1Password Review

Starting Price$2.99/month (billed annually)
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

1Password Review


Finding an ideal password management software can be a complicated job sometimes, but 1Password is definitely one of the most famous options you might find out there. If you compare it to others, it’s not only very affordable but also highly convenient due to its features.

This 1Password review explains what you get if you use this app. You can use the review as a guide to evaluate all its features and even compare this software to other options. It’s a fantastic alternative, so you should definitely check it out!

Pros and Cons


  • It offers different features – a password generator, strong security measures, travel mode, etc.
  • It’s very secure – compared to other options, it’s one of the safest ones
  • Plans are affordable – it’s less expensive than other apps


  • Unfortunately, there is no free plan available – you can only get the free trial to check out the app
  • Some users report issues with the mobile version – the apps need improvement


With 1Password, you can enjoy top-notch innovative technological features since it’s definitely one of the safest, most secure apps out there. Using it means your information is always safe, you get multiple vaults to store your passwords, a Watchtower mode, a password generator, a travel mode, and much more.

If you try this password management software, you might quickly notice that it’s one of the safest options you could go for, and it’s certainly a very useful one. It’s immensely easy to navigate, which makes it convenient for all types of people since you don’t need any prior experience to understand how to use it.

Nonetheless, its mobile apps need improvement. While the Android one is useful, it’s not as functional as the one for iOS. The latter one, on the other hand, might be slightly complicated to sync.


This 1Password review promised you to be of use to explore all the program’s options, so take a look at some of the features you could get if you use it:

  • You Get Multiple Vaults

If you have various passwords to store, you might want different places to organize them. Fortunately, with 1Password, you get multiple vaults you can use however you want.

  • It’s a Password Generator

Many people need some help while trying to come up with the best passwords for their accounts. In this case, you don’t have to worry about that because 1Password gives you long and secure alternatives.

  • Travel Mode

Some people travel a lot, and you might want to take extra precautions when it comes to keeping your information safe. With this, only the passwords marked as ‘safe to travel’ are visible.

  • Watchtower

This option is many people’s favorite, especially if you want to guarantee you’re completely safe. If any of your passwords are weak or prone to issues, 1Password lets you know and you can quickly change it.

Support Quality

Prices vary between the different plans that 1Password offers you, but you can still get strong and convenient features and even customer support.

If you want to contact the 1Password team, you can quickly email them, post questions on the forums, or even Tweet them. They are always happy to answer because the brand prides itself in making sure its customers are satisfied.

Since 1Password is such a famous management software, it’s no surprise that it offers so many features, even if you’re using the free trial. Thus, you can even find YouTube videos about this app!

1Password Pricing – What Does it Cost? 

1Password pricing plans include several alternatives, and unfortunately, you don’t get a free one. However, there is a free trial, and you can test the app in that period (30 days) before deciding if it’s the ideal pick for you or not. Here is what you get in each of the plans:

Free trialYes
Basic plan$2.99 a month with 1GB of document storage
Family plan$4.99 a month, available for five users and five additional guests
Business plan$7.99 per user a month, including up to 5GB of storage (per user), up to 20 guest accounts, and family accounts for free
EnterpriseCustomized quote, you need to contact the brand


Finding the ideal software to organize, protect, and manage your passwords is not an easy job until you find options like 1Password. This incredible app gives you fantastic characteristics and pricing plans. 

In this 1Password review, you learned that the software is easy to use, safe, affordable, offers fantastic customer support, and has top-notch features. 

Although the mobile apps still need improvement, it’s still one of the best options you could go for, so why not give it a try?

Try Out 1Password Now!

1Password is an easy-to-use, secure software to manage your passwords. With affordable plans and fantastic features, it’s a great option, so try it out now to keep your data safe!