpass is a solid option regarding password managers. However, a handful of other password managers are worth considering due to their handy features and safety benefits. To help you decide which password manager is right for you, we have compiled a list of our top password managers and provided an overview of the best of the best.

The Best Alternatives for Enpass

In a saturated market of password management software, it can be challenging to outline which password managers are the best. Our research indicates that the following 12 password managers are the best to consider along with Enpass.

How Do We Rank Our Results?

Finding the best results takes time and consideration, and our ranking process ensures we can take the necessary steps to find the best and most reliable password managers. Firstly, we conduct a web search via software ranking services to find the top 50-100 password management software. 

With our shortlisted findings, we then consider both user and expert reviews regarding each software, helping us to understand the software’s key metadata and features. Additionally, studying software demos allows us to see the product’s usability and helps us to review how user-friendly each password manager is. 

Our comprehensive range of secondary research helps us better understand how users receive these products, but primary research helps us determine which managers are the best. We start this process by conducting expert evaluations on each software’s US/UI design while completing a demo of the product to grasp its usability better. 

To conclude our results, we use search intent data, studying Google trends and website traffic to see which software users usually search for or reach when conducting a Google search. 

When our entire ranking methodology has been completed, we get a firm idea of which software is the best to advise our readers to use.

What is a Password Manager?

In 2022, there is a website for almost anything you can think of. Unfortunately, with these websites come memberships, log in details, and sensitive data that users need to remember. As time goes on, remembering these details and finding unique passwords becomes more challenging, which takes a definitive toll on our internet safety. 

Creating unique passwords is one of the best things you can do to leverage your internet safety, but it can feel impossible when you have over 50 unique passwords to remember. And knowing where to store each of these details can also create issues. 

Luckily, password managers offer users a solution to this issue. The purpose of password management software is to provide users with a secure place to store sensitive data, specifically passwords. Additionally, many password managers flag any password repetition or weak passwords that need editing to leverage security. 

Using a password manager is a pretty straightforward process; you only need a device with a stable internet connection. Most password managers will allow users to access them via a browser extension, application, or a private server. Once you have selected how to access the software, you will be required to set up two-factor authentication to ensure your account is as secure as possible, making it challenging for any threats to arise. 

From here, you can use your password manager by adding passwords and any other private information you would like to store within the software. 

As we have now covered the outline of a password manager, now is the perfect time to introduce you to the best password manager alternatives for Enpass!

1Password: Best Enpass Alternative for Usability

1Password has over 100,000 users, including high-profile customers like Slack and Shopify. Tying in with the name of the software, 1Password is designed to ensure users only ever need to remember one password while all their other information is safely stored.  

A clear element of why 1Password is so great is its user-friendly setup, in which all saved passwords are represented by their application logos, making it easier than ever to spot the password you need to view quickly. 

1Password is suitable for all browser types and devices, making the platform incredibly accessible to all who wish to use it. In addition, the software is integrated with a useful Watchtower system which accurately keeps track of password breaches and any other security issues, such as weak passwords. 

The straightforward usability is the clear winning attribute for 1Password, with a foolproof setup that includes all of the essential password manager features users need.

tick-n Free PlanThe only free plan option is a 14-day free trial. You only have 14 days to decide if you feel paying for the platform is the right choice for you.
tick-n SharingUsers can securely share passwords with anyone, even if the recipient isn’t a 1Password user. There are no cons to 1Password’s sharing features, apart from the fact that you will need to pay. 
tick-n Support1Password has email and forum support available.Unlike most password managers, there is no live chat option. 
tick-n PricingThe pricing of 1Password is incredibly affordable considering the range of features you get. There is no free plan option.


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Join 100,000 users in keeping their passwords secure with 1Password’s help.

Keeper: Best Enpass Alternative For Businesses

Keeper dominates the cybersecurity industry due to its incredible business plans, which give companies of all sizes access to various password security leveraging features at reasonable prices. 

Some of Keeper’s top features include advanced reporting, secure file storage, and Breatchwatch, which provides businesses with password risk assessments that they can delegate to employees to ensure their vaults are safe and there are no flaws. 

It is clear that Keeper has thoroughly considered all business password security options and included an incredible range of features in their business plans. Additionally, the platform provides plans for personal and family use, ensuring all use cases are covered. 

tick-n Free PlanWith Keeper’s free plan, users gain essential features and unlimited storage.The free plan can only be accessed on one device.
tick-n SharingKeeper uses encrypted vaults that allow users to share data securely.There are no cons to Keeper’s sharing features.
tick-n SupportKeeper has a range of support for users, including live chat, phone, and email.There are no cons to the level of support available with Keeper.
tick-n PricingKeeper is cost-effective for businesses.There are cheaper password managers on the market for personal use. 

Keeper Password Manager

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Gain unlimited and secure password storage with Keeper’s free plan!

NordPass: Most Versatile Alternative for Enpass

NordPass is more than just a password manager and instead works by making users’ digital lives more manageable by combining features to enhance the safety of digital private data, such as credit cards, email addresses, and password sharing. 

The platform can be accessed on any device, with advanced zero-knowledge security implemented via all plans. In addition, NordPass is the only app using XChaCha20 encryption, showing users that this is a password manager open to evolving and developing software to improve the user experience. 

NordPass stands out against competitors such as Enpass due to its range of advanced features that aren’t available with browser password managers. 

tick-n Free PlanNordPass has a free personal plan.NordPass’s free plan is not suitable for business use.
tick-n SharingThe shared folder feature provided by NordPass efficiently shares data with teams.You can’t access sharing features in a personal plan. 
tick-n SupportNordPass provides users with live chat and 24-hour support.There are no cons to Nordpass’s support. 
tick-n PricingNordPass is reasonably priced for businesses. You must pay for a year or 2-year plan to save money.

NordPass Logo

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Try NordPass for free to securely store your credit card details for a smoother online shopping experience.

Zoho Vault: Most Adaptable Alternative For Enpass

Zoho Vault provides users with an easy-to-use platform that seamlessly offers password management features that make internet activities much more effortless. 

Auto-filling is a feature delivered by Zoho Vault that ensures a great user experience, allowing users to log in to different websites with a single click; no need for difficulty remembering details! Additionally, users can migrate previous details onto Zoho Vault with secure importing, ensuring the initial sign-up is stress-free. 

Zoho Vault stands out from competitors due to single sign-on solutions being provided for both business and personal use, with centralized admin controls for enterprises to utilize. 

tick-n Free PlanZoho Vault provides a free plan. The free plan is only available for personal use.
tick-n SharingZoho Vault has advanced sharing features.There are no cons to Zoho Vault’s sharing.
tick-n SupportZoho Vault has email and phone support options. There are no cons to the support available via Zoho Vault. 
tick-n PricingZoho Vault’s pricing is reasonable for what is offered. There are no cons to Zoho Vault’s pricing.

Zoho Vault

Give Zoho Vault A Try!

Try Zoho Vault to ensure your enterprise’s online activity is audited to leverage company security.

Dashlane: Best EnPass Alternative for Mobile Users

One of the top password managers on the market is Dashlane, with the New York Times hailing the platform as “life-changingly great.” Dashlane has many great features that back up the claims made by the New York Times and other reviewers. 

Dashlane is easily one of the most user-friendly password managers due to its modern application and clear layout. In addition, having an app instead of just a browser extension makes Dashlane more accessible to a broader range of users, especially those who use the internet for leisure. 

Dashlane operates with zero-knowledge security, ensuring that only the user knows the private information required to access the account. In addition, account access security can be leveraged with two-factor authentication, making it harder for threats to arise. 

The main selling point regarding Dashlane is its efficiency, from operating as cloud-based software and providing users with an easy-to-use mobile app to the innovative auto-fill browser extension, which enables users to fill out online forms quicker than ever. 

tick-n Free PlanWith a free plan, users can save up to 50 passwords on one device.Limitations may result in opting for a paid plan instead.
tick-n SharingUsers can share passwords with any plan.There are no cons to the sharing features provided by Dashlane. 
tick-n SupportAll plans come with live chat support. Limited to responses being in English via social media support. 
tick-n PricingAffordable plans considering the number of features included in them. They are more expensive than many competitor platforms. 

Try Dashlane Today!

Try Dashlane now to secure your own VPN and leverage your password safety for an affordable price!

LogMeOnce: Best EnPass Alternative for Features

LogMeOnce’s password management software was released in 2011, making them one of the longest-standing password managers available, giving them another point regarding dependability. 

LogMeOnce has over 57 features, making it one of the most comprehensive platforms on the password manager market. One of the most popular features that LogMeOnce offers is its passwordless login, which allows users to use photo logins or biometrics to access their accounts instead of remembering another password. Another notable feature is the efficient password sharer, which uses an SSL/TLS encrypted tunnel to securely transport private data between users or different private server areas. 

The diversity of LogMeOnce speaks for itself, and matching an innovative range of features with a dependable and long history in computer security makes LogMeOnce a top password manager. 

tick-n Free PlanUsers can gain essential password manager features without being charged. Ads are included in the free plan. 
tick-n SharingSecure password sharing is available with LogMeOnce. There are no cons to LogMeOnce’s sharing feature. 
tick-n SupportFast email support and chatbots are available for users. Priority support requires payment. 
tick-n PricingPrice plans reflect the number of features included at an affordable rate.Other platforms may have cheaper plans. 


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Try LogMeOnce now to get unlimited password storage for unlimited devices for free!

Bitwarden: Most Time-Saving Alternative for Enpass

Bitwarden provides users with a fast and efficient way of leveraging their password safety via an easy-to-use platform with over 50 language options. 

Through unique features such as auto-filling and biometrics, the platform seeks to save customers time when completing internet practices. For example, users can utilize biometrics to autofill web forms and log in to the platform, eliminating the need for lengthy logging-in processes.

Bitwarden is an open-source platform allowing users to view each line of code to ensure Bitwarden’s level of security is transparent and easy to assess. In addition, Bitwarden can be accessed on a range of devices, helping users to have an accessible and transparent approach to password management. 

tick-n Free PlanBitwarden has a free plan with essential features.The free plan is only for personal use. 
tick-n SharingBitwarden allows users to share data with others securely.Bitwarden’s sharing feature has no cons and is available in all plans.
tick-n SupportUsers have a help center and a community forum for support. There is no live chat option. 
tick-n PricingBitwarden is an affordable password manager.You need to pay for more features.

Start Using Bitwarden!

Try Bitwarden’s open-source platform to heighten your business’s internet safety with transparent line coding.

LastPass: Best Enpass Alternative For Ease of Use

LastPass provides users with a simple and efficient way to manage passwords and stay on top of their internet safety. 

You can gain instant access to your LastPass account by using a biometric login, ensuring your vault is safe with the authentication integration. Aside from managing and storing passwords, LastPass also provides users with dark web monitoring tools and secure sharing features, enabling you to leverage your entire internet safety and experience. 

LastPass stands out from other password managers as the platform is designed to be simple to use, ensuring those who need a password manager for personal use can do so efficiently. 

tick-n Free PlanLastPass has a free plan which offers users a 30-day free trial of the premium plan. Users can only access the free plan on one device. 
tick-n SharingPassword sharing is secure and easy with LastPass.There are no cons to the sharing feature. 
tick-n SupportLastPass provides users with a support center and live chat.Users require a premium plan to contact the customer care team directly.
tick-n Pricing LastPass has reasonable pricing. All payment options are billed annually. 

Try LastPass Today!

Use LastPass’s free plan to receive a 30-day trial of premium password management features.

RoboForm: Most Accessible Alternative For Enpass

RoboForm is a password manager that can be accessed across various devices and platforms, with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android being suitable. 

One of the main features provided by RoboForm is the password generator, which helps users create more robust and secure passwords. Users can also share login details efficiently by entering their recipient’s email address. 

RoboForm offers essential password features encrypted with AES-256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication. This fundamental and secure approach ensures the platform is user-friendly while also being advanced enough to support a range of private data. 

tick-n Free PlanUsers can enjoy essential features provided by RoboForm’s free plan, accessed in a browser extension.RoboForm’s free plan doesn’t include two-factor authentication. 
tick-n SharingLogins can be shared with any RoboForm plan.Shared folders are only available in paid plans. 
tick-n SupportUsers can access live chat and email for support.Premium members have priority support. 
tick-n PricingRoboForm is highly affordable. There are no cons to the cheapness of RoboForm. 

RoboForm Logo

Start Using RoboForm Today!

Make sure you never send login information without RoboForm’s secure sharing features, available for free!

IronVest: Most Modern Alternative for Enpass

IronVest, previously known as Blur, is determined to provide users with a secure, private, and trustworthy digital infrastructure that protects individuals, families, and businesses.

IronVest upgraded from the previous password manager Blur due to innovative design updates, ensuring users are up to date with a secure and modern platform that has worked on any flaws. 

IronVest provides users with continuous monitoring to detect and eliminate any threats. Additionally, users can anonymize their online identities for a more secure internet experience, delivering a service that many password managers such as Enpass don’t.

tick-n Free PlanIronVest has a free plan.Users cannot access two-factor authentication in the free plan.
tick-n SharingUsers can efficiently share data with IronVest.The sharing features of IronVest aren’t as advanced as other password managers. 
tick-n SupportIronVest provides users with live chat support. More support options are available in a premium plan.
tick-n PricingIronVest has different pricing plans that reflect the number of features. IronVest is not as cost-effective as its competitors.


Start Using IronVest Today!

Try IronVest for free and mask your email addresses to anonymize your online identity to leverage internet safety!

KeePass: Most Advanced Alternative For Enpass

KeePass is an incredibly advanced password manager that allows tech-savvy individuals to keep information more secure due to the evolved levels of encryption included with the platform. 

A huge selling point of KeePass is that it is available for free, despite being so advanced! In addition, the platform is open-source, requiring a master key to decrypt the database. Although the way to access the platform is simple, this doesn’t take away from the highly-secure AES encryption that will protect user data. 

KeePass takes the upper hand over Enpass as it is free while offering many features. 

tick-n Free PlanKeePass is completely free. There are no cons to the range of features available for free.  
tick-n SharingUsers can share data with KeePass.No cons regarding sharing. 
tick-n SupportSupport for users is available via forums and the online help center. There is no live chat, email, or phone line support for users.
tick-n PricingAll of KeePass’ features are available to use and download for free!Users may need expensive equipment to run the software efficiently.


Give KeePass A Try!

Try KeePass for free to tighten up your internet safety through open-source software encrypted with the best security.

True Key: Most Simplistic Alternative for Enpass

True Key is a simple method for users to leverage their password safety with an efficient, auto-saving platform. 

True Key provides users with essential password manager features such as two-factor authentication and McAfee privacy protection to ensure all users’ details are safe and secure, with AES-256 encryption further enforcing this. 

True Key’s range of features is relatively simple compared to other password managers, meaning businesses and tech-savvy individuals may require a more extensive service. 

tick-n Free PlanThere is a free plan with True Key.Only 15 passwords can be stored with True Key’s free plan.
tick-n SharingThere are no pros to True Key’s sharing, as it is not included in their plan.There is no secure way to share passwords with True Key.
tick-n Support Support is available via the help center or phone with True Key. There are no live chat or email support features. 
tick-n PricingTrue Key is affordable. You need to pay for more than 15 passwords to be stored, which you can do for free with other managers.

True Key

Start Using True Key Today!

Try True Key for free to store up to 15 passwords securely!

How to Choose Password Manager Alternatives

We have provided you with a list of the top 12 password managers that would leverage your internet safety and help you to create better passwords, but the best way to choose a password manager is by conducting your own research and considering which platform meets your requirements. 

When you conduct your own research, you should keep the following elements in mind to ensure you have considered each critical aspect of the platform;


Some password managers are more challenging to use than others, with different features and pricing plans offered. But, of course, everyone has different levels of expertise, and you should base usability on your own judgment of utilizing free trial periods or assessing demos if no trial or free version is available. 


The purpose of any password manager is to improve users’ security levels and implement more thorough internet safety measures. Therefore, it is essential to check the specific information surrounding security for your chosen software. 

The majority of password managers use 256-bit end encryption, a secure and top industry feature that ensures user data is protected to the best standard. Or, perhaps you would like to find software offering zero-knowledge security to guarantee that only you can view your data.

We also recommend always choosing a password manager that implements two-factor authentication. Having an authenticator in place ensures that your designated password manager is highly secure and has measures to prevent hacks. 

Looking out for these key terms will help you to find the best password managers that reflect your security needs. 


Although having a password manager is essential when improving internet security, it is just as important to ensure that you choose a platform that is within your price range and will be attainable. 

The great thing about many password managers currently on the market is that they offer free plans. Of course, these plans will have limitations and won’t have as many features as paid plans, but they provide a good level of internet protection to those on a budget. 

Generally, we recommend choosing a plan that is one-up from the free software version. Usually, this premium plan will include all the features you need at an affordable price point that users can keep up with. 


Everyone’s needs are different, so it is fundamental to ensure that your favored password manager is compatible with the device and browser you will be using. In addition, many password manager users like to use their software across multiple devices, so checking the capabilities of each platform will ensure you know which software is most compatible with the setup you desire. 

What are the Best Password Manager Softwares for you? 

From evaluating the results that our ranking methodology has provided, there are clear winners regarding which password managers are the best for users. Dashlane is one of the more user-friendly options, whereas Keeper is great for businesses, with KeePass being wonderful for advanced users. 


We use the internet daily, and passwords are firmly integrated into our cyber routine. But, we don’t put enough thought into the content of these passwords, with many of them containing weak character combinations or being exact copies of passwords we use across other sites.

Password managers offer an easy and accessible way to counteract this, helping users leverage their password safety while also flagging up any weak passwords that should be edited to prevent threats. 

A significant element regarding password managers is that many are free, ensuring that no matter who you are, you can get your hands on a fundamental tool that can be a game changer regarding internet safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Enpass assures its users that all of their data is encrypted when using the service. Enpass uses AES 256, the world’s leading cryptography algorithm, to ensure data is securely stored.

Enpass offers users a free version of their platform through the Enpass lite subscription. This plan allows users to access everything they need from desktops, whereas mobile devices are limited to 25 items.

1Password allows users to use their password management software while offline. The offline features are also available in the family plan, ensuring members can share essential information.

LastPass discovered unusual activity within its platform earlier in 2022. Since then, LastPass has launched an investigation into this activity to try and ensure that no hacking or security breaches occur again.

Password manager software such as 1Password and Dashlane are incredibly easy to use, with user-friendly applications and offline features that ensure users can get the most out of the software without needing a desktop browser.
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