Top 12 Best Alternatives For LastPass

List Of The Best Alternatives For LastPass

There are so many password managers available that it is difficult to know which ones ensure quality and security. Here is our complete list of 12 top alternatives for LastPass that deliver exceptional service to users!



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Free TrialYes
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Choosing the right password manager can help your business enforce strong password policies and equip employees with the tools necessary to manage unlimited long passwords across all their accounts. With so many password managers available in today’s market, finding the right one for your business can be difficult. 

LastPass is one of the industry’s leading password managers with a clean user-interface, impressive list of features, and a generous free plan. While LastPass is a superb choice for many businesses, it may not be exactly what you are looking for. 

We have carefully selected 12 of the best alternatives to LastPass to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information so you can make the best decision for your business.

How Do We Rank Our Alternatives?

It’s important that we are only recommending the best of the best, so we have come up with a trusted and efficient ranking method to help us find the top LastPass alternatives!

To start, we filter out the top 50-100 products by comparing the ones that are ranked highest across several competitor websites. We then dig a little further into expert reviews and user statements to discover the software’s best features and key metadata that have customers raving. 

Now it’s time to get to know each software better. By searching for and reviewing in-depth demos of each product, we can receive greater insights and better compare each program’s core features. 

Our experts will evaluate the technical features of each software, such as its US/UI design and general usability. We gather professional opinions to make the most informed ranking decision. 

We then search for Google trends, search intent data, website traffic trends, as well as data from various Social Listening tools to then finally rank and score each product. 

What Is A Password Manager?

You may be wondering what a password manager is and why you might need one. Password managers offer a secure place to store your passwords and make them easy to access when needed! 

Password overload can happen when users have too many logins to remember and resort to reusing old passwords or using common passwords. Reusing old passwords can put your data at serious risk of being exploited.

Password managers like LastPass provide a secure way of handling password overload by storing data in an online vault. Empowering your company with a trusted password manager can eliminate the risk of common passwords and reduce the pressure of remembering several unique passwords.

It is also important to understand the risks of using a password manager. Every software can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. That’s why choosing the best password manager is imperative! 

1Password: Best User-Friendly Alternative For LastPass

With 1Password, you can look forward to enjoying a vast range of features on an intuitive dashboard that is easy to learn and navigate. Secure your data with advanced security options and a strict zero-knowledge policy.

Prevent the risk of potential data breaches with helpful metrics and powerful insights. Enable your employees to set up multiple password vaults and two-factor authentication easily, so they can quickly incorporate better password practices into their everyday work routines.  

While LastPass and 1Password share related core features, 1Password’s intuitive platform and convenient advanced features make it the better password manager for the seamless onboarding of your teams. 

tick-n Free PlanYou can test out 1Password’s features with a 14-day free trial. 1Password does not offer a free plan. 
tick-nSharingYou can use shared vaults to share sensitive data across teams with 1Password. Individual plans do not have the option for secure sharing. 
tick-nSupportBusiness plans can enjoy 24/7 email support.The 1Password help center is the primary customer support option. 
tick-n PricingReceive free family plans for all business plan users at great value.While 1Password’s business plans are cost-effective, there are cheaper alternatives on the market. 


Try 1Password Today!

Use 1Password’s 14-day free trial to explore a vast range of intuitive business features. Discover how easy 1Password is to run and implement across your business!  

Keeper: Most Scalable Alternative For LastPass 

Uphold the best password practices throughout your business, with Keeper’s password manager functionalities and various advanced monitoring features.

Keeper is ideal for growing businesses, offering an impressive amount of file storage. Keeper can provide users with 10 GB of file storage compared to their competitors who offer little to no storage.

Keeper offers a limited free plan so you can test out its core features. Enjoy intuitive team management features and a streamlined dashboard where you can stay up to date on your company’s security status. 

tick-n Free PlanKeeper offers a free plan for unlimited password storage.Contains limited features and can only be used on one device. 
tick-n SharingShare data through safe, encrypted vaults. No cons. Secure sharing is available across all Keeper plans. 
tick-n SupportEnjoy support through phone, email, and live chat. Browse through Keeper’s extensive resource menu for more details. No cons to Keeper support. You can access 24/7 support for every inquiry. 
tick-n PricingKeeper’s pricing fares well against top competitors. Keeper has various add-on features that come at an extra cost that may cause a higher price than expected. 

Keeper Password Manager

Try Keeper Today!

Discover Keeper’s scalable features with their basic free plan! Chat with a Keeper expert today to determine whether this software is right for your business. 

Zoho Vault: Best LastPass Alternative For Businesses 

Zoho Vault is focused on providing the best service to enterprise users, helping your business run smoothly with high-quality password management. With excellent integrations, advanced control over users, and top-class security enhancements, Zoho Vault is a superb option for your business needs. 

Zoho Vault has many functional features that help businesses gain granular control over their employees’ password security. Such features include advanced password sharing, user permissions, and user management.  

With fantastic options for granular admin controls, businesses can manage all aspects of password security across the entire length of the organization.

tick-n Free PlanZoho Vault offers a free plan with unlimited password storage. This plan is for single use only. 
tick-n SharingZoho Vault offers premium sharing features. No cons to this feature. Zoho Vault has excellent sharing capabilities. 
tick-n SupportThere are many helpful resources available and support is directed through email and phone. No cons. There are a great number of support options available with Zoho Vault. 
tick-n PricingAn affordable option for large businesses. Zoho Vault pricing has no cons. There are pricing options for businesses both large and small.

Zoho Vault

Try Zoho Vault Today!

Equip your business with smart password management features catered to your needs. Try out the free Zoho Vault plan to discover how this platform can work for you!

NordPass: Best Feature-Rich Alternative For LastPass 

Login to online services hassle-free by allowing NordPass to remember your account details. You can gain access to your passwords from your desktop, mobile, and browser! 

Instead of noting down important information such as pin codes, WiFi passwords, and alarm codes somewhere insecure, you can input them into NordPass. The Secure Notes feature allows users to ensure the safety of sensitive information that must be written down to be remembered.

While both password managers have proven to be excellent choices, NordPass has the advantage over LastPass, with up-to-date encryptions, wider storage, and lower prices. 

tick-n Free PlanThere is a free plan available for personal use and is a great way to test out NordPass features.It only covers one user, so businesses can’t utilize this plan.
tick-n SharingNordPass allows you to safely share credentials within or outside of your organization.No cons here! You can access this feature from the lowest business plan.
tick-n SupportYou can get 24/7 support with the lowest NordPass business plan!There is nothing bad to say about NordPass support.
tick-n PricingNordPass offers many features at a reasonable price.There is no monthly billing option available on any plan with NordPass.

NordPass Logo

Try NordPass Today!

Visit the NordPass website now to sign up for their 30-day free trial! Explore the vast security features NordPass provides and discover how you can implement them into your business. 

Dashlane: Best LastPass Alternative For Usability

Dashlane is a widely trusted password manager, offering businesses top-class security systems that provide peace of mind for employees and business owners. It is simple for teams to pick up and use the software with minimal training. 

Enable your employees to manage their passwords easily with Dashlane’s strong password generator, time-saving autofill, and syncing across all devices. With patented security architecture, two-factor authentication, and mobile authenticator compatibility, you can rest easy knowing that your data is in safe hands.

With advanced dark web monitoring and a quality virtual private network (VPN), Dashlane is certainly the software to beat!

tick-n Free PlanThere is a free individual plan available to try out Dashlane’s features. It is only available for one device. 
tick-n SharingYou can safely share encrypted passwords with groups or individuals.None. The sharing options with Dashlane are available with all plans, including the free individual plan!
tick-n SupportDashlane offers live chat support and expert email advice.Priority support is only available with more expensive plans
tick-n PricingDashlane has affordable pricing plans for every business size.Some advanced features are only available on the more expensive plans, but that’s to be expected.

Try Dashlane Today!

Try out Dashlane’s leading password manager today by signing up for their 30-day free trial! Ensure the security of your data with advanced password protection software that is simple to use.

LogMeOnce: Best Cloud-Based Alternative For LastPass

LogMeOnce is one of the leading password managers available on today’s market, boasting a patented, Zero Knowledge security system for password management and data storage. Using behavioral analytics and actionable intelligence, LogMeOnce can help protect your business from harmful identity threats.  

LogMeOnce is a cloud-based system that ensures that any file stored through the cloud is encrypted and secure. You can protect your company’s image against identity theft through leaked password monitoring and dark web monitoring, so you can stay ahead of data privacy.

Overall, both platforms are superb password management tools. In this case, however, LogMeOnce has a slight upper hand over LastPass with lower prices and an extensive list of features.

tick-n Free PlanLogMeOnce only offers a free 14-day trial.You only have 14-days to test out LogMeOnce’s features and decide whether it’s for you.
tick-n SharingYou can securely share passwords amongst your team with LogMeOnce.There are no cons to this feature. LogMeOnce provides resourceful solutions for password sharing.
tick-n SupportPaid plans offer priority customer support.There is no live chat function available with LogMeOnce.
tick-n PricingThere are 3 pricing plans available to choose from, each with an impressive set of features. There are more affordable options on our list for smaller businesses.


Try LogMeOnce Today!

Discover how LogMeOnce can secure your online data through modern cloud storage encryptions! Store your passwords securely today with LogMeOnce.

Bitwarden: Best Open-Source Alternative For LastPass 

Enjoy the customizable features of Bitwarden’s open-source software. Boasting complete transparency, Bitwarden allows users to make their own contributions to the Bitwarden codebase. With a capable technology team on hand, you can personalize the software to meet your exact needs. 

Bitwarden offers an impressive number of useful features on its free plan for you to test out! Businesses can enjoy helpful security features, like audit logs and health reports, to stay ahead of password security across their business. 

Bitwarden offers many similar features to LastPass. However, the flexibility of the software sets it apart and provides your team of experts with a functional codebase on which to build your own personalized security structures. 

tick-n Free PlanBitwarden has an excellent free plan offering a range of features. There are no business features included in the free plan.
tick-n SharingThe Bitwarden Send tool allows users to send data to anyone safely.There are no cons to Bitwarden’s sharing features. Bitwarden Send is available across all plans. 
tick-n SupportBitwarden has an extensive help center and community forum to help users find answers. Phone support and online chat are not available with Bitwarden. 
tick-n PricingBitwarden has an impressive amount of features across all its pricing plans. There are no cons to Bitwarden pricing. You can receive excellent features with each plan. 

Try Bitwarden Today!

Try out Bitwarden’s flexible open-source software today! Explore Bitwarden’s main features with their powerful free plan. 

RoboForm: Most Cost-Effective Alternative For LastPass 

RoboForm is a high-quality password manager with a selection of premium security features to enhance your password security efforts at a fair price. 

RoboForm has everything you need to help you enforce better password practices across your organization. With powerful syncing, password auditing, and two-factor authentication, RoboForm has the best tools to secure your data at affordable prices. 

If you are looking for a functional password manager at a reasonable price, RoboForm could be the platform for you. With a range of efficient features, you can quickly install RoboForm into your business for effective password security. 

tick-n Free PlanRoboForm can easily be applied as an extension to your web browser with a free plan.The free plan is limited to basic password management features.
tick-n SharingSecure sharing is available on all plans, including RoboForm’s free plan. Advanced sharing options are limited to the RoboForm business plan. 
tick-n SupportRoboForm has live chat and email support. Advanced support is only available for paid plans.
tick-n PricingRoboForm is an affordable option compared to other premium  password managers. No cons to RoboForm pricing. Receive intuitive features at a fair price.

RoboForm Logo

Try RoboForm Today!

Discover incredible password management features at top prices for your business. Try out the RoboForm free plan today and see how this platform can work for you!

IronVest: Best LastPass Alternative For Additional Privacy Protection 

IronVest (formally known as Blur) is a unique option for those that want additional privacy protection services with their password manager solution. 

You can expect all the basic password manager functions, such as auto-filling, syncing across devices, and multiple browser extensions. While this may support personal use, businesses could find IronVest’s features to be lacking in several areas, such as account analysis and monitoring.

While IronVest is more expensive and less capable than its competitors, it holds a multitude of privacy protection features that sets it apart from the rest. If you are looking for both password management and privacy protection software, IronVest may be the ideal solution for your business. 

tick-n Free PlanIronVest offers a free plan, including some of its core features. Device-syncing is not available on the free plan. 
tick-n SharingIronVest has basic secure sharing features. Sharing features are not as advanced compared to other password managers.
tick-n SupportYou can contact IronVest support through live chat or their ticketing system. Only premium paid plans have access to priority support. 
tick-n PricingIf you are interested in IronVest’s privacy protection features, the pricing becomes more justified. IronVest is expensive compared to more functional password managers. 


Try IronVest Today!

Test out the unique security features IronVest can offer your business with a free plan! If you are looking for a complete security solution for daily online practices, try out IronVest today!

KeePass: Best LastPass Alternative For Technology Experts 

KeePass has continued to be a reliable password manager since its beginning in 2003. The software has many powerful password management features that you can customize to your liking.

With over 100 plugins and extensions available, tech-savvy individuals can harness the software to its full extent, creating enterprise-level features on a free platform! This, paired with its strong selection of password management features, makes KeePass an excellent option for those who can navigate the technical nature of the software. 

If you do not possess an IT team who can set the software up for you, a more beginner-friendly and user-friendly platform like LastPass may be better suited. 

tick-n Free PlanKeePass is an open-source platform available to use for free!No cons! 
tick-n SharingKeePass allows users to share data across teams safely. No cons to this feature.
tick-n SupportUsers can find KeePass support through active forums and its online help center. KeePass does not offer live chat, phone, or email support to customers.
tick-n PricingKeePass is free to use and download!You may need to invest in technical support to run the software.


Try KeePass Today!

KeePass has thrilling opportunities for businesses to adopt customizable password manager software. If you are confident in your tech skills or have a team of programmers at the ready, try KeePass today! 

Enpass: Best LastPass Alternative For Offline Use 

Enpass is the ideal choice for users looking for a functional password manager with advanced offline capabilities. With all your basic password manager features, Enpass is a strong contender on our list.

Store data locally on your device so that you have access to important data at all times – even when offline! Enpass does not store data on a provider cloud, meaning that your data stays in your personal storage at all times. 

Many view Enpass’s local encryption methods as more secure than other password managers who store your data on their servers. If scammers attempted to attack Enpass’s servers, there would be no information there to compromise. 

tick-n Free PlanYou can test out Enpass’s core features with a 14-day free trial. There is no free plan available for Enpass users. 
tick-n SharingShare password vaults to team members via OneDrive and SharePoint with EnpassThis is not the most secure sharing option and other password managers have better solutions. 
tick-n SupportContact Enpass support via email or browse through their online forum.There is no live chat function available through Enpass.
tick-n PricingEnpass has reasonably priced premium plans.There are more advanced password managers available at similar prices. 


Try Enpass Today!

Discover how Enpass’s offline password management solutions can work for you. Try out the Enpass 14-day free trial today to find out more!

True Key: Best LastPass Alternative For Efficient Password Management

Equipped with usable features seen with most password managers, True Key allows for greater convenience throughout day-to-day online activities and secure storage for sensitive data. 

True Key is most suited to those looking for password managers for personal use. This comes down to its lack of advanced features that are included with most other password managers, including password sharing and account analytics.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense platform that achieves the very basics of password management for an affordable price, True Key seems like an attractive choice. It has a friendly user interface and enough functionality to achieve basic security tasks.

tick-n Free PlanTrue Key has a limited free plan available. The free plan can only store up to 15 passwords. 
tick-n SharingThere are no pros, as True Key does not offer any secure sharing options.There is no way to safely share passwords with True Key.
tick-n SupportContact True Key experts via phone or browse through the help center. There is no live chat feature. 
tick-n PricingTrue Key is an affordable platform with reasonable pricing. You get what you pay for in terms of features. 

True Key

Try True Key Today!

If you are looking for a simple password manager to improve your password security, try out True Key today!

How To Choose LastPass Alternatives 

We narrowed down your search to the top 12 password managers. Now it’s time to find the best fit for your business! 


How affordable is your chosen password manager? How many features does it include for its price? These are a few questions to keep in mind when considering pricing and staying within your budget. 


Each of the LastPass alternatives recommended here has modern encryptions and immense security measurements for its customers. Check through each platform’s security systems to determine which one you feel most comfortable using. 

Additional Features

Define which additional features your business would benefit from most and go with the software that offers them at the best price! Our recommended software has tons of unique features to explore further. 

What Are The Best Password Manager Software For You?

All the password managers on our list provide exceptional password protection services. Each software has core password management functions and unique advantages that could be beneficial to your business. Discover the perfect password manager for your needs by testing the standouts on our list!


It’s easy to overlook password security within your business. However, weak and reused passwords can lead to harmful data breaches and add up to costly damages to your company. By investing in one of these platforms, you can work with greater peace of mind knowing that the security of your online data is firmly within your grasp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using a trusted password manager like Dashlane, NordPass, or LogMeOnce is undoubtedly the safest way to save your passwords. They can also do more than simply store passwords, helping you in many areas of online security with additional features.

While it can be tempting to write down your personal details in the notes app on your phone, it is not recommended. If your phone becomes lost or stolen, hackers will have easy access to sensitive information. Storing passwords with password managers in secure vaults is the most secure option.

Password managers are the safest way to store and organize your online data. Most password managers can suggest strong passwords, reducing the risk of hackers stealing your information.

Password managers encrypt your online data and store them in a secure vault. Password managers like Dashlane use modern encryptions and have a zero-knowledge policy, meaning not even the password manager can view your information.

NordPass and Bitwarden offer a free plan for personal use and can be an excellent way of organizing the many passwords you use for everyday life.
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