Bitwarde is an affordable open-source password manager with features that rival the most expensive password managers on the market at a fraction of the cost.




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Bitwarden Facts

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Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes

overview Bitwarden Overview

With today’s internet requiring so many logins just to carry out basic tasks, a good password manager has never been more essential. Bitwarden is among the absolute best password managers on the market, offering users top-of-the-line security for free or for those wanting a more comprehensive service and premium security features at a bargain price. 

Here we will look at what makes Bitwarden such an elite software, exploring its pros and cons to help you decide whether it is the password manager for you!

Bitwarden Best value-for-money password manager on the market.
password manager
Bitwarden offers a wide-range of features common to the best password managers on the market. It does this, however, at an incredibly low price, without ever compromising the quality of the service provided.

pros-cons Pros And Cons Of Bitwarden

Let’s take a look at some of Bitwarden’s strengths and weaknesses as a password manager.


Bitwarden has extensions for all of the most popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, among others. You can also use Bitwarden across various platforms, including Android and macOS.

tick Free option as well as an inexpensive paid option

If you’re strapped for cash but don’t want to compromise when it comes to your online security, or you simply want to try before you buy, Bitwarden has an excellent free option. If you do decide to go with the paid option, Bitwarden’s paid options are excellently priced.

tick Highly secure, with world-class encryption

Bitwarden comes with encryption as secure as any on the market, meaning that once your data is stored using this software, you needn’t worry about its security again!

tick 2FA

2-Factor Authentication is a process that presents users with two stages of their login, adding an extra level of security.Bitwarden presents multiple 2FA options, so you can choose exactly how you wish to log in.

tick Encrypted sharing

Bitwarden’s encrypted sharing feature enables its users to share sensitive information such as passwords or secure notes, and have it be unreadable to everyone except the intended recipient. 


cross Premium users only get 1GB of storage

While it is heavily-encrypted and secure, there being only 1GB of storage available to users for things such as passwords, bank details or secure notes can be seen as somewhat limiting.

cross Auto-fill occasionally problematic

There have been occasional reports of Bitwarden’s autofill-feature being occasionally problematic, specifically difficulties syncing.

Bitwarden AdvantagesBitwarden Disadvantages
plus Works across all popular platforms and browsersminus Limited storage for Premium users
plus Free & Inexpensive plansminus Occasionally difficult autofill system
plus Encryption
plus Built-in 2FA
plus Encrypted sharing

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what What Is Bitwarden?

Bitwarden is a secure open-source password manager that aims to give you a plethora of security features one would expect from the most expensive, high-end pieces of software on the market, but for a fraction of the price. 

This does not mean that Bitwarden compromises the quality of these features; however, its encryption is the same used by banks and militaries worldwide! So you know you are getting trusted, top-of-the-line bang for your buck!

Recommended by multiple publications as the best password manager on the market since its debut in 2016. Bitwarden has been perennially among the most renowned software of its kind, being picked as the best budget option and password manager for most people by Wirecutter and Lifehacker, respectively.

Bitwarden has a wide variety of features to protect your passwords and improve your online security across the board, too. These include AES-CBC 256-bit encryption of your data; this is generally considered unbreakable, meaning not only your passwords but any other data you choose to store within Bitwarden’s encrypted vaults will be as safe as it gets! You can also expect secure data sharing, a 2-Factor authentication process, and a password breach monitoring system. 

Bitwarden is compatible with the most popular devices, including Android, iPhone and iPad. There are also Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extensions.

  • Unbreakable Data Vaults
  • Secure data file sharing
  • Highly compatible 

minus How Does It Work?

Suppose you’ve ever struggled with remembering your passwords or are worried that your logins are not secure enough. In that case, Bitwarden is an essential piece of software that keeps all of your passwords in one secure location, allowing you to upgrade the strength of each password without the need to remember them all!

To get started, you need to create an account with Bitwarden, a simple process. All you need to do is enter your email and create a ‘Master Password’. This will control your access to your vault. Bitwarden will advise you on the strength of your master password, helping you create the strongest one possible.

You can import all your passwords in one go if using another password manager; Bitwarden extends this import feature to over 50 top password managers! However, if you do not have your passwords stored in a password manager, you can also import those into your web browser. Otherwise, you will have to do it manually, however, once you have done this, everything is taken care of, and you are good to go, utilizing Bitwarden to help keep your passwords safe and secure!

feature Features Of Bitwarden

Let’s now explore some of the key features Bitwarden offers its users!

tick Unbreakable Data Vaults

Bitwarden boasts 256-AES encryption, which is generally regarded as the strongest level of encryption on the market. This extremely advanced encryption scrambles data, making it unreadable even in the unlikely event that hackers gain access to that data. And, as Bitwarden operates on a strict zero-knowledge protocol, nobody within Bitwarden has access to your data either; once your data is stored within Bitwarden’s vaults, you have complete control over it, who sees it, when and for how long.

tick Password Sharing

Bitwarden comes with a highly-secure traditional password-sharing feature. This enables users to share data with other Bitwarden users. This is particularly useful for businesses, as all users should use the same password manager. Bitwarden does this by making use of a shared vault. You can control the exact level of access those you share your data with, from read-only access to allowing them to access and modify it. Bitwarden’s password-sharing feature also comes with an option to allow users to use your passwords without being able to see them.

tick Password Auditing

Bitwarden contains a password auditing feature that takes a proactive role in maintaining your online security to a high standard across the board. This password auditing tool flags any weak or reused passwords you may have in your vault, as well as alerts you to websites you may have accounts with that are insecure. It also monitors breach databases to check whether your username, email or passwords have been led, allowing you to react fast and protect your online presence.

tick Login Options

Bitwarden does not restrict its users to one method of accessing its vaults. Instead, Bitwarden gives users various secure options to choose exactly how they wish to log in. These options include a biometric login, which many feel to be more secure than the traditional master password system. Bitwarden also comes with 2-factor authentication login options via various authenticator apps, adding another level of security.

Why You Need To Use Bitwarden
tick Gold Standard Encryption
tick Secure Data Sharing
tick 2-Factor Authentication
tick Password Auditor & Generator

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who Who Should Use Bitwarden?

Bitwarden offers substantial benefits to anyone who uses the internet regularly. Let’s take a look at exactly how Bitwarden can help different users!

  • Average Internet Users

Anyone who uses the internet regularly can benefit from using Bitwarden. Think about it; if you use websites such as Amazon, or any other online store, your account with that website holds your bank details, your home address, and likely your email and telephone numbers too. It only makes sense then to ensure your login details with these websites are as strong as possible, which can be achieved using Bitwarden’s password generator and auditor. 

Using a unique, strong password for each login also comes with the risk of struggling to remember these passwords; Bitwarden eliminates that worry by keeping your passwords in one convenient, secure location.

  • Businesses 

Anyone running a business can benefit from using Bitwarden to boost their security. Companies deal with large sums of money and a lot of sensitive data, from their employees’ essential details to their customers. If your customers entrust you with their bank details and money, you owe it to them to ensure that this is kept as secure as possible. Bitwarden takes care of this for you, enabling you to keep all of the sensitive data your business deals with daily safe and secure. If data needs to be shared internally, Bitwarden has you covered with its password-sharing function.

  • Families

As a parent, knowing your children are using the internet without any way of being able to guarantee their safety online can be stressful! With Bitwarden, you can ensure that all of their online details are kept securely, allowing you peace of mind. Bitwarden’s data-sharing features also allow you to securely share passwords within the family.

tick Any internet users looking to improve their online security
tick Businesses handling sensitive data of their employees, clients or customers
tick Parents looking for peace of mind regarding the security of their families’ online presence

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cost-and-time Bitwarden Time And Cost

Bitwarden will save you time, whether you are an individual user or a business. Bitwarden keeps your passwords in one secure location, eliminating the need to remember or waste time resetting them. 

Bitwarden’s password auditing and data breach monitors can also help you save a lot of time and money; data breaches can be time-consuming to fix at best and, at worst, costly for you and your customers or clients. Bitwarden helps to proactively prevent them from happening and, if they do, to react quickly to restore your online security.

Usability Usability 

Ease of use should be a key concern when considering which piece of software to use; as you or your business employees are going to be using this software every day, it should be usable and efficient to do so.

Luckily, we can report that Bitwarden is indeed extremely easy to use. Although Bitwarden contains a wide array of features, it does not get bogged down in trying to do too much; instead, Bitwarden is simply an excellent password manager that gives you essential features. This means you are good to go once you have become acquainted with Bitwarden’s core features.

Large tasks such as first importing all of your passwords to Bitwarden or syncing across all your devices can take some time. However, once these are done, they do not need to be done again. This means you can get on with your tasks while Bitwarden takes care of your security!

Bitwarden is available across all of the most popular web browsers- including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and a variety of devices, including Android and iOS, meaning nobody should have trouble getting Bitwarden to work with their particular setup.

pricing Bitwarden Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Bitwarden represents excellent value for money, delivering an array of features and top-of-the-line security while remaining superb concerning value for money. Bitwarden offers three personal use plans: Free, Premium and Family. For businesses, Bitwarden offers two, the Teams Organization and the Enterprise Organization. Let’s break down what each plan can offer you! 

Personal Plans:

  • Free- This plan offers users a lot of the fundamentals of a good password manager; and a little extra! These features include unlimited password storage across unlimited devices, unlimited secure not and data storage, a password generator and a data breach monitor. Overall, this plan represents incredible value!
  • Premium- For only $14.98 annually, Bitwarden’s Premium plan is fantastic value for money, offering all of the free plan’s features and an array of additional features. These features include password health and auditing tools, built-in 2-factor authentication as well as priority support.
  • Family- At $59.96 annually, the Family plan costs only a little bit more per user than Bitwarden’s premium plan, offering coverage for up to 6 users. This plan allows for unlimited password sharing between users, an extremely useful tool, and 1GB of encrypted data storage each.

Business Plans

  • Teams Organization- For only $4.53 per user per month, the team’s organisation plan offers all of the features included in the Premium plan, allowing for secure storage, data sharing, 2-factor authentication and more.
  • Enterprise Organisation- For $7.55, you can expect all of the features of the team’s plan, complimentary premium and family plans for users, and advanced functionalities, including SSO integration, to help streamline your enterprise’s efficiency.
Premium$14.98 AUD annually
Family$59.96 AUD annually
Teams Organisation$4.53 AUD per user/per month
Enterprise Organisation$7.55 AUD per user/per month

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tool What Tools Are Included With Bitwarden?

Bitwarden comes with various tools to make managing your online security stress-free!

  • Secure Vault

First and foremost, Bitwarden is an excellent password manager. As such, it comes with a secure vault with the best encryption on the market! Simply access your vault to see all of your login details displayed. To clarify things, Bitwarden also categorizes your data stored in its vault by type, such as card, login, identity, and secure notes, enabling you to find what you’re looking for as easily and efficiently as possible.

  • Password Generator

Bitwarden comes with an excellent and easy-to-use password-generation tool. Simply enter the password length, the minimum amount of numbers and the special case characters you would like, and Bitwarden generates a unique password for you from scratch!

  • Password Auditing

Not only does Bitwarden help you generate new passwords, it also includes a tool that audits your security health, alerting you to any weak or reused passwords and any data breaches. Using this tool couldn’t be simpler; Bitwarden does it for you! All you have to do is to decide what to do with the information it gives you, i.e. changing your password when Bitwarden suggests that it may be weak or has been exposed to a data breach.

  • Sharing Secure Information

Bitwarden’s Send feature allows users to share data with anyone they want; the recipients do not even have to have a Bitwarden account to receive data from Send! Users need only enter a name for the data they wish to send, specify whether it is text or a file, and Send it away! You can also choose whether you want the data to be restricted or entirely accessible to the recipient.

Points To Note
Built-in password generator allows for strong, unique passwords of up to a whopping 128 words!
Password Auditing helps maintain a high standard of security health across the board
Secure data sharing via Send
256-bit AES encryption means your data is as safe as it gets!

use case Bitwarden Use Cases

Let’s look at some examples of who is using Bitwarden to boost their online security!

tick Intesys

Intesys is a digital software company from Verona, Italy. Working on complex projects, sometimes for months at a time per project, they require a high standard of online security throughout their business and to be able to securely share data within their organisation. An IT specialist from the company describes Intesys as a ‘swiss-army knife, whereas company CEO Alberto Gaiga lauds the flexibility of Bitwarden open-source software.

support Support Quality

Bitwarden offers several different channels to offer support to its users. First is the community support forum, allowing users to have their questions answered by fellow Bitwarden users. This support channel also offers the advantage of users seeing if their questions have been answered in the past!

Though there are no phone line or live chat options, Bitwarden offers email support and priority support for those on Premium plans or above, and Bitwarden’s expert advisors are extremely prompt in their reply times to any queries you may have.

Bitwarden also offers a help center containing an abundance of in-depth explanations of how to operate its various tools and features.

Bitwarden Support
Help Centre
Community Forum
Email Support via Help Page
Priority Support for Paid Plans
Alternatives To Bitwarden
Bitwarden is an excellent password manager; however, if you find that it isn’t for you or simply wish to try one of the many good alternatives on the market, there are some good alternatives on the market.

Dashlane is an excellent password manager, offering great value for money, all of the basics one would expect from an industry-leading password manager software, as well as some fantastic bonuses such as Dashlane’s own VPN!

If you’re after something a little different, LogMeOnce is a Bitwarden alternative that is unique through its use of an extensive PasswordLess system, giving users all of the options they could want when it comes to their logins, from facial recognition and fingerprint logins to QR and PIN code, LogMeOnce leaves no stone unturned when it comes to its sheer magnitude of options!

conclusion Conclusion

Bitwarden is an excellent password manager, fulfilling all of the needs a user could have of such software with industry-leading encryption, 2-factor authentication, biometric logins, device syncing and flexible open-source coding, all for incredible value for money.

Not only this, but Bitwarden also supplies additional features to help maintain your online security to a high level, such as its password auditing and data breach monitoring features. Overall, it is a fantastic password manager and allows users to stay secure online for low cost and no fuss.

Anyone can benefit from this software, from the average internet user to businesses, such as Intesys, who use Bitwarden to securely share data within their company and maintain the security of their client’s data.

Try Bitwarden Now!

BItwarden is one of the absolute leading password managers on the market. If you want to secure the online presence of you, your family or your business, try Bitwarden now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A password manager is a piece of software that enables you to store all of your login details in one secure, encrypted vault. This enables users to devise strong and unique passwords for each login. Many password managers also come with additional features, from password generators to VPNs.

Bitwarden is compatible with all of the most popular operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS. Bitwarden also features extensions for web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

Bitwarden used 256-bit AES encryption. This is the standard of encryption used by banks and governments, meaning your data is as secure with Bitwarden as can be. Access to your data is only possible via your Master Password.

Bitwarden offers an excellent free plan that includes all of the basic features of a premium password manager. This free plan is as secure as their paid plans; however, the paid plans offer additional features not available on the free plan.


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