Top 12 Best Alternatives To LogMeOnce  

List Of The Best Alternatives For LogMeOnce

With so many options out there, it can be tough to determine which password managers are the most secure and reliable. Here's our list of the top 12 alternatives to LogMeOnce. Find the perfect fit for your needs and budget!



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A good password manager can guarantee security for you, your family or your business by securing your passwords and other essential data. However, we know how difficult it can be to find the correct password manager, as with so many excellent options on the market, it can be daunting. 

That is where we come in! We have carefully combed through all the top options as alternatives to LogMeOnce and selected the 12 very best, so you can make the best decision regarding securing your important data.

Best Alternatives To LogMeOnce

These alternatives are undoubtedly the best on the market, and all would do a fantastic job helping you manage your passwords. Many even offer other features, from VPNs to data breach scanners, making them essential to maintaining your security online. 

How Do We Rank Our Alternatives?

It is essential to select the right software; after all, you are entrusting so much of your online security to this software. This includes passwords, of course, and everything from card details to your home address. Therefore, you want to ensure you select reputable and secure software. So how do we narrow down that software for you? We first research the top-ranked software from various Software Ranking services to sort out the top 50-100 products by aggregate score.

We then thoroughly check through customer and expert reviews on each product to get a sense of the metadata and key product features. Some software is primarily geared around the password management side of things, whereas other password managers come with a comprehensive online security package.

We view as many demos of the product as are available and, if possible, demo them ourselves before bringing in our experts to test them. These experts then provide feedback on the UX, UI and overall product usability.

Once this is done, we review Google trends and intent data, and use Social Listening tools to help us reach a final verdict on each product and create its final score.

What Is a Password Manager?

A password manager allows users to store, generate and manage passwords securely. They aim to ensure you do not lose track of your passwords for various logins, and this enables you to have strong, unique passwords for each login without worrying about forgetting them.

Hackers are continuously evolving their methods, so having a secure password manager is essential, especially for someone running a business. 

Common mistakes when choosing a password include using personal information – i.e., a pet’s name – or using only lowercase letters without numbers or other variations. However, using complex, strong passwords with variations in capital letters, numbers or punctuation can commonly lead to people forgetting their passwords!

This is where a password manager comes in, keeping all of your passwords in a secure location and allowing you to create strong, unique passwords that will prevent you from being hacked.

1Password: Best User-Friendly Alternative To LogMeOnce

1Password is an extremely easy-to-use software with an intuitive and streamlined dashboard that makes it a dream to use! 1Password comes with a zero-knowledge protocol and excellent secure features. 

This software enables you and your employees to use multiple password vaults, as well as 2FA, making it easy for everyone in your business to maintain a high standard of security. This is bolstered by 1Passwords metrics feature, which helps proactively prevent data leaks and breaches.

When you need your whole team to maintain high levels of security, 1Password is the best option for helping them to do so with minimal fuss and difficulty.

tick-n Free Plan1Password comes with a 14-day free trial No free tier plan
tick-n ShareSecure data sharing within teams is easy and efficientIndividual plans cannot share
tick-n Support24/7 support is available on the business plan via emailThe variety of help support is limited
tick-n PriceBusiness plan users also get free plans for familyCost-efficient but not the cheapest


Try 1Password Today!

Try out 1Password with a 14-day free trial and ensure the online security of you, your business and your family!

Keeper: Most Scalable LogMeOnce Alternative 

Keeper is an excellent password manager if you are a small business looking to grow and maintain a high level of security as you do so.

Look no further than Keeper. It offers excellent sharing capabilities, encrypted vaults, unlimited password storage even on its free plan, and offers users 10 GB of storage, setting itself apart from its competitors.

Keeper also comes with excellent intuitive team management features, allowing team leaders or admins to stay on top of team security even while growing the enterprise.

tick-n Free PlanUnlimited storage, even on the free planFree plan is limited to use on one device
tick-n ShareHighly secure data sharingN/A
tick-n SupportExcellent and varied customer support, 24/7N/A
tick-n PriceVery well pricedOptional add-on features can be pricey

Keeper Password Manager

Try Keeper Today!

If you want to expand your business while keeping it secure, try Keeper’s free plan now!

Zoho Vault: Best LogMeOnce Alternative For Businesses 

Zoho Vault prioritises helping your business run as smoothly, efficiently and securely as possible. It is a great password manager and comes with additional features to help boost your business’s security across the board.

Zoho Vault enables advanced password sharing, gives the admin control over user permissions and allows for monitoring of overall employee security health. This software makes it easy to maintain a high standard of security across the board, meaning there will be no chinks in your business’s armour when it comes to security.

tick-n Free PlanExcellent free plan with unlimited storageSingle-use on this plan is very limiting
tick-n ShareExcellent sharing featureN/A
tick-n SupportZoho Vault boasts direct Email and Phone supportN/A
tick-n PriceVery cost-efficient for businessesN/A

Zoho Vault

Try Zoho Vault Today!

Try Zoho Vault for free now! With unlimited storage and secure password sharing, you can be guaranteed high-level security and peace of mind!

NordPass: Best Password Manager Alternative For LogmeOnce For Features

NordPass is relatively new but industry-leading software. NordPass has a zero-knowledge protocol, similar to Dashlane, in that none of your information stored using NordPass will be visible to anyone within NordPass. 

Also similar to Dashlane, NordPass comes with a Free version that is every bit as secure as any of the paid options. However, it is also restricted to use on a single device. 

NordPass comes with a wide variety of features, from its encrypted vault to keep all of your details safe, a secure password-sharing feature, as well as the ability to scan for data breaches and password leaks and monitor your password health.

NordPass also includes a multi-factor authentication process, as well as a biometric authentication option. The customer support for NordPass is excellent, with everything from various extensive how-to guides to Live Chat support. 

tick-n Free PlanExcellent free planThe free plan is one-user only
tick-n ShareNordPass has a very good share functionN/A
tick-n Support24/7 support on the paid planN/A
tick-n PriceNordPass is feature rich and well pricedAnnual bill only

Protect your password as well as your whole family, so you can rest easy knowing all of your information is secure.

NordPass Logo

Try NordPass Today!

Protect your password as well as your whole family, so you can rest easy knowing all of your information is secure.

Dashlane: Best Password Manager Alternative To LogMeOnce For Usability

Known for its unbreakable end-to-end encryption, Dashlane also comes with many other security features and an extremely usable and streamlined user interface. 

With a user base of over 14 million customers, Dashlane is tried and tested. Dashlane is more than just a password manager; it also protects your usernames, card details, and any secure notes and information you wish. 

Dashlane also gives users access to features such as a VPN, a feature that monitors the dark web for your details being leaked, as well as a password health checker.  

Another of Dashlane’s many features includes a bulk-password changer, enabling you to instantly change all your passwords in case of a breach. Dashlane is compatible as a plug-in with all of the most popular web browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.

tick-n Free PlanGood free planThe free plan is restricted to one device
tick-n ShareGood share functionN/A
tick-n SupportLive chat and email supportDashlane priority support is exclusive to pricier tiers
tick-n PriceGreat price on every levelN/A

Try Dashlane Today!

Guarantee your online security now with Dashlane’s industry-leading password management software!

Bitwarden: Best Open Source LogMeOnce Alternative 

Bitwarden has a solidified place as one of the best password managers. With an open-source codebase, end-to-end decryption of stored data, applications for all popular browsers, and an excellent free tier option, Bitwarden is hard to beat.

Bitwarden stores your data in encrypted software used by banks and governments all over the world, meaning this is top-tier security, even on the free tier. 

Other features include a 2-Factor Authentication system if you want to add an extra layer of protection. Bitwarden also comes with a password generator, allowing for the generation of passwords anywhere between 5 to 128 characters.

Bitwarden comes with a ‘Master Password’ system, through which you can access your vault, containing all of your other passwords and details. 

tick-n Free PlanBitwarden has a great free planLimited storage
tick-n ShareSend data to anyone secureN/A
tick-n SupportThough limited in variety, Bitwarden’s quality of support is very goodNo phone or web chat support
tick-n PriceVery feature rich for priceN/A

Try Bitwarden Today!

Try Bitwarden’s renowned open-source software now! Bitwarden comes with a free tier and a free trial for its Premium and Family packages!

RoboForm: Most Cost-Effective LogMeOnce Alternative 

RoboForm specialises in delivering premium quality password management and security features for an extremely affordable price.

RoboForm boasts excellent syncing capabilities across many devices, a password auditing tool, and 2FA, all fantastic features for an incredibly low price.

If you are on a budget but don’t want to compromise your business’s security, RoboForm has everything you need to run a tight ship without breaking the bank.

tick-n Free PlanRoboForm comes with an effective and secure free planLimited features on free plan
tick-n ShareSecure sharing available across all plansAdvanced sharing restricted to paid plan
tick-n SupportLive chat and email supportLimited support options for free plan
tick-n PriceRoboForm is extremely cost-effectiveN/A

RoboForm Logo

Try RoboForm Today!

Try out RoboForm’s free plan today to get elite-level security without spending a penny!

IronVest: Best LogMeOnce Alternative For Additional Privacy Protection 

If you want more from your password manager, IronVest may have what you’re looking for, with excellent privacy features, even on its free plan.

Of course, IronVest fulfils all the fundamentals you would expect from a premium password manager, including data encryption and syncing across your devices. It operates with all of the most popular devices and browsers.

IronVest excels at offering additional privacy and protection, however, making it a very versatile piece of software, excelling in two different areas as opposed to only one.

tick-n Free PlanIronVest offers an excellent free planSome core features are missing on the free tier
tick-n ShareIronVest allows users to share data securelySharing features lack the depth of some competitors
tick-n SupportMultiple support channelsThe free tier does not get priority support
tick-n PriceIronVest fulfills multiple functions well for the priceAs a pure password manager, IronVest costs more for less than other top competitors


Try IronVest Today!

If you want a password manager that goes the extra mile in securing your business’s online security and privacy, try IronVest free plan now!

KeePass: Best LogMeOnce Alternative For Technology Experts 

KeePass is one of the longest-running password managers on the market, meaning it has stood the test of time.

KeePass is highly customisable, with a wide range of plug-ins and extensions. Though this may be daunting to some, more tech-savvy users will enjoy the sheer breadth and depth of features this software gives its users and the freedom to tailor the experience to their needs.

Be warned; however, those not fluent in the more technical side of utilising such software may find KeePass too complicated.

tick-n Free PlanKeePass has an excellent free planN/A
tick-n ShareKeePass enables unlimited safe and secure dataN/A
tick-n SupportOnline forums and online help center offer good supportLack of direct contact with support via email or phone
tick-n PriceKeePass is free!Not for those inexperienced with software


Try KeePass Today!

Enjoy an unparalleled level of customizability and detail with KeePass’s free, open-source password manager now!

Enpass: Best LogMeOnce Alternative For Offline Use 

Enpass offers users excellent password manager functions even when offline, something this software particularly specialises in, and it is a very good standard password manager in its own right.

Storing data locally is one of the most secure ways of protecting your important data, as it renders you immune to large-scale hacking and data breaches. If cloud storage or even Enpass’s encrypted data vaults were breached, your data would still be perfectly secure!

tick-n Free Plan14-day free trialNo free plan
tick-n ShareEnpass enables sharing of secure data vaultsNot quite as secure as other elite password managers share functions
tick-n SupportEmail and forum support optionsDirect support channels are limited
tick-n PriceWell-priced paid plansNot as feature-rich as some competitors at similar or lower price points

Ensure your data is safe and secure online and off with Enpass! Try their 14-day free trial now!


Try Enpass Today!

Ensure your data is safe and secure online and off with Enpass! Try their 14-day free trial now!

True Key: Best LogMeOnce Alternative For Efficient Password Management

True Key is a great choice if you’re looking for a no-headaches, efficient password manager that allows you to stop worrying about your security.

True Key doesn’t waste your time with convoluted features, simply offering excellent basic password manager features and security across the board, making it ideal for personal use.

The user interface True Key offers here is extremely friendly, making for an easy and time-efficient way of keeping your important data secure.

tick-n Free PlanThe free plan is very basicLimited password storage
tick-n ShareNo sharing featureNo secure password sharing is a miss, as it is standard across most competitors
tick-n SupportDirect contact with True Key support via phoneNo live chat support
tick-n PriceTrue Key is affordable and reliableLimited range of features

True Key

Try True Key Today!

If you want effective password management with no headaches, try True Key now!

LastPass: The Best LogMeOnce Alternatives For Accessibility Features

LastPass is a password manager with excellent security features, including a 256-bit AES algorithm, preventing hackers from reading your data even in the unlikely event of it being breached. LastPass also comes with 2FA, which includes fingerprint or unique code options, giving you an extra layer of protection.

It is also an extremely user-friendly password manager, coming with excellent password-sharing features, allowing you to give friends, family or colleagues limited access to your accounts, only seeing the data you wish them to see.

tick-n Free PlanThe free plan offers a decent taste of LastPass’s softwareLimited in scope of features
tick-n ShareGood password-sharing functionN/A
tick-n SupportFAQ, Forum and Email supportNo phone, or live chat support
tick-n PriceGood free option‘Freemium’ nature can cause the cost to rise

Try LastPass Today!

Get started with LastPass’s free trial now and rest easy knowing your details are secure as can be!

How To Choose A LogMeOnce Alternative

Although we have done our best, using rigorous and in-depth methods, to show you the best alternatives to LogMeOnce on the market, we also understand you may want to conduct your research. In order to help you to do this, here are some factors to keep in mind!


One of the great things about the password manager options we have supplied is that most of them come with a free option or, at the very least, a free trial. This enabled you to get a feel for the product and its usability. 

Not everyone who will be using a password manager is necessarily tech-savvy; furthermore, people simply have different preferences regarding what they find to be a usable interface. Or alternatively, they may be using it on various devices and find that they do not like how a certain password manager works on a particular device. 

It is important to bear all of this in mind when trialling a password manager to ensure you don’t get stuck with something that you find difficult to use. 


With so many great options available, so many of them including a free option, so many of them feature-rich and extensive, there is no reason to settle. 

Be thorough, make the most of free options or free trials, and consider what you are getting for your money and whether it is worth investing more for better security. This is particularly true for a business with a lot at stake if your security is compromised.

However, make sure you remember; there is no reason to settle for getting less for your money!


It is important when using a password manager to ensure that it is compatible with all the devices, you will be using your passwords on. 

Most top password managers are compatible with all popular devices and browsers. However, if you are doing your own research and are looking to find the password manager that works best for you, it is still worth checking the compatibility between the password manager and all of your devices. 


Ultimately, anyone using a password manager’s primary motivation, and therefore their primary concern, should be to do with the security of the service. 

Do your research and ensure that the product you eventually choose has the best possible security features. 

Most password managers, including the ones we have listed, include much more than just a password management service; they can include anything from password health checkers to dark-web scanners. Take your time and decide whether you value the added security some password managers offer.

What Is The Best Password Manager Software For You?

As we have covered, the process through which we have compiled the list of password manager software for you is a highly rigorous, in-depth one, with no stone left unturned. 

This means that ultimately, any of the choices we have supplied is excellent and could be the only password manager you will ever need, whether it is for you, your family, or your business! Consider the pros and cons of each we have listed and decide which suits your needs best.


We have supplied the 12 absolute best password management services available, everyone one of which will keep your passwords and the data they contain as safe as something can be online. Many of these password managers also supply a myriad of other features to make your overall online experience safer, as well to help improve your quality of life online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While it is not strictly essential for you to have a password manager to function online, it is highly, highly advisable. Anyone can benefit from using a password, whether it is someone just seeking to keep all of their passwords in one place, businesses looking to secure their data across multiple platforms and devices, or a parent wishing to keep their families passwords and personal information secure. You can never be too careful with your vital information online.

A password manager, at its most simple, allows its user or users to store all of their passwords in one place; they can then be accessed, depending on the password manager software being used, either by using a master password, biometric technology, or photo identification.

LogMeOnce is, without a doubt, one of the best password managers there is. However, if you wish to go with an alternative, Dashlane is a fantastic alternative.

Many password avengers come with a family plan, allowing for premium-level password protection as well as other online security features to be used by; generally, 6 to 8 people, meaning that should cover most families.
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