Top 12 Best Alternatives To NordPass 

List Of The Best Alternatives For NordPass

Finding the right password manager can be overwhelming with all the options available. We've compiled a list of the top 12 alternatives to NordPass that provide exceptional security and quality for their users!



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A good password manager is invaluable when protecting your business or family’s vital data online. Using the internet today requires us to have multiple logins for the most basic tasks and to store our vital details such as bank cards, home addresses and phone numbers. 

However, with so many good options on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is for you. NordPass is an excellent service with a lot of great features. If you find NordPass isn’t for you, luckily, we have compiled an extensive list of the best options on the market to help you reach an alternative decision!

List of the Top NordPass Alternatives

There are many fantastic password manager alternatives to NordPass here are 12 best! Any one of these could be everything you need!

Ranking Method

We want to ensure you are presented with only the best, so we are meticulous in our process when it comes to recommending your software. 

We begin by examining the top software sourced via a series of software ranking services, which enables up to find the top 50-100 highest-rated products based on their average rating.

We then comb through expert and customer reviews to understand the software’s overall metadata and key features. In doing so, we make a note of software specialising solely in password management, as well as those that are overall online security software that also includes password management.

We then view all demos of the product, as well as demoing them ourselves wherever possible. This is possible as most of the top password managers have a free trial or even a full free plan option. After this, we bring in independent experts to test the software. These experts provide informed opinions about the overall usability of the product.

We follow this by demoing the product or, if this is not possible, viewing any available demos. Lastly, we review Google trends and intent data, as well as utilise Social Listening tools, to help us reach a verdict on each product before collating all of this together to create a final score.

What Is A Password Manager?

A password manager is a software that allows users to store all of their online passwords in one secure location, usually accessed via one master password. This will enable users to stop worrying about forgetting their passwords, meaning they can stop reusing passwords or using simple, easy-to-remember ones. Instead, as they are all in one location, password managers allow users to craft unique, strong passwords for each login, massively boosting their overall online security.

Many password managers come with an array of additional features that also improve online security, from password generators and auditors to VPNs and dark web scanners that monitor for data breaches.

1Password: Best User-Friendly Alternative To NordPass

1Password specialises in making it as easy as possible for you to stay secure online with its highly intuitive dashboard feature.

1Password allows users to use multiple secure password vaults with an excellent password-sharing feature. It also comes with 2-Factor Authentication processes, giving you an additional level of security. 1Password also features an analytics feature that allows users to proactively prevent possible data leaks.

This highly usable software will allow you and your employees to get set up and secure in as streamlined a manner as possible, without getting bogged down in overly complicated processes. 

tick-n Free Plan1Password comes with a 14-day free trial No free plan
tick-n ShareGreat secure data sharing featureNo share feature on individual plan
tick-n Support24/7 support via emailLimited variety of support channels
tick-n PriceBusiness plan users also get free family plansNot the cheapest 

Try 1Password’s 14-day free trial and experience premium quality online security that is a pleasure to use!


Try 1Password Today!

Try 1Password’s 14-day free trial and experience premium quality online security that is a pleasure to use!

Zoho Vault: Best NordPass Alternative For Businesses 

Zoho Vault prioritises helping your business run as smoothly, efficiently and securely as possible. It is a great password manager with additional features to help boost your business’s security across the board.

Zoho Vault is an excellent password manager, particularly for businesses! This software comes with a range of features that allow your business to be secure and for you to maintain your and your business’s overall security with minimum fuss.

With advanced password sharing, unlimited data storage, a dashboard that allows admins to grant and restrict permissions, and a security health monitor, Zoho Vault ticks many boxes not only with regard to keeping your passwords safe and secure but also in terms of being a bonus to your business in terms of security and efficiency.

tick-n Free PlanGreat free plan Free plan only allows for single user
tick-n ShareGood secure data sharing featureN/A
tick-n SupportEmail and phone-line support channelsN/A
tick-n PriceZoho Vault offers value for moneyN/A

Zoho Vault

Try Zoho Vault Today!

Make sure your business is safe from any security threats, inside or out, with Zoho Vault!

Keeper: Most Scalable NordPass Alternative 

Keeper is a fantastic password manager for your business, as its range of features allows you to tailor it to the specific needs of your business, becoming more comprehensive as your business continues to grow.

Keeper offers a wide array of features, including secure data sharing, heavily encrypted vaults for your passwords and other data, and a staggering 10GB of data storage, much more than many competitors.

You can also expect features to help you more efficiently manage your teams security with intuitive team management features, so you can maintain an airtight level of security across your entire enterprise.

tick-n Free PlanExcellent free plan with lots of storageLimited to one device
tick-n ShareKeeper allows for highly secure data sharingN/A
tick-n Support24/7 support across a variety of channelsN/A
tick-n PriceGreat valueA la carte features can cause price to rise

Keeper Password Manager

Try Keeper Today!

With Keeper, grow your business while keeping you and your employees safe and sound. Try the free plan now!

Dashlane: Best Password Manager Alternative To NordPass For Usability

Dashlane is an industry-leading password manager renowned for its gold-standard end-to-end encryption, as well as for being extraordinarily usable and user-friendly.

With a user base of over 14 million customers, Dashlane is tried and tested. Dashlane is more than just a password manager; it also protects your usernames, card details, and any secure notes and information you wish.

Don’t just take our word for it; Dashlane has 14 million users and counting, meaning it is as tried and tested as it gets. Dashlane comes with additional features such as secure not protections, a VPN, and a dark-web monitor that lets you know if your data has been leaked to the dark web, allowing you to change your details rapidly in response to Dashlane’s bulk password changer.

tick-n Free PlanExcellent free plan featuresRestricted to use on one device
tick-n ShareShare function works wellN/A
tick-n SupportLive chat support as well as support via emailPriority support is restricted to paid plans
tick-n PriceDashlane is great value for moneyN/A

Try Dashlane Today!

Protect your online privacy right immediately by downloading Dashlane for free if you want to preserve your privacy.

Bitwarden: Best Open Source NordPass Alternative 

Bitwarden is an industry-leading piece of open-source software. It is feature-rich, with end-to-end encrypted data storage, 2-Factor Authentication, and a password generator, among many other features. Bitwarden’s free plan is perfect, with a great range of features, though featuring limited storage.

Bitwarden is also compatible with the most popular devices and web browsers, making it an easy fit for large businesses with many employees. Bitwarden’s open-source software is the same as is used by banks and even governments, which is a testament to its level of security.

tick-n Free PlanExcellent free planFree plan has little storage
tick-n ShareBitwarden’s password sharing function is very goodN/A
tick-n SupportSupport quality is goodNo phone or web chat support
tick-n PriceGood features for priceN/A

Try Bitwarden Today!

Try Bitwarden for free now and see why this software is so trusted!

RoboForm: Most Cost-Effective NordPass Alternative 

RoboForm is one of the market’s leading password managers, offering some excellent security features. RoboForm comes with an extensive range of features, including a password auditing tool, syncing across devices, a 2-Factor Authentication system, and secure sharing for unbeatable value.

RoboForm is also easy to use, with many users reporting the ease with which they were able to get set up and secure using this software. If you have problems with RoboForm, there is excellent 24/7 support to help you with whatever you need.

tick-n Free PlanRoboForm free plan enables great security for no costLimited features 
tick-n ShareGood secure sharing feature on all plans Advanced sharing only available on paid plans
tick-n Support24/7 chat and email supportLimited support on free plan
tick-n PriceRoboForm is great valueN/A

RoboForm Logo

Try RoboForm Today!

Try out RoboForm’s free plan today and experience its extensive range of features to keep you safe online!

IronVest: Best NordPass Alternative For Additional Privacy Protection 

IronVest specialises in delivering an abundance of fantastic privacy protection features aside from being a stellar password manager. This is the case even on IronVest free plan!

Of course, IronVest fulfils all the fundamentals you would expect from a premium password manager, including data encryption and syncing across your devices. It operates with all of the most popular devices and browsers. 

IronVest is, first and foremost, an outstanding password manager, and you won’t be disappointed with it in this regard, as it offers all of the features you’d expect from such highly regarded password management software. These include, but are not limited to, strong data encryption and syncing across all of your devices. 

IronVest comes into its own, however, in offering additional privacy features, such as the ability to grant users access to your profiles without them being able to see your passwords.

tick-n Free PlanIronVest has a good free planSome features are not included on the free tier
tick-n ShareGood secure data sharing functionLimited compared to competitors
tick-n SupportWide and varied support systemsNo priority support on free plan
tick-n PriceIronVest is very feature rich for its price pointIronVest costs more than some competitors


Try IronVest Today!

Try IronVest for free now and ensure peace of mind while browsing online!

KeePass: Best NordPass Alternative For Technology Experts 

Having been around for two decades now, KeePass is a password manager that is tried and tested. 

KeePass is a unique piece of software with unrivalled scope for customisation, meaning users can have an experience completely tailored to their individual needs. However, it is a highly involved and complex piece of software, so it is advised for the tech-savvy or businesses with an IT department. 

However, those who can use it will experience a truly astonishing array of features, too many to mention, with over 100 different plug-ins and extensions.

tick-n Free PlanKeePass free plan is first-classN/A
tick-n ShareKeePass allows unlimited secure data sharingN/A
tick-n SupportOnline forums and online help centerNo email or telephone support
tick-n PriceKeePass is free!Can be difficult for those not tech-savvy


Try KeePass Today!

Enjoy KeePass’s unrivalled customisable experience for free now!

Enpass: Best NordPass Alternative For Offline Use 

Enpass is a first-class password manager, delivering all the features you could require, including secure data sharing, and encryption, at a reasonable price. On top of this, Enpass offers a uniquely comprehensive set of features allowing for secure storage even when offline.

Enpass guarantees your security by specialising in storing your data locally, meaning that even in a large-scale data breach from cloud storage or Enpass’s vaults, you can rest easy knowing your own information is stored entirely locally, preventing hackers from being able to reach it.

tick-n Free PlanEnpass offers a 14-day free trialNo free plan
tick-n ShareEnpass allows secure data sharingNot quite as secure aas some competitors
tick-n SupportSupport available via email and forumNo phone-line support
tick-n PriceGood value for moneyNot as comprehensive as some competitors in terms of features


Try Enpass Today!

Enpass gives you peace of mind, whether online or off! Try their 14-day free trial now!

True Key: Best NordPass Alternative For Efficient Password Management

When it comes to streamlined, easy-to-use, no-frills password managers, it doesn’t get much better than True Key.

True Key focuses on getting the essentials done well, meaning users can instantly improve their online security without any fuss or technical know-how required! True Key offers excellent password management, keeping your passwords safe and secure and granting users peace of mind.

True Key extends its philosophy of doing simple things well with its intuitive and user-friendly user interface, taking all the stress out of keeping yourself safe online.

tick-n Free PlanFree plan is basicLimited password storage
tick-n ShareN/ATrue Key does not come with a secure sharing feature
tick-n SupportGood support offered via phone lineNo live chat feature
tick-n PriceTrue Key is well pricedRange of features are basic

True Key

Try True Key Today!

If you want all of the security with none of the fuss, try True Key for free now!

LastPass: The Best NordPass Alternative For Accessibility Features

LastPass is a password manager with excellent security features, including a 256-bit AES algorithm, preventing hackers from reading your data even in the unlikely event of it being breached. LastPass also comes with 2FA, which includes fingerprint or unique code options, giving you an extra layer of protection.

It is also an extremely user-friendly password manager, coming with excellent password-sharing features, allowing you to give friends, family or colleagues limited access to your accounts, only seeing the data you wish them to see.

tick-n Free PlanFree plan is secure and fulfills good basic featuresLimited range of features
tick-n ShareLast Pass’s password-sharing function is very goodN/A
tick-n SupportSupport is available via FAQ, Forum and EmailNo support via phone or live chat
tick-n PriceGood value for money‘Freemium’ nature can cause the cost to rise

Try LastPass Today!

Get started with LastPass’s free plan now with zero fuss and secure yourself peace of mind when using the web!

LogMeOnce: Best NordPass Alternative For A Wealth Of Features

LogMeOnce is a unique piece of software known for its innovative PasswordLess system, allowing users to log in and sync across all of their devices without using a password. And LogMeOnce gives you a plethora of options on exactly how to do so, with options for facial identification, fingerprint, QR and PIN code logins!

LogMeOnce comes with a staggering array of features too many to mention; from data sharing, scheduled logins and logouts to password auditing, LogMeOnce leaves no stone unturned in its delivery of top-of-the-line security features for its users.

tick-n Free PlanGreat range of features on LogMeOnce’s free planCan be difficult to set up with so many features
tick-n ShareExcellent and broad data sharing featuresCannot share unlimited data
tick-n SupportVery good priority customer supportNo live chat function.
tick-n PricingWide variety of plans and an a la carte menuN/A


Try LogMeOnce Today!

Try LogMeOnce now, and make forgetting passwords a thing of the past! Discover why it is the most unique password manager on the market!

How To Choose A NordPass Alternative

If you want to do your research to find the password manager for you, here are some tips and things to consider as you do so!


One of the great things about the top password managers is that most of them include a free tier, or at a minimum a free trial, which gives you a great taste of whether the software is for you or not before you commit to the more comprehensive packages. 

The key factor here is that you also get a taste of whether the software is usable. It gives you a chance (in most cases) to trial the software on all of your devices, coming to an understanding of how easy it will be to use daily. If you are a business owner, you can have your employees trial the software and get feedback from various sources on how the software will suit your needs going forward.


With so many good options on the market, there is no reason to compromise or settle when it comes to getting bang for your buck! Particularly if you are paying for a large business plan, you will want to make sure you are getting great value for your money.

Trial your chosen software whenever possible; a good value for money free trial is generally indicative of the quality of the service you are going to receive in the paid plans. With so many good options with free trials, there is no reason to commit money to something you have not gotten a sample of.


Particularly when using your password manager to secure your business, the software is likely going to be used across a wide variety of devices. Therefore, it pays to ensure that the password manager you are going to invest in is compatible with all of the most popular devices.

Most top password managers are; however if you are going off-piste and finding your own, it is better to be safe than sorry. Find out which devices your software is compatible with before committing!


Of course, the main reason anyone decides to use password management software is to boost their overall online security. So, when deciding which password manager is the one you are going to choose for you or your business, make sure the security it offers is stellar!

There are so many renowned and reliable options on the market that offer additional security features, such as a VPN, that there is no reason to settle for something that gives you anything less than total security. Look for features such as end-to-end encryption as a guarantee of a gold standard of security.

What Is The Best Password Manager Software For You?

As we have already touched on, our selection process for the best password managers on the market is incredibly detailed, meaning we have only presented you with the absolute cream of the crop.

Ultimately, the answer to which password manager is best for you depends on your needs and what you want out of your password manager. However, all the options we have supplied are fantastic, and your important data will be highly secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A password manager keeps all your passwords in one secure location, generally an encrypted vault, ensuring you can create unique and strong passwords for each login without worrying about remembering them.

A password manager stores all of your passwords in one place, securely, preventing you from losing track of them. This online storage 'vault' is generally heavily encrypted, making it nearly impossible for hackers to breach your data.

This is subjective and specific to each user's respective needs; a student will have different needs than a business owner. However, we have included the very best here and explained what they are best suited to.

In many cases, you will require a 'master password that controls access to your vault; this is the only password you will need to remember, however. LogMeOnce is a notable exception due to its PasswordLess system.
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