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Dashlane Review


Dashlane is a superior cross-platform password manager that saves, secures, encrypts, and synchronizes your data and passwords. 

The password manager system saves your login and payment details through an end-to-end secured cloud, connected to most browser extensions, web interfaces, and mobile apps. 

In this Dashlane review, you will learn that it’s one of the most secure password managing systems, generating complex passwords. It also checks all your existing cross-platform passwords for vulnerability and sends you back reports. Dashlane absolutely deserves its spot on every high-end password manager list, and in 2022, it’s always among the top three. 

The premium tiers of the platform allow VPN (virtual private network) encryption and unlimited passwords storage. Keep reading to learn more!

Pros and Cons 


  • An endless list of security features
  • Option to update hundreds of passwords in a minute
  • Synchronizes across all devices without any technical issues, including Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS. 
  • User-friendly layout
  • The Premium plan includes a built-in VPN security
  • Monitors the Dark Web for suspicious logins
  • Perfect for people nervous about identity theft


  • Limited functionality in Free plan
  • It is more expensive than other top-notch password managers


Dashlane offers an easy-to-operate interface, so even non-technology geeks can understand it in a few minutes. 

Opening an account is simple; you only need to follow a few easy steps, and you’re ready to use Dashlane. 

  • First, open one of the platform’s extensions or use one of its iOS/iPad or Android apps and provide your email address. 
  • Next, this superb software will ask you to create your master password to guard all the other passwords. You will need to write it down or save it elsewhere because you won’t be able to access the storage without it. 
  • Once registered, you start using a 30-day trial of the Premium service. After that, you can either start paying for it or switch to the free plan or a lower version of the software. 


Dashlane is one of the most complete PMs on the market, including extraordinary features that we’re about to look closely at in this Dashlane Review. 

  • Password Generator

The Dashlane password generator creates strong, 12-character (letters, numbers, and symbols) passwords every time you want to change one or create a new one. Nevertheless, you can choose a shorter or only letter or number password if you wish. 

  • Password Changer 

Overall, Dashlane’s password changer is a fundamental feature programmed to change hundreds of websites’ passwords at the same time without you having to log in to each account separately. Furthermore, it will alert you about all your out-of-date or vulnerable passwords and change them instantly for you. 

  • Capturing Logins

If you don’t import your passwords from another password manager or your password database, you have to add them separately. To avoid this hassle, Dashlane captures all your logins at once and saves them for when you need to log in next time. 

  • Advanced Form Filling 

Dashlane can remember your personal data, such as name, address, email address, zip code, and phone number, and fill in any form, saving you tons of time. In addition, Dashlane also saves your bank information, offering different colors for different cards, helping users recognize them easily. 

  • Secure Notes 

This Dashlane Review doesn’t stop here. The PM software also offers secure notes to protect your sensitive data, including:

  • Application password
  • Database
  • Finance Information
  • Legal document scans
  • Membership
  • Server info
  • Software license

Saving these documents without protection can lead to scams and identity theft. 

  • Dark Web Monitoring 

The unique Dashlane feature is that the software monitors Dark Web and checks if cybercriminals have compromised your passwords or data. 

  • Share Your Passwords 

Daashlane allows you to share access to a particular account with your friends or colleagues when needed instead of revealing your passwords. 

Support Quality 

Dashlane offers superb client support, including a help center in English, Spanish, German, and French. It also has email, live chat, and Twitter community support. Besides these, its website is loaded with useful FAQs and articles that answer almost all questions. 

Dashlane Price – What Does it Cost? 

The PM platform offers three different plans: Free, Premium, and Family, each including different features. As an addition to this Dashlane Review, we’ve created the following table to help you overview each plan offer. 

FeatureFree Premium Family
Password storage50UnlimitedUnlimited
Password GeneratorYes Yes Yes
Form AutofillYes Yes Yes
Secure Notes No Yes Yes
Dark Web MonitoringNo 5 emails5 emails/account
VPNNo Yes Yes
File StorageNo 1 GB1 GB/account


Dashlane is one of the best and most complete PM software on the market, offering multiple features and assets to keep your data safe and secure, far from cybercriminals’ attacks and identity theft.  

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Dashlane is the best password manager software. Try it out today to enjoy the perks that the software offers.