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overview LogmeOnce Overview

An unavoidable part of using the internet today is having login details for many websites. LogMeOnce allows users to safely store all their passwords in one secure location, an encrypted online vault making it virtually impenetrable for hackers. 

Not having to worry about remembering your passwords also allows users to craft more robust, unique passwords for each login, making your online presence all the more secure overall. LogmeOnce is unique among password managers due to its PasswordLess system, making it even more secure than standard password managers using a master password. 

In this LogmeOnce review, we take an in-depth look at LogMeOnce, from top to bottom, to help you come to a better understanding of what this software can offer you!

LogMeOnce – Best for protecting your data without the need for a password!
password manager
LogMeOnce prevents your data from being compromised by hackers or data breaches by eliminating the need for a password. Facial recognition and biometric logins mean only you can log in on your accounts!

pros-cons Pros And Cons Of LogMeOnce

Let’s take a look at some of the strengths and weaknesses of LogMeOnce!

LogMeOnce Pros

tick Versatile 

LogMeOnce offers an extensive range of login options, meaning you can use it however you see fit, according to your preferences.

tick First-rate security

LogMeOnce not only boasts encryption to rival any other software on the market, but the nature of its facial recognition logins is more secure than a traditional master password system.

tick Unique facial recognition option

Another aspect of LogMeOnce that enables it to stand out among its competitors is its unique facial recognition technology, syncable across all your logins.

tick Value

LogMeOnce offers an unrivalled amount of features across the board relative to its price point.

tick Cloud Storage Encryption

LogMeOnce has a feature that allows users to encrypt data stored on sites using Cloud Storage, such as Dropbox. 

LogMeOnce Cons

cross No Telephone Support

There is no phone line for users to call if they are experiencing difficulties with the software.

cross Options may be confusing. 

For those less fluent online or unfamiliar with new software, the sheer variety of features LogMeOnce offers may be intimidating.

LogMeOnce AdvantagesLogMeOnce Disadvantages
plus Versatilityminus No Helpline
plus Secureminus Options may be confusing
plus Unique software
plus Value
plus Cloud storage encryption


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what What Is LogMeOnce?

LogMeOnce is a password manager that seeks to improve your online security so you can use the internet freely without worrying about your own, your family, or your business’s security.

But what is a password manager? A password manager is a software that enables users to store their passwords in a secure, encrypted ‘vault’. This, in turn, means that users do not need to remember their passwords, enabling them to maximise the strength of each one.

Increasingly, password managers offer additional features to try and set them apart from the competition. 

LogMeOnce is particularly notable in this regard, as it claims to provide 57 features, making it an extremely extensive piece of software covering about every base regarding your online security. 

LogMeOnce is compatible with the most popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. 

The facial recognition login is compatible with Android and iOS, meaning that most users will have no trouble. LogMeOnce also comes with a 2FA process and form auto-filling.

Aside from the facial recognition login, LogMeOnce also allows its users to utilise virtually any login method they like, from Pin and QR codes to fingerprint and a traditional master password system. This means you can expect the following benefits from using LogMeOnce:

  • Completely secure passwords
  • Improved cyber security across the board
  • Streamlined and efficient online navigation due to syncing

minus How Does LogMeOnce Work?

LogMeOnce’s central feature is its PasswordLess system. This allows users to upload one photo of themselves to LogMeOnce’s encrypted system and then simply use the facial recognition software to verify their identity whenever they log in. 

This eliminates the need to remember passwords for every different login!

You can also use a fingerprint scanner or a unique PIN or QR code on your mobile device. LogMeOnce offers a broader variety of options for logging in than other software. 

Not having a password means that hackers can’t know your details!

feature Features Of LogMeOnce

As has already been touched on briefly, LogMeOnce boasts a staggering array of features. 57, to be specific, according to their website. 

This means that you have access to a top-drawer password manager as part of your package and a wide variety of tools to ensure you are as safe as possible when using the internet.

tick PasswordLess Login

LogMeOnce’s flagship feature is its unique PasswordLess login system. This allows users to utilise various methods to log in that do not include the traditional Master Password login system- something that LogMeOnce also has but is unnecessary.

The photo identification feature requires users to take a photo of themselves (or have an image taken of themselves) and upload it to LogMeOnce. 

After this point, they need to verify their identity by allowing the LogMeOnce photo identification software to compare it to the original ID photo. 

This can be synced across all your logins, meaning- you guessed it- you only have to log in once.

However, if this is not to your tastes, there are also options for fingerprint identification, as most modern phones now possess fingerprint scanners. 

There are also QR and PIN code logins available. And finally, if you want it, you can also use a simple Master Password login, though that would, to an extent, be defeating the purpose of using LogMeOnce, to begin with!

tick 2-Factor-Authentication 

LogMeOnce boasts various additional features besides its main password manager feature. These include a 2FA process to give you an extra level of security. The complete list of security features is too numerous to go into detail in this review. 

Still, some of the other standout features include elite-level encryption, making sure anything you store with LogMeOnce is exceptionally secure.

tick Password Changer & Generator

There is also a password changer, helpful if your login details are compromised and you need to change your passwords in bulk and fast. And if you do so, you can also use LogMeOnce’s password generator, giving you robust and unique passwords for each login. 

LogMeOnce also operates on a zero-knowledge protocol, meaning nobody at LogMeOnce knows anything about your data. They are entirely unable to access it, meaning if LogMeOnce were somehow hacked, it would not compromise your details in any way.

tick Multi-Device Sync

LogMeOnce has a LOT of features, which can be intimidating. However, some of these features exist to make your life easier, allowing you to work more efficiently. With a traditional password manager, users can get bogged down constantly checking their passwords in their vault. Due to LogMeOnce’s PasswordLess system, this is not necessary.

To make life even easier for you, LogMeOnce includes a multi-device sync feature. This means you can go back and forth between your devices and remain logged in. You can also have your logins scheduled, so you log in once for the day and then are logged out at a particular time, so you are not left remaining logged in longer than you want.

Why YOU Need To Use LogMeOnce
tick Elite password Protection
tick Encrypted vaults for your vital data
tick Multi-device syncing
tick PasswordLess logins
tick Password Changer & Generator


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who Who Should Use LogMeOnce?

Part of what makes LogMeOnce such an appealing software is its sheer versatility. There is no one that LogMeOnce can’t help, as we all rely so heavily on the internet, whether running a business, working as a student or simply using social media and online stores. 

  • Businesses 

This one is a no-brainer! If you run an online store, you are handling money online too. A password manager can guarantee the safety of not only you and your employees but also your customers’ money.

However, it is not just money we need to think about; when someone purchases from an online store, they often are required to include their email, phone number and address, meaning that a breach of your business’s data also endangers many people. With LogMeOnce, you minimise that risk by ensuring nobody can access the data your business stores through strong and unique passwords and encrypted data vaults.

  • Families

It can be scary as a parent knowing your family, particularly your children or elderly relatives, are using the internet without guaranteeing their safety. LogMeOnce can give you peace of mind, ensuring that your family all have strong and secure passwords. It also ensures that  data breaches can be remedied quickly with LogMeOnce’s password changer.

LogMeOnce also offers a dark web scanner, so you can be proactive in finding out whether or not your family’s data has been leaked, allowing you to remedy it quickly with features such as the password changer.

  • Students

When studying at university, often a student is required to have many different logins to different portals, whether they belong to the university itself or the various academic portals required to gain access to texts. This can mean remembering many passwords or reusing one, and LogMeOnce eliminates this need!

Furthermore, LogMeOnce also offers a free option for students strapped for cash and outstanding value for money on all their paid options, meaning students do not have to compromise their online safety. 

tick Businesses can secure the online presence of their entire enterprise!
tick Families can keep their children or other relatives safe online from one convenient location!
tick Students can use LogMeOnce to help streamline their workload with autofill and no need for passwords across their many logins!


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cost-and-time LogMeOnce Time And Cost

If you’re a business owner, or are self-employed and looking to use a password manager, then the first questions you may be asking yourself are whether LogMeOnce can save you time and money.

Your important and even private data being breached and leaked can be a disaster for you, especially if you are a business owner. No one wants to inform their customers that their data has been breached. In a worst-case scenario, such a data breach can cost you money, as well as your customers. And the process of remedying this can be costly, not to mention time-consuming.

By using LogMeOnce, you never have to worry about this happening. And in the rare event that it did, you would possess all the tools to remedy the situation immediately. LogMeOnce enables you to change your login details in bulk, generate new passwords, scan the dark web for your details, and know precisely what has leaked and what to do about it. Ultimately, this results in saving you both time and money.

Furthermore, using LogMeOnce saves you time, as you no longer have to remember all your passwords with LogMeOnce’s PasswordLess system.

Usability Usability

If this is the first time you have used a piece of software like this, you may wonder whether it is usable. After all, it is all good to have these features, but what is the point if you can’t figure out how to use the software?

You’ll be happy to know that LogMeOnce scores high in usability, being smooth and usable across a variety of devices, including Android and iOS, as well as all of the most popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. 

Once you are all set up, LogMeOnce’s usability will save you time instantly, as (the clues in the name) the multi-device sync feature allows you to log in once and be logged in across all of your devices.

pricing LogMeOnce Pricing – What Does It Cost?

LogMeOnce is divided into two categories, personal and business, with four plans for personal and three for business. Starting with the personal category, these are the Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Family plans. 

  • Premium

The premium plan is LogMeOnce’s entry-level plan and is entirely free. It is an excellent free service; though it is only intended for one user, you are given unlimited password storage, and there is likewise no limit to the number of devices you can sync these logins to. This tier comes with a password generator, 2FA, and 1MB of encrypted storage.

  • Professional 

The professional plan, as you would expect, includes everything the premium plan does and then some. For $30 a year, LogMeOnce’s professional program also allows you to store up to 50 secure notes, unlimited credit/debit cards, and 1GB of encrypted cloud storage. 

  • Ultimate

The Ultimate plan is exceptionally comprehensive, for $39 a year, offering all of the benefits of the professional plan as well as a wider variety of 2FA processes, unlimited secure note storage, 10GB of encrypted cloud storage, as well as a customisable dashboard to tailor your LogMeOnce experience to your preferences.

  • Family

The family plan comes in at $59.88 and offers the comprehensive package that the Ultimate plan does, but across a total of up to six users. It also comes with a family dashboard, allowing you to maintain your family’s security from one convenient location.

  • Team & Business

This plan comes in at $3.00 per user per month. It is LogMeOnce’s entry-level plan for businesses but still comes with a wide array of features intended for smaller teams and businesses. These include PasswordLess login, 2FA, a dedicated secure vault for each user, and security auditing tools.

  • Enterprise

Coming in at $4.00 per user per month, the enterprise plan is a more comprehensive package for businesses, including all of the benefits of the previous package, but with a real-time administrative dashboard, advanced audit trail and report tools, and 1GB of encrypted storage, among many other features.

  • Identity

Finally comes the Identity plan. This is the complete package LogMeOnce offers for businesses, and you will be satisfied with its range of features. Not only do you get everything the previous tiers offer, but you can also expect adaptive MFA authentication, dark web and leaked password monitoring, and a risk-based authentication engine, for only $7.00.

Professional$30 per month
Ultimate$39 per month
Team & Business$3.00 per user/per month
Enterprise$4.00 per user/per month
Identity$7.00 per user/per month


Try LogMeOnce Now!

Say goodbye to forgetting passwords with LogMeOnce’s PasswordLess system! Pick from a range of login options, complete with 2FA, and experience the future of online security!

tool What Tools Are Included With LogMeOnce?

  • PasswordLess Login

With LogMeOnce, you needn’t have to remember different passwords for your many logins; simply log in once with facial recognition, fingerprint, QR or PIN codes, and you’re good to go!

  • Multi-Device Sync

You need only Log in once, with LogMeOnce’s multi-device sync feature, allowing you to stay logged in across all devices.

  • 2-Factor Authentication

LogMeOnce provides not just one 2FA method but a wide variety, allowing you to choose how to keep your data secure. Simply choose which method you want to use- PIN code for example- to add an extra layer of security.

  • Password Changer & Generator

These two tools come hand-in-hand, allowing you to change your passwords in bulk and generate strong, unique passwords for each login.

LogMeOnce password dialer

use case Use Cases

LogMeOnce is a popular software, evidenced by its hundreds of positive reviews. Elisha enjoyed LogMeOnce, praising its free option and its lack of restrictions. Jesiko Lea praised, in particular, LogMeOnce’s auto-logout feature, allowing users to log out of all of their profiles in one go rather than doing each individually. Md Sourov Hasan uses LogMeOnce for himself and his family and suggests everyone use it! 

support Support

If you need help using LogMeOnce at any time, there are various ways you can contact the many experts waiting to assist you.

LogMeOnce offers a variety of FAQ pages for each of their plans, as well as an extensive video tutorial section showing you how to operate the software and get the most out of it!

However, if you still have a query or need assistance, you can submit a request via their support page by simply leaving your email and a short description of your problem, and they will get back to you promptly with assistance.

There is, unfortunately, no telephone support. However, you should be covered between the FAQ pages, video tutorials and email service!

LogMeOnce Support
FAQ sections for each plan
Video tutorials
Submit a request form
LogMeOnce Alternative – Dashlane
While LogMeOnce is a fantastic password manager, it is far from the only excellent software on the market filling this niche. Dashlane is an excellent alternative to LogMeOnce:
Comparing LogMeOnce And Dashlane
Dashlane Password Manager is proud of its security; with its zero-knowledge-heavy encryption, Dashlane has never been breached. It comes with the ability for use across all devices, whether mobile or desktop, unlimited secure password sharing, dark web monitoring and alerts, among many other features. 

In comparison to LogMeOnce, Dashlane is noted for being extremely user-friendly and streamlined. Whereas LogMeOnce has so many options it can sometimes be confusing, Dashlane is a very usable service that avoids overwhelming the user with options. It ensures, however, that the options and features it does provide are of the highest quality.

conclusion Conclusion

LogMeOnce is an industry-leading piece of software that enables you to log in to all your different online profiles via a simple PasswordLess system, eliminating the need to remember various passwords.

This PasswordLess system covers a wide range of potential login options, including facial recognition – something unique to this software – and fingerprint, QR and PIN code logins. 

However, if you do find you wish to use a password, LogMeOnce has you covered there, too, with encrypted vaults, a password changer and a generator! LogMeOnce covers all bases, meaning whether you are a concerned parent or a business owner looking to secure your enterprise, you will find all you need in LogMeOnce.

Other Password Managers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A password manager is a piece of software that keeps your passwords in one secure, encrypted location, meaning you no longer have to worry about remembering them all. LogMeOnce is unique in that, though it is a top-of-the-line traditional password manager, it doesn't require you to use passwords at all!

LogMeOnce provides more options for choosing exactly how you log in and store your passwords and other data and a plethora of other online security features than any similar software on the market.

LogMeOnce is unique among all other password managers in its use of a PasswordLess login system, allowing you to forget your passwords- and it is a good thing!

LogMeOnce's website contains a specialised FAQ section for each plan they offer and designated and technical video tutorials by their experts!


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