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True Key is a robust password manager with all the core features needed to securely store all your login credentials. It offers everything you need to stay safe online.




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overview True Key Overview

As technology continues to evolve, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes. Generally speaking, creating unique, alphanumeric passwords is a good way to keep your sensitive data secure. However, memorizing long strings of numbers and letters can be counterproductive and time consuming. 

It can also be frustrating and annoying to have to constantly re-enter your username and password when logging in or updating your accounts.

If you are looking for a better solution, True Key is a top-rated password manager that allows you to securely store all of your passwords and other personal information in the cloud. 

This means that you don’t have to install any software to manage your passwords and other private information – you can access them directly from any device. 

In this True Key review, we will take a close look at what sets True Key apart from the competition, why you should consider using it, and how to get started.

True Key – Best for Personal Use
True Key is a robust password manager that has all the core features needed to securely store all of your login credentials. It’s perfect for personal use but lacks a number of features that you’d expect to find in a business-focused product.

pros-cons True Key Pros and Cons

Before we jump into the main features of True Key, let’s briefly discuss some of its pros and cons to give you an overview of what you can expect from this password manager. 

True Key Pros

tick Easy To Use

True Key is designed with ease of use in mind. Its browser plugins/extensions accurately remember all of your login details and automatically fill them into login forms the next time you visit a site.  

tick Password Generator

Using True Key’s built in password generator, you can create strong and secure passwords for any site, service, and app that you use online. True Key also saves newly generated passwords automatically.

tick Product by McAfee

True Key is McAfee’s answer to other popular password managers like LastPass, Keeper, and Zoho Vault. McAfee is at the forefront of the antivirus industry, so you know your information is protected when you sign up for True Key.

tick Security

True Key uses a 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that your passwords are secure and cannot be decrypted by hackers. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that your accounts and passwords will be safe from unauthorized access. 

True Key Cons

cross More Suitable for Personal Use

If you are managing a team, you will find that True Key lacks collaboration tools and features, which makes it unsuitable for business use. It also lacks the ability to share logins and passwords among team members, which can be very limiting. 

cross 2FA is Confusing and Buggy

While 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) is great for ensuring that your account is secure, True Key’s 2FA feature is not quite ready for primetime. A number of users have reported that the app’s 2FA feature is buggy and hard to set up.

cross Audit Trail Feature is Missing 

One of the most crucial features of a password manager is the ability to keep an audit trail of all your activities. Unfortunately, True Key does not have this feature, which leaves some users feeling insecure. 

True Key AdvantagesTrue Key Disadvantages
plus Basic but robust cloud-based password manager. minus True Key is not suitable for teams and businesses.
plus True Key is user-friendly and can easily be integrated on your web browser.minus Occasional system bugs and performance issues. 
plus True Key is under the McAfee trademark.minus Some useful features like password sharing are lacking. 
plus 256-bit AES encryption for ultimate security and protection. minus Reporting and analytics is missing.

True Key

Try Out True Key Now!

If you are looking for a basic and lightweight solution to securely store your password in the cloud, True Key is a great option for you. It is a standalone service under the McAfee brand, so it is backed by the company behind the world’s most trusted security solutions.

what What is True Key?

The goal of True Key is to make your life easier by providing a simple way to manage your passwords across all your devices. You only need to remember one master password to log into the service, and you will be able to access all your other accounts in one place. 

It uses the latest 256-bit AES encryption technology that allows you to securely manage your passwords and access your sensitive data without having to worry about key theft or loss. True Key comes with a free plugin that works as an extension of your web browser and provides you easy access to your account information in one place. 

The True Key app is also available on Android and iOs devices, so you can manage your passwords on the go. 

Perfect for personal use, True Key has all the basic yet powerful features you need in order to keep your passwords and other sensitive data safe and secure.

tick Overall Rating4.0/5.0
tick FunctionalityTrue Key offers everything you need to stay safe and confident in your online activities. It is highly effective at protecting your sensitive data and login credentials – a must-have tool for anyone who wants to protect their personal data from hackers and identity thieves.
tick Top Feature for BusinessesTrue Key is more suitable for personal use as it lacks functionalities such as password sharing and role-based permissions. If you are a freelancer or solo practitioner, True Key is a great option for you. 
tick Site PerformanceTrue Key’s performance is generally reliable. Although occasional slowdowns do occur, they are usually short-lived and do not affect performance significantly. 
tick Latest OfferingsTrue Key offers a Free Plan with basic features, so if you simply need a secure way to store your up to 15 login credentials – True Key will serve you just fine.

minus How Does True Key Work?

True Key creates an encrypted digital vault for each of your online accounts, keeping your most important details safe and sound in one place. This way, you always have quick access to your most sensitive data – such as your banking credentials, email address, and credit card numbers. 

With True Key, you don’t have to install any app or software on your computer. You simply need to download the plugin to integrate True Key on your browser and you are good to go. True Key currently supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Alternatively, you can download the True Key app on your Android or iOS device to use it on your mobile phone. 

The plugin works behind the scenes, encrypting all the information you enter, making sure that no one else can access it. Once you have entered your credentials and saved them to True Key, it will remember those values for you. 

So when you come back to a site, you can log in without having to reenter your password. Simply use your master login credentials and you’ll get instant access to your online accounts. 

Did You Know?
tick In addition to login credentials, True Key can also store other sensitive information like credit card details, social security numbers, driver’s license number, passport details, and more. 
tick True Key uses 2FA and MFA to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access. 
tick True Key uses bank-grade AES-25 encryption to make sure your data is safe from interception.
tick You can add up to 15 login credentials under the True Key Free Plan.

feature True Key Features

True Key is equipped with a number of powerful features to help you log in faster and more securely than ever before. The most useful ones are listed below.

tick Launchpad

Launchpad is True Key’s password vault, where you can store all your login credentials. It’s integrated with all of your online accounts and makes it easy for you to sign in to them using only one set of credentials.

tick Digital Wallet

In addition to your online login credentials, you can use True Key’s Digital Wallet to safely and securely store your personal data, including your passport details, driver’s license number, social security number, and so much more. 

tick Password Generator

True Key provides a powerful, convenient way to come up with strong passwords for all your online accounts using its Password Generator. True Key also instantly saves newly generated passwords into your account so you don’t have to remember them.

tick Accurate Autofill

True Key’s accurate autofill makes sure that every time you go to log in, your information is already pre-filled without requiring you to retype it. It’s a great feature for people who use many different online services. 

tick Multi-Factor Authentication

True Key supports multi-factor authentication (MFA), meaning that it will prompt you to enter an additional code when you try to log in if your account has been compromised or you are trying to log in from an unrecognized device. This added layer of protection helps to keep your account safe from unauthorized access. 

True Key Features
Why We Need to Use True Key
tick True Key is a robust platform for managing and storing your passwords and login credentials.
tick True Key uses industry-leading encryption algorithms to make sure that no one can access your sensitive information.
tick You can use True Key for free. However, the Free Plan only allows you to save up to 15 passwords at a time. 
tick True Key is backed by industry leading security and support teams.

True Key

Try Out True Key!

With True Key, you can store all of your credentials safely in a single place. Try out True Key’s free plan today to see if it’s a good fit for you before committing to a monthly subscription.

who Who Should Use True Key?

True Key is perfect for anyone who uses apps and online services as part of their daily workflow. Those who can benefit from True Key include: 

  • Students

If you are a student and you are using a number of different accounts for school and personal purposes, then True Key is definitely worth trying. You can save your credentials easily and access them quickly wherever you need them.

  • Freelancers

Whether you are web developer or a content writer, managing multiple accounts can be cumbersome. True Key lets you easily switch between accounts, apps, and other productivity tools without having to re-enter your login credentials.

  • Business Professionals

Lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, and other professional service providers often have several clients that they interact with on a daily basis. Managing all of these accounts can get tedious over time. True Key helps you keep track of your clients and projects without the hassle of typing in their login credentials every time. 

  • Social Media Managers

If you manage social media accounts for a living, True Key can make your life so much easier. It’s especially helpful if you want to switch between social media networks without having to re-enter login credentials. This makes it easy to maintain and update multiple accounts simultaneously.

tick True Key is more suitable for personal use and not for commercial use. 
tick It is the perfect tool for freelancers who want to seamlessly switch between different accounts. 
tick Professional service providers can find True Key valuable for managing multiple accounts.
tick True Key is also perfect for social media managers and influencers that need to access multiple accounts to manage their followers and content on a day-to-day basis.

True Key

Use True Key to Secure Your Account Logins

A powerful and intuitive password manager with an emphasis on speed and world-class security, True Key makes it easy for people to log in to any website, app, or digital service without compromising online security. It keeps all of your login credentials safely stored in the cloud. 

cost-and-time True Key Cost & Time

True Key is designed with speed and ease of use in mind. Its user-interface is simple and intuitive – there are no complicated menus, options, or confusing features. True Key does not require any complicated setups or installations either, so setting up a new account is a breeze. Even if it’s your first time using a password manager, you will quickly learn how to use True Key’s functions.

When it comes to cost, you’ll also be pleased to know that True Key offers a Free Plan, but it only comes with limited features and functionality. 

Using the Free Plan will give you more than enough room to try out the service for yourself before you decide whether or not to upgrade to a paid subscription plan. True Key’s paid plan is also very affordable, which means that you can unlock even more features and benefits without breaking the bank.

Usability True Key Usability

True Key’s multi-platform compatibility makes it easy to access and organize all of your passwords from any device. You’ll be able to manage your passwords securely on desktop PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. 

True Key’s plugin is also compatible with a wide range of web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. 

Inside the True Key dashboard, you’ll see three tabs, namely: Logins, Safe Notes, and Wallets. The “Logins” tab saves all your login credentials for all of the websites, apps, and services that you frequently use. The “Safe Notes” tab is where you can store private and sensitive notes that you want to backup and protect from the public eye. 

Last but not the least, the “Wallets” tab is where you can store your credit and debit card information, social security number, passport details, and more. 

Organizing your login credentials and sensitive information has never been easier, thanks to True Key’s easy-to-use and straightforward user-interface and dashboard. 

However, some users find that True Key’s features are somehow limited, and it lacks all of the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a more premium service.

pricing True Key Pricing

True Key does not advertise the price of their service, so it’s quite off-putting to potential users who have no idea how much they should be paying. We did a little digging and we were able to find some information online – but take it with a grain of salt and it’s best to contact True Key directly to get an exact quote.

  • Free Plan

True Key’s Free Plan comes with all of the features that the Premium Plan offers but the only problem is that you can only save 15 passwords under the free account. Most users find the limit too restrictive as you can easily use up the quota in no time at all, especially if you are using different websites, apps, and other online services. 

  • Premium Plan

The Premium Plan comes with all of True Key’s exclusive features and functionalities, including access to the Launchpad, Password Manager, Digital Wallet, and Password Generator. Other notable tools and features that True Key Premium Plan users get to enjoy include local data encryption, multiple device synchronization, master password login, and so much more. Follow this link for the complete list of features and services that True Key’s Premium Plan offers.

True Key Free PlanFree
True Key Premium Plan$19.99 per year (standalone service)$39.99 per year (as part of McAfee Total Security subscription)

True Key

Try Out True Key Now!

If you are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use password manager that doesn’t compromise your data or privacy, then you should definitely consider giving True Key a try. 

tool True Key Tools for Business

Unfortunately, True Key is only suitable for individual users, which means that its not recommended for business owners and enterprise-level teams. It lacks the majority of the features that entrepreneurs and teams may need, such as password sharing, admin rights, audit logs, analytics, and role-based user access. Without these features, businesses will be left without control over how their employees use the application, which defeats the purpose of team collaboration.

Points to Note
Small teams can still use True Key. However, you need to ask each team member to create an individual account, which is quite a hassle.
True Key is only suitable for single person use as it lacks the many features that teams need to boost efficiency and productivity.

use case True Key Real-World Users

Since most True Key real-world users are individuals, freelancers, and solo practitioners and service providers, it’s quite difficult to find any business-focused information for True Key. However, since McAfee offers True Key as part of its Total Security Plan, it’s safe to assume that millions of McAfee subscribers are enjoying free access to True Key. 

support True Key Support

McAfee is known for its exceptional customer support and True Key is no different. Whether you use True Key as a standalone product or a part of McAfee’s Total Security Plan, the customer team at McAfee is always available to help you with any issues.

There are a number of ways in which McAfee provides assistance to their subscribers. 

The first one is through live chat, which you can find at the bottom left corner of the McAfee customer support page. 

The second one is through the McAfee online community, where you can reach out to McAfee experts and other fellow McAfee customers to get their valuable input and suggestions. 

Last but not the least, if your concern can’t wait, you can contact McAfee’s customer support team directly by following this link

Alternatively, McAfee also regularly publishes True Key-related articles, which include tips, tricks, troubleshooting guides, product announcements, etc. McAfee has an official blog and they usually share valuable insights about True Key, which will help you better understand the functionality and capabilities of this powerful security tool.

True Key Support
Live ChatGo to McAfee’s website (  and on the bottom right hand side of the screen, click the live chat bot.
Online Community
Help Center
Blog Section

Alternative True Key Software – Zoho Vault
Zoho Vault is another powerful password manager that’s backed up by a tech giant – Zoho. It features all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a top-rated platform such as multi-user access, password generator, password sharing, comprehensive trails, and so much more.  
Comparing True Key to Zoho Vault
As a standalone service, True Key lacks many of the advanced features offered by Zoho Vault. Zoho Vault is a more developed , robust, and complete solution. Simply put, Zoho Vault is perfect for business use while True is more suitable for personal use. 

conclusion Conclusion

True Key is a basic yet solid tool that does what it promises. It is a powerful password manager with a user friendly interface with little to no learning curve. However, it is more suitable for personal use than business purposes, as it lacks many features found in enterprise-grade security solutions. 

Overall, True Key offers a great solution for users who want a powerful password manager that is simple to set up and manage.

Unfortunately, if you are a team manager or business owner who is looking for a password management solution that offers great collaboration features, True Key falls short in more ways than one. 

True Key

Try True Key Today!

If you’re looking for a basic, no-nonsense, easy-to-use password manager for personal use that comes with a robust set of features, True Key is definitely worth a try. Take advantage of True Key’s Free Plan to get a feel for how it works before you move on to the paid version.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AES-256 encryption is the most modern and secure encryption technique that is currently available on the market. This technology is currently used by banks and government agencies.

Unfortunately, True Key does not come with a password analyzer. However, it can help you generate strong alphanumeric keywords - so you can rest easy that your passwords are impossible to crack.

MFA is a way to enhance your password security by requiring that you enter a second or third verification code before you can access your account or make changes. This feature is a step up from the industry standard Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

If you decide to sign up for a True Key Premium Plan but find that it is not the service that fits your needs then you can choose to request a refund within 30 days purchase.


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