Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager

Keeper is one of the leading password managers on the market. Keeper stores your passwords and personal information in secure vaults to protect you from unwanted online threats, hackers, and scams.




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Keeper Password Manager

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Keeper Password Manager Facts

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overview Keeper Overview

Finding the right password manager for your business can be daunting. With so many options available in today’s market, finding the perfect fit can take time, effort, and lots of research. That’s where we come in! 

Our Keeper review will give all the facts and information you need to make the best decision for your company.

Keeper is a leader in password management technology and provides valuable protection services to users. Continue reading to discover the unique features and easy-to-use functions of Keeper, and how it can help your business to become more vigilant on the security of your data. 

Keeper – Best for storing and managing multiple passwords.

Keep your data safe from cyberattacks with powerful password management. Keeper can help you generate and save strong passwords to secure your online accounts. Update weak or reused passwords for enhanced data privacy.

pros-cons Pros And Cons Of Keeper

Review these Keeper pros and cons to help get you started with password management!

Keeper Pros

tick Secure Password Sharing

Share passwords safely with friends and colleagues through encrypted vaults instead of leaving sensitive data in your email inbox. 

tick Multi-Factor Authentication

The safety of your Keeper account is imperative. Sign in with multi-factor authentication for additional security to your information. 

tick Password Generator

Keeper can automatically suggest strong passwords for your employees to use. This prevents the risk of weak passwords, making your data vulnerable to attacks. 

tick Device Syncing

Sync all your devices to your Keeper account for seamless access to your data wherever you are! Access passwords from your desktop, mobile, or iPad for a streamlined workflow. 

tick Autofill 

Gain greater convenience in your day-to-day activities with Keeper’s autofill tool. Autofill your passwords, bank details, and other information into various forms on different websites and apps. 

Keeper Cons

cross Limited Free Plan

Keeper offers a free plan to users with limited features. Businesses may not gain a full understanding of the extent of the platform by testing out this free plan. 

Keeper AdvantagesKeeper Disadvantages
plus Share passwords between colleagues safely through encrypted messages with secure sharing. minus The Keeper free plan is limited in the features it provides. 
plus Sign into your Keeper account using multi-factor authentication for additional security. 
plus Allow your employees to automatically generate strong passwords. 
plus Sync your Keeper account to any device to access your data whenever you need it. 
plus Autofill your personal details on online forms for greater efficiency. 

Keeper Password Manager

Try Keeper Now!

Secure your data with Keeper through efficient password management! Ensure the best password practices across your organization and gain peace of mind knowing that your information is protected.

what What Is a Keeper?

Keeper is a leading password manager offering effective cybersecurity solutions that protect your business from unwanted threats and hacking scams. Keeper stores your passwords and personal information in secure vaults to prevent password overload and provide convenience in everyday online activities!

Security is of the utmost importance when entrusting your personal information to external software. Keeper ensures the safety of your data through end-to-end encryptions and a zero-knowledge architecture that keeps your information yours only. 

Password managers are becoming exceedingly important in our current digital landscape. Individuals must remember a growing number of passwords and login details in their daily professional activities. 

Many resorts to using weak or reused passwords to make this process less grueling. This can pose a number of serious issues for your business as the main cause of data breaches stems from attacks on weak or easily guessed passwords. 

By supplying your employees with access to a functional password manager, you can offer a safer and more efficient way of coping with an onslaught of complex passwords. Keeper helps to limit the risks of password reuse by providing secure password storage and strong password generation for employees and a granular view of password security for admins. 

Safely store and manage your online data with Keeper! This sophisticated platform has a range of intuitive features to aid your efforts in password management and provides top-class security for all users. 

tick Prevent password overload in your employees by providing a secure place to store passwords.
tick Bring greater convenience to your employees for more efficient work. 
tick End-to-end encryptions ensure the advanced security of your data. 
tick Generate strong passwords that are difficult to hack and store them in encrypted vaults.
tick Give admins a granular view of the company’s overall password security. 

minus How Does Keeper Work?

Keeper is an easy-to-use platform with a simple setup process. Easily onboard your colleagues onto Keeper to ensure the protection of company data! Keeper provides in-depth onboarding guides to get you started with the platform so you can swiftly secure your information and enforce the best password practices across your teams. 

Keeper allows you to import all your existing passwords into the software from your browsers and other competitors. Install the Keeper browser extension to integrate the software effortlessly into your daily workflow. The introduction to Keeper gives a thorough tour of the platform and demonstrates how to upload payment cards and other personal information for form auto-filling. Turn on multi-factor authentication for increased security on your saved data.

Keeper is able to capture your passwords as you log into your accounts on various websites. After logging in, Keeper will prompt you to save your login details to autofill for the next time. If you wish to change or update passwords, you can do this manually from the Keeper menu. 

Enjoy using Keeper’s range of browser extensions, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge! Browser extensions are an efficient way to apply the platform’s many features seamlessly into your daily workflow. Edit and organize passwords from the KeeperFill menu and manage your autofill preferences.

Keeper offers a security audit to single out weak or reused passwords and assign a newly generated, strong password to each one. Conducting a password audit with Keeper can also examine which passwords have not been updated in a while. Periodically changing your password is a good practice for enhancing your password security. 

feature Features Of Keeper

Many password managers come with an array of innovative features to provide users with multiple layers to their password security. Keeper is no exception! When using Keeper, you can gain considerable visibility and control over your business’ password protection. With several admin features, you can manage users, enforce strict password policies, and monitor your data security in-depth. 

You can find extensive security features for your business at an affordable price with Keeper! Let’s take a look at some of Keeper’s additional features and how they can work to improve the quality of your company’s cybersecurity.

tick Dark Web Monitoring

Weak passwords can be vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals leading to your company data being exploited across the dark web. Keeper has a brilliant dark web monitoring feature that scans the dark web for weak passwords that have been exposed to hackers on the dark web. Keeper can alert you to potential breaches and prompt you to take the necessary steps in securing your data. 

When purchasing this useful add-on for Keeper, you can perform unlimited scans across all employee devices to fortify your security and protect employees from harmful dark web attacks. This feature integrates well with advanced reporting features for a clear overview of the status of your organization’s security. 

Dark Web Monitoring

tick Secure File Storage

Passwords are not the only target for damaging hacking scams. Your cloud file storage could leave sensitive data open to attacks from cybercriminals who can tap into plain unencrypted files easily. Encrypting your files in secure storage is the best way to protect your data from unwanted breaches. Keeper’s Secure File Storage is a safe space for storing private information through encrypted files!

Simply drag and drop your files into Keeper’s Web Vault and it will store them with powerful AES-256 encryption keys. In addition, you can securely send files to team members with vault-to-vault sharing, ensuring that your data stays in the right hands! 

Secure File Storage

tick Advanced Reporting And Alerts

Prevent disastrous data leaks before they can happen with a complete view of your company’s password health. Monitor key activities within your team, such as failed logins, vault transfers, and record sharing to stay on top of who is accessing private company data. 

Access reports in several views and checks event history to keep your insights contextualized. Customize alerts and receive notifications in real time for certain security risks. Edit who receives alerts and how often, with the potential to monitor over 80 events. 

Advanced Reporting And Alerts

tick Secure Password Generator

Strong passwords are crucial to the security of your business accounts. With many people owning several online accounts, coming up with a unique password for all of them can be tedious. Keeper’s free random password generator is a superb way of acquiring strong, unique passwords to secure your digital life! 

Using a password manager with a functional password generator is an excellent way to encourage the best password practices in your business. Keeper’s password generator gives greater convenience to employees, helping them form strong passwords in seconds.

Secure Password Generator

tick Compliance Reports

Allow admins to monitor access permissions and gain visibility of password-related activity across your entire organization. Streamline your compliance auditing process with clear views of user access permissions and effective event-logging tools. 

Compliance Reports
Why Do YOU Need to Use a Keeper?
tick Be alerted to potential data leaks on the dark web. 
tick Store sensitive data in safe, encrypted files. 
tick Receive notifications on over 80 password risks. 
tick Generate strong passwords for your business accounts. 
tick Monitor access permissions for streamlined compliance auditing. 

Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Can Be Used By Anyone!

Keeper provides essential cybersecurity for your business by equipping you with advanced management tools and high-level security. Try out Keeper today and discover the perfect solution to your password protection needs!

who Who Should Use a Keeper?

Whether you are investing in a password manager for personal or business use, Keeper can protect your data from data theft and phishing scams. With a range of plans and a roster of intuitive features, Keeper is sure to fit your needs! 

tick Individual Use

Even the most non-tech-savvy individuals have an abundance of passwords to remember in their online lives. Whether you are logging into your online shopping accounts, streaming services, or university website, it is important to ensure your credentials are secure. Keeper has superb options for individual users and even provides a free plan to dabble into Keeper’s services before committing to a purchase!

tick Families

Keeping track of your family’s shared passwords on illusive post-it notes is a thing of the past with Keeper’s affordable family plan. Share folders safely and securely and know where to access your private data at all times. Save unlimited passwords to your account with up to 5 private vaults for the whole family to enjoy.

tick Enterprises

Securing your company’s data starts by securing your employee accounts. Prevent the risks of weak and reused passwords by supplying your employees with an easy-to-use platform that generates strong passwords and stores them in secure digital vaults. Keeper is an affordable software for businesses, helping to secure and manage company accounts with best-in-class security features and insightful activity reporting.

tick Individual users can safely store complex passwords in a secure vault.
tick Families can keep track of multiple passwords and share sensitive files securely. 
tick Enterprises can gain intuitive business tools to better manage password security throughout their entire organization. 

Keeper Password Manager

Try Keeper Now!

Both businesses and individuals can gain substantial use from Keeper’s effective password management tools! Try out Keeper’s free plan to explore unique features and implement better password protection throughout your digital experience.

cost-and-time Keeper Time and Cost

Keeper is an excellent timesaving tool, made with your needs and convenience in mind. Save time on mindless manual tasks by allowing Keeper to automate your login process. Generate strong passwords effortlessly and save them in secure encrypted vaults. Allow Keeper’s autofill tool to fill in repetitive forms so you can work more efficiently. Save or update passwords easily and allow Keeper to remember your personal details for quick login experiences. 

Keeper is priced fairly and competitively in comparison to other password managers. Stopping harmful data leaks with Keeper can prevent damaging costs and repairs, making the platform a worthy investment. 

Usability Usability

Keeper is a functional platform that is easy to use and set up within your business or personal life. Creating an account with Keeper is simple and the clean user interface makes the platform easy to navigate. Keeper’s advanced features are clear to understand and painless to implement in your various work processes. 

You should have no issues when onboarding your teams onto this intuitive platform. Enjoy a streamlined process that has your password security up and running smoothly. Use Keeper through a desktop app or browser extension for exceptional performance and functional features. 

pricing Keeper Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Before you commit to a Keeper purchase, try out its features risk-free by signing up for Keeper’s free version. Explore unlimited password storage, two-factor authentication, and generate passwords for one device. Grasp the basics of password management before taking it further with paid additional features! 

While the free plan is useful to test out the core functions of Keeper, it is very limited, and only scratches the surface of what the platform is capable of. If you are interested in a paid plan, test it out with a 30-day free trial! 

The Keeper Personal plan is reasonably priced at $2.91 and includes a fantastic set of features that can make your online life easier. Explore fingerprint and face ID login for easy access to your data. Sync your devices to manage your account from wherever you are!

Protect your family’s data by subscribing to the Keeper family plan for $6.24 per month. This plan includes everything in the personal plan plus 5 private vaults, 10GB of secure file storage, and more! 

The Business Starter plan is ideal for small teams and allows for powerful password protection for up to 10 people. This is the most limited business plan, costing $2 per user/month. Enjoy valuable additional features like shared team folders and activity reporting. 

The Business plan is more suited to medium-sized businesses, providing additional admin tools for effortless management of your password security. Gain delegated administration and share admin features for $3.75 per user/month.

Finally, if your large enterprise is looking for a complete range of Keeper features to secure data and track password health, the Enterprise plan is what you need. Contact the Keeper sales team to receive a personalized quote to gain full access to everything Keeper has to offer! 

Keeper also has a selection of paid add-ons available for each plan to enhance your security and make your experience even more enjoyable! These add-ons may boost the price of your plan, however, leading to additional costs. 

30-Day Free TrialFree!
Keeper Free VersionFree!
Personal$2.91 /month
Family$6.24 /month
Business Starter$2 per user/month
Business$3.75 per user/month
EnterpriseCustom Quote

Keeper Password Manager

Start Using Keeper Today!

Sign up for Keeper’s free plan and start using the platform to enhance your digital security. With multiple pricing options available for a range of demands, you can find the perfect password management solution for your business!

tool What Tools Are Included With Keeper?

Keeper is a secure platform with an abundance of helpful tools to enhance your password security across your entire organization! Here are just a few tools you can expect to find after purchasing Keeper. 

tick BreachWatch

Protect your employees by investing in advanced dark web monitoring features that constantly scan for leaked credentials on the dark web. Receive real-time alerts to any attacks so you can take the necessary steps in protecting your company. 


tick KeeperChat

Send secure messages to your team members with KeeperChat! Ensure high-level security for collaboration and workplace communication so you can freely discuss private matters without hesitation. 


tick Professional Services

Receive top-class support from Keeper professionals with specialized onboarding sessions and employee training. With the Silver support plan, you can get 24/7 access to email support for urgent inquiries. 

Professional Services

tick Keeper Secrets Manager

Secure your infrastructure secrets from damaging attacks with a zero-knowledge, cloud-based platform. Keeper Secrets Manager is simple to set up and deploy for protection against leaks of your confidential data. 

Keeper Secrets Manager
Points to Note
tick Receive alerts to data leaks on the dark web. 
tick Connect with team members on a safe, encrypted messaging app. 
tick Purchase priority support for seamless onboarding and employee training.
tick Secure your infrastructure secrets and confidential data with a hosted secrets manager. 

use case Keeper Use Cases

Discover which businesses are using Keeper to secure their data! 

tick Insurance

Susan is the vice president of an insurance agency and found excellent password management services with Keeper after testing out other products on the market! Keeper Business helped Susan’s employees engage in better password practices, successfully securing all company accounts.

tick Nonprofit Organization Manager

Annalese loves Keeper’s user-friendly desktop and mobile apps for easy access to passwords and private credentials. She can view crucial data from her laptop or phone whenever and wherever she needs it! 

tick Marketing And Advertising

Angelique enjoys how simple Keeper is to use for secure password storage. With multiple login options and syncing across devices, Keeper was convenient for users like Angelique, who valued the platform’s efficiency. 

tick Public Relations And Communications

Abbie decided it was time for an upgrade after struggling to manage countless spreadsheets and team passwords. Keeper helped Abbie’s team to update weak passwords and share team passwords securely in one place. 

support Support Quality

Keeper has fantastic support options available to all users and advanced support plans for paying members. The Keeper support page on their website contains in-depth user guides and video tutorials to help you get to know the platform. However, if you wish to speak to customer service directly, there are a few ways to go about it. 

Submit your inquiry via the Keeper Contact Us page, where you can enter your business email address and message. A customer service team member should get back to you shortly. 

If you are looking for real-time responses to your questions, you can access the Keeper live chat function. This service is available 24/7 for every need! 

Keeper Support
Check the support page for user guides and video tutorials. 
Submit an email inquiry via the Keeper Contact Us page. 
Use the Keeper live chat, available 24/7.
Keeper Alternative- LastPass
Finding the best password manager for your business can be difficult in such a competitive market. LastPass is one of Keeper’s main competitors, offering the same standard features and similar additional features to give customers complete password protection. LastPass is a highly secure platform, offering the same advanced encryption methods as Keeper. 
Comparing Keeper And LastPass
While Keeper and LastPass offer incredibly similar features, Keeper takes the upper hand with superior support options and unique business add-ons that enhance the performance of the platform. However, both platforms are secure, functional, and easy to use for advanced password management. 

conclusion Conclusion

The rise of more sophisticated cybercrime calls for powerful online security solutions. Weak and reused passwords are often the primary targets for harmful data breaches and cyber-attacks, making password security a top priority for businesses. Keeper secures your data by generating strong passwords and providing a secure place to store them. 

Keeper uses a zero-knowledge architecture, meaning that your stored data is not accessible to Keeper or any third parties. Sign into your Keeper account using a master password and store files using high-quality AES-256 encryptions. 

Keeper offers a multitude of advanced features to enhance your password protection and management efforts. Share passwords and credentials safely through secure sharing features and receive real-time alerts to data breaches on the dark web. 

Enjoy quality support options, available to customers 24/7! Chat with Keeper specialists via live chat or browse through Keeper’s extensive support library for in-depth video tutorials and user guides. Keeper is a highly intuitive platform, making password security easy for your business. 

Keeper Password Manager

Try Keeper Now!

Prevent damaging data leaks in your business with Keeper. With a multitude of advanced features, Keeper can support your business in all areas of password management!

Other Password Managers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Keeper is a highly secure platform. It has a zero-knowledge policy with high-level encryptions and multi-factor authentication for the best protection of your personal data. Explore multiple sign-in options through Keeper, including one-time codes and face ID.

Yes! Keeper is a highly intuitive platform with a clean interface that users can grasp easily. Keeper keeps your important data safe in one place and is simple to access when needed. If you need help using any of Keeper’s advanced features, employee onboarding and training services are available, as well as a wealth of helpful guides and articles.

Each of Keeper’s paid plans offers unlimited storage on an unlimited number of devices! Enjoy endless password storage for all your accounts. The free version of Keeper can only be used with 1 device, however. If you wish to try out the paid plans for free, you can do so using the 30-day trial.

Keeper has high-level security methods to ensure the safety of your sensitive information. Your files and passwords are stored using end-to-end encryption for the best protection of your private data. Share data securely with family or team members to minimize the risk of potential data breaches with Keeper.


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