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LogMeOnce Review


LogMeOnce is an all-inclusive password and data management system. This high-end system offers more features than your average password management system with multiple levels of “patented” security features. 

In this LogMeOnce review, you’ll see the product details from multiple angles, including pros and cons, usability, features, pricing, and the quality of the customer support system. 

All in all, LogMeOnce is a powerful tool that deserves a thorough review as a top contender for your password management needs. Here is a full LogMeOnce review for anyone looking for a new way to store passwords.

Pros & Cons

LogMeOnce has many features and flexible pricing not found in all password management systems.


  • There are four different password-less login options.
  • The security platform has embedded multiple security platforms.
  • LogMeOnce offers identity theft.
  • This platform offers many pricing options.
  • It is accessible on mobile devices and has a browser extension.


  • There is no direct line to call for support.
  • LogMeOnce has no desktop application.
  • The platform offers so many features that it is likely to go unused.


Once set up, LogMeOnce is fairly straightforward. However, setting up LogMeOnce has many steps. 

After the user registers, they then need to pick their pricing plan. Next, users will have to input information from their various websites to log all their login information. However, you can just add each site to the LogMeOnce app as you go about logging into various websites. Finally, you’ll want to download the mobile app and connect it to your account.

When everything is done, the interface of both the mobile app and website are generally straightforward. Since there are so many features associated with LogMeOnce, the interface may seem busy. However, everything you need is right on the first page, and you don’t have to go searching.


With all the features offered with LogMeOnce, it can be hard to know which ones are key and unnecessary. However, some of the notable features are its passwordless protection, password generator, and high level of security.

  • Passwordless option– The passwordless option offers four different authentications: photo login, face ID, fingerprint, and pin code. Traditional passwords are also an option for those who prefer that option. User authentication is tailored to each user. 
  • Password generator and calculator– LogMeOnce offers a free password calculator to rate the security of your passwords without creating an account. Once you have an account, the platform will help you generate high-level secure passwords ensuring you don’t use weak passwords.
  • Military-grade encryption– The security used with this password management software is extremely high-end and unmatched in other services. It packages user information through an encrypted SSL/TLS tunnel making it extremely difficult for hackers. In addition, the support team at LogMeOnce does not even have access to your account information.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS– This software can be used with Android and iOS devices, making it usable across any device you or your team own.

Support Quality 

The support system for LogMeOnce has many different self-serve options. When going to the support page of their site, you will see four support options. These options are FAQ: Personal and Family, FAQ: Team and Enterprise, Video Tutorials, and Submit a Request. There is also an automated chatbot to help quick search for answers. The options answer many questions that users have made it easy to figure out the answer promptly.

However, there is no phone number to call for issues you cannot figure out on your own. In addition, it generally seems that it takes the support team to answer submission requests within 24 hours. However, if you purchase a complete package, it puts your submission requests in the priority email category, seemingly offering an expedited response service.

LogMeOnce Pricing

LogMeOnce has many flexible pricing options for both personal and team usage.

Businesses have the option to purchase a basic package with all the key features that LogMeOnce has to offer; they also have an option to upgrade, giving multiple clearance levels and options to users based on their job function. Businesses and teams can also add identity theft for an additional monthly charge.

Those using LogMeOnce for personal usage have the option of a free package with the most basic option up to an ultimate package with unlimited cloud storage and remote access. 

It should be noted that there are also family options and 50% student discounts on bundles.

  • Team and Business- $3 per user/ month
  • Enterprise- $4 per user/ month
  • Identity Theft- $7 per user/ month
  • Free account
  • Professional- $2.50/ month
  • Ultimate- $3.25/ month
  • Family- $4.99/ month


This LogMeOnce review shows that it is a powerful tool for anyone looking to upgrade their internet security. It offers many features to help protect you on the internet. The passwordless authentication is a quick and secure way to ensure only you are accessing your information. Even though there are too many features, and the customer support lacks quick, direct contact, this system is high-end, affordable, and a must-have for anyone who stores their information online.

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LogMeOnce is a powerful, all-inclusive password, data, and identity theft management system. With its high-end security and passwordless authentication process, all users can rest assured that their information is safe.