Top 12 Best Alternatives For Dashlane

List Of The Best Alternatives For Dashlane

We have identified the best password manager alternatives for Dashlane. We will focus on the following 12 alternatives in this article.



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Dashlane is a simple solution to leveraging your password security, with an innovative password manager app that protects all your data in one place. You can use Dashlane for personal or business use, with undeniable security benefits, no matter your use case.

Choosing the best software alternative to Dashlane is challenging, as you will need a similar great level of security. To help you choose the best Dashlane alternative, we have assembled a list of the 12 best Dashlane alternatives on the market. We will detail their features, pricing systems, and all the vital information you need on each software alternative. 

How Do We Rank Our Results? 

Our ranking methodology is tailored to ensure we find the best and most dependable results. We explore the highest-ranked competitors from various software ranking servers to define the best-performing 50-100 products. 

Then, we take time to read reviews from users and experts to better understand the products’ top features and key metadata. To add further evidence to these reviews, we also study recorded demos of the products to see how easy these products are to use in real time. 

Our next step is to let our experts conclude the US/UI design and usability to ensure we have thoroughly vetted all of our results. Where possible, our experts also complete demos of the products to help us collate first-hand data, creating a more robust conclusion.

Additionally, we search intent data surrounding each product, considering website traffic trends, google trends, and social listening tools. 

Compiling secondary data from pre-existing reviews and demos, primary data from our experts completing demos, and extensive research into search intent data helps us to set individual scores for each product. We then rank each product accordingly, providing a final list of the best software alternatives. 

What is a Password Manager? 

The number of people using the internet daily is increasing at an incredible rate, which makes creating unique passwords and online identities more challenging. Not having unique passwords is an issue because the less unique a password is, the easier it is for hackers to infiltrate your accounts. 

For example, consider the number of times you use the same password across multiple platforms. If a hacker were to guess your password correctly for one of these accounts, they would then have access to all of your accounts. 

Therefore, creating unique passwords that include special characters and numbers is essential while using a different password for each online account. You may think it would be impossible to remember a different password for every account you have, but this is what a password manager is for! 

When using a password management platform, you can store the login information for multiple accounts in the platform, which only requires one strong master password or biometric to view. As well as holding your passwords and confidential information, password management software can help you create more unique passwords to ensure your internet safety is as strong as possible. 

Now that we have a clear understanding of password managers, let’s delve into the top alternatives for Dashlane.

1Password: Most User-Friendly Alternative For Dashlane

1Password is an easy and user-friendly password manager that provides users with a simple way to store and manage passwords, logins, and other confidential information. In addition, the platform comes with multiple security options suitable for families, businesses, and personal use, all aiming to leverage online safety. 

Usability is at the forefront of 1Password, with the secure password vault being intuitive and easy to use. Private information stored in the password vault is secured with two-factor authentication and biometrics, enabling users to access their data with a look or touch.

Dashlane and 1Password are similar because they provide users with a seamless service that won’t take long to get used to. However, as 1Password has slightly fewer features, the password vault is more straightforward to use, as your team won’t need to consider other features and variables. 

tick-n Free PlanThere is no free plan for 1Password, but you can try the platform in a 14-day free trial before starting a plan.Lack of a free plan makes the platform less affordable. 
tick-n SharingPassword vaults can be shared to ensure private information is shared between teams. Sharing features are only available with a business plan. 
tick-n Support1Password’s main means of support are its help center and community support forum.Accessing support from a professional is challenging, and there is no live chat.
tick-n Pricing Multiple plans for families and businesses, with a bonus of a free family plan for all business users. You get what you pay for with 1Password, which comes at a higher price point than market alternatives. 


Try 1Password Today!

Make use of 1Password’s 14-day free trial to get to grips with the user-friendly platform and the wonderful features that can leverage your business’s security. 

Keeper: Best Business Leveraging Alternative For Dashlane

Keeper is a password manager designed with specific business needs in mind. It will ensure its users’ business practices are at their best standard when using the platform due to its advanced visibility and security features.

From professional dashboard features to zero-knowledge storage solutions, Keeper is an excellent option for businesses. It allows team members to seamlessly share files without manually typing passwords in. 

The main difference between Keeper and other password managers is the great storage available with a Keeper business plan. As Keeper’s goal is to help businesses securely scale up, users can store up to 10GB of data within the platform. 

tick-n Free PlanKeeper has a free plan which grants users access to unlimited storage. The free plan can only be accessed from one device.
tick-n SharingKeeper allows users to share data and private information via secure and encrypted vaults.Currently, there are no cons to Keeper’s sharing features. 
tick-n SupportKeeper has an impressive range of support, including live chat, email and phone.There are no cons to the level of support Keeper provides its users. 
tick-n PricingKeeper has an affordable pricing range perfect for businesses.You get what you pay for with Keeper, with add-on features coming at higher prices. 

Keeper Password Manager

Try Keeper Today!

Enhance your business’s security with Keeper’s business plan for only $2.18 per user per month! 

NordPass: Most Similar Lower Priced Alternative For Dashlane

NordPass is more than just a password manager; it is a way of managing your digital content by securing and storing your data and providing you with handy autofill features, so you never have to struggle logging into different sites again.

Of course, this data doesn’t only have to be for logins but could also be Wifi passwords and essential codes. NordPass allows you to share this information with selected team members, ensuring all data is secure and only specific members can access it. 

Dashlane and NordPass are both modern platforms that have great usability features. But, NordPass comes at a lower price, which can give the platform an advantage if users’ priorities lie with the pricing. 

tick-n Free PlanNordPass has a free plan that users can use for personal use. The free plan isn’t suited for businesses or corporate users.
tick-n SharingThe sharing features of Nordpass are designed to make it easy for users to share data with anyone. This feature can only be accessed in the business plan. 
tick-n SupportNordPass has a 24/7 support service and a live chat option. There are no cons to Nordpass’ support. 
tick-n PricingThe pricing of NordPass is affordable and provides users with great features. To save money on NordPass’ pricing, you will need to start a 2-year or a 1-year plan. 

NordPass Logo

Try NordPass Today!

Test NordPass out by making use of their free trial, which gives you access to a range of top security features to keep your passwords safe via a user-friendly platform.

Zoho Vault: Best Modern Enterprise Alternative For Dashlane

Zoho Vault is a modern and easy-to-use password manager that enterprises and individuals can use. In addition, the platform comes with innovative integrations and comprehensive auditing, which make it a great option for businesses and larger teams.

The platform offers users all the essential password management features needed, along with a helpful security dashboard that provides insights into their password safety and if any passwords should be changed. 

The above elements make Zoho Vault stand out from competitors, particularly for businesses. Unlike Dashlane, Zoho Vault allows users to monitor and manage employee password safety, ensuring enterprises can make better decisions regarding their team’s safety. 

tick-n Free PlanZoho Vault comes with a free plan. The free plan is only available for individual users. 
tick-n SharingZoho Vault is dedicated to providing users with advanced sharing features.There are no cons to Zoho Vaults sharing; it is easy to do and efficient. 
tick-n SupportUsers can contact Zoho Vault by email or phone call for support. There are no cons to the range of support available via Zoho Vault. 
tick-n PricingThere is a range of prices available for different use cases.There are no cons to Zoho Vault’s pricing, as different affordable options are available.

Zoho Vault

Try Zoho Vault Today!

Try Zoho Vault’s free plan to learn how your enterprise can benefit from advanced password management and monitoring tools!

LastPass: Most Efficient Alternative For Dashlane 

LastPass is one of the best password managers available, with 25 million users enjoying the software. In addition to the solid number of users, LastPass also delivers a free plan, further ensuring they are a password manager to beat. 

To use LastPass, users must download the application to their desktop or use the software as a browser extension. Getting technical, LastPass uses similar systems to other password managers, with two-factor authentication and 256-bit end encryption implemented to ensure users’ data is protected most effectively. 

Users can access passwords stored with LastPass across all devices, ensuring standard internet procedures such as online shopping are more accessible and efficient than ever. 

tick-n Free PlanThe basic features of LastPass are free. You need to pay for access on all devices. 
tick-n SharingLastPass allows users to share passwords with team members securely. LastPass’s sharing features are advanced and included in all plans, with no current cons. 
tick-n SupportLastPass has live chat options and a support center to ensure users have all the help they need.To receive support from the LastPass customer care team, you must at least have a premium plan.
tick-n PricingAffordable options for different user profiles. Businesses pay more for the service due to increased features in their plan. 

Try LastPass Today!

Join the 25 million happy users of LastPass that heighten their password security with its platform.

LogMeOnce: Most Secure Alternative For Dashlane

LogMeOnce is a highly secure password management alternative for Dashlane due to its patented passwordless authentication process. The software provides its users with an effortless, convenient, and straightforward means of protecting their passwords to ensure no data is lost. 

LogMeOnce stands out amongst competitors as it doesn’t require a password to be accessed. For users to access their account, they can choose between biometrics such as fingerprints or face detection. These passwordless processes integrated with multi-factor authentication ensure hackers cannot access users’ personal information. 

LogMeOnce uses military-grade encryption to guarantee user IDs and passwords are safely stored, further enhancing security. LogMeOnce uses a secure Amazon cloud to deposit encrypted data, to which only the user has access. 

tick-n Free PlanAccessible to all with unlimited passwords. Limited features compared to paid versions. 
tick-n SharingLogMeOnce enables you to share passwords with your team members securely. LogMeOnce provides users with secure solutions for password sharing with no current cons. 
tick-n SupportLogMeOnce provides users with live chat support and a support center to answer more detailed queries. You must pay to receive priority support. 
tick-n PricingAffordable options for a range of different user profiles.Plan pricing increases with the number of features included. 


Try LogMeOnce Today!

Try LogMeOnce now and leverage your password security with military-grade encryption that prevents any threats to your privacy. 

Bitwarden: Best Control and Encryption Alternative For Dashlane

As with all of our top password manager software, Bitwarden allows users to create, protect and manage passwords to ensure all data is secure and unique. 

Bitwarden uses 256-end encryption to lock and secure all passwords. At the same time, the Bitwarden Vault ensures you can share sensitive data from any browser, device, or desktop application that has been granted access to the account. 

Other essential features of Bitwarden include the platform granting users the ability to self-host or have their Bitwarden account hosted within the cloud. Either option helps the platform to be efficient to set up while additionally giving users increased control of their data. 

A unique feature of Bitwarden is the ‘Vault Health Reports,’ which ensures that users make the wisest decisions when creating passwords by highlighting weaknesses and any cases where a password has been used more than once. 

tick-n Free PlanBitwarden has a free plan offering various features. The free plan is not suitable for business use.
tick-n SharingBitwarden has a Send tool that allows users to securely share data with anyone.Bitwarden Send is available in all plans and has no cons. 
tick-n SupportThere is a help center and community forum available via Bitwarden to ensure users have answers to queries. There isn’t a live chat option, so personal and complicated issues may be more challenging to resolve.
tick-n PricingDiverse pricing system which reflects user needs.You get what you pay for, with paid versions holding more value.

Try Bitwarden Today!

Try Bitwarden and receive feedback on your current password choices to discover ways to improve your password safety.

RoboForm: Most Cost-Effective Alternative For Dashlane

RoboForm is a sleek and straightforward password manager with high acclaim from the likes of The New York Times. 

The platform combines many innovative features, such as two-factor authentication, multi-platform support, and strong encryption, to leverage user security in a simplified way that takes little upkeep. 

Additionally, RoboForm is reasonably priced, with a great range of features available to use and try out for free. 

tick-n Free PlanMost of RoboForm’s features are available within the free plan that can be used as a browser extension. Compared to other password managers, RoboForm is more basic.
tick-n SharingYou can securely share data with any RoboForm plan.Secure shared folders are only available in the business plan.
tick-n SupportThere are live chat and email support options at RoboForm. Paid plans have advanced support.
tick-n Pricing RoboForm is one of the most cost-effective password managers. There are no cons, as the pricing is fair and provides users with essential features.

RoboForm Logo

Try RoboForm Today!

Use RoboForm to leverage the security of your business and personal use at an affordable price, starting with a free plan!

IronVest: Most Accessible Alternative For Dashlane

IronVest, previously known as Blur, takes password management to the next level, providing users with a biometric-secured app designed to house sensitive data. 

The platform is best for those looking to leverage their security for personal use, as the password manager is available as an app and has more basic features such as syncing and autofill. 

Although the password management features are more basic, IronVest provides users with efficient security and privacy protection, which makes it stand out from competitors. For example, users can enjoy secured access points which prevent fraud and make online functions easier to manage. 

tick-n Free PlanIronVest offers a free plan which provides its users with essential features. 2 factor-authentication is not available with the free plan. 
tick-n SharingSharing features are included with IronVest. The sharing features are not as advanced as other password managers tailored to businesses.
tick-n SupportIronVest has a live chat option that offers users support.Premium plans offer users more support. 
tick-n PricingAlthough there is a free plan, the paid versions of IronVest include a range of security-enhancing features.Paid plans are more expensive than other password managers on the market. 


Try IronVest Today!

Try IronVest’s free plan to learn the ropes of privacy protection, enhancing your internet security all from one app!

KeePass: Most Advanced Alternative For Dashlane

KeePass has been in the password manager market longer than most software available. This experience ensures that KeePass has advanced features and that the platform truly understands what its users want from the service. 

Operating as a free, open-source password manager, it is clear why KeePass has had such a long and successful time in the industry. All your passwords are stored in a securely encrypted database which can be accessed with a master key, ensuring you have access to the best security for your data. 

While KeePass can be seen as a more advanced platform than Dashlane and other market leaders, users who don’t have extensive technology experience may struggle to set up the software. 

tick-n Free PlanKeePass is available for all users for free. There are no cons to the range of features available for free.  
tick-n SharingYou can share data efficiently with KeePass.No sharing cons. 
tick-n SupportKeePass support can be found via forums and the online help center. There is no live chat, email or phone line support for users.
tick-n PricingAll of KeePass’ features are available to use and download for free!Additional costs for the technology you use to run the software may apply. 


Try KeePass Today!

KeePass is an innovative and creative way for businesses and tech-savvy individuals to leverage their online security through open-source software that can be accessed for free!

Enpass: Best Offline Alternative For Dashlane

EnPass is a practical and efficient password manager that users with little experience and technical knowledge can use easily. 

The platform has a place for everything; passwords, driver’s licenses, emails, and sensitive data. With the multiple vault feature, users can separate their data into different sections, ensuring all private information is managed productively and can be accessed better. 

The element of EnPass that makes it stand out from competitors such as Dashlane is the offline storage feature. With this feature, users can access their storage without using a cloud-based server, storing data locally on user devices. This type of storage is more secure and prevents hackers from being able to find your private data. 

tick-n Free PlanThere is a 14-day free trial available with EnPass.There isn’t a permanent free plan.
tick-n SharingEnPass allows users to synchronize data with OneDrive and SharePoint, which can be used to share password vaults. This sharing solution is a more lengthy and less secure means of sharing than other password managers provide. 
tick-n SupportEnPass has an extensive online forum and email where users can find support. There is no live chat option if users have a quick issue that needs solving. 
tick-n PricingEnPass is an affordable password manager with a range of plans.Other password managers are free or have cheaper plans that offer similar features. 


Try EnPass Today!

Try EnPass’s 14-day free trial to learn how offline password management can improve your online safety!

True Key: Most Simplified Alternative For Dashlane

True Key is a password manager that users of all experience levels can easily use, complete with essential features such as two-factor authentication and a digital wallet needed to improve internet safety. 

Although the platform has essential features, more advanced and highly secure solutions should be available, as businesses aren’t yet suited to True Key. 

True Key is user-friendly and includes most of the basic features you would need at an affordable price. 

tick-n Free PlanThere is a free plan with True Key.With True Key’s free plan, users can only store up to  15 passwords.
tick-n SharingSecure password sharing is not included with True Key’s plan, so there are no pros.There is no secure way to share passwords with True Key.
tick-n Support Users can gain support from True Key by visiting the help center or getting in touch via phone. There are no live chat or email support features. 
tick-n PricingTrue Key is affordable. You need to pay for more than 15 passwords to be stored, which you can do for free with other managers.

True Key

Try True Key Today!

Store up to 15 passwords securely using True Key’s free plan, with the essential features you need to improve internet safety. 

How to Choose Dashlane Alternatives

Although we have outlined some of the best password manager software on the market, you will inevitably want to research each of these platforms to discover which software is right for you. When considering each password manager from our list, keep these factors in mind; 


The goal of any password manager is to be accessible to the user. Therefore, it is essential to check if the password manager you are interested in is compatible with whatever device or browser you use to access it. 

Many users of password management software opt for platforms that can be used across multiple devices, so it is also a good idea to find out how well the password manager syncs and shares data. 

Security level 

It would be counterproductive to use a password manager that doesn’t have a robust level of security implemented. The selling point of password management platforms is that users’ passwords are kept safe and secure.

Security features such as biometrics or face identification should be required when accessing user data, and any password management software should have two-factor authentication. 

Assessing the storage security options is also necessary. For example, while some users prefer to store their password data manually and offline, others enjoy the efficiency of a cloud-based storage system that allows them to access their data and information from any device at any point. 


We all have different knowledge and experience levels regarding technology and internet safety, so you must find a platform that coincides with your expertise to ensure you can use the platform most efficiently. 

The idea of a password manager is to make users’ lives easier and provide great convenience to all users. For example, during a free trial, you should receive feedback regarding your passwords, with the manager flagging up any weak or duplicate passwords. Additionally, automation features should allow you to update passwords across all devices and accounts. 


When using any service, it is always fundamental to take note of the pricing system. However, regarding the majority of password managers, you get what you pay for. Although many services have free versions, it is essential to note that paid versions will have more features and necessary security measures. 

Of course, you can use a password manager for free and feel the benefits. But, for most services, you will always receive a better result when paying for a proper plan. Therefore, it is essential to recognize your pricing limitations and assess the options. In some cases, a free password manager will do the trick. But, for businesses and families, paid options will likely be better.

What Is The Best Password Manager Software for You? 

Among the twelve software we covered on our list, there are some great options for you to consider! Many of the platforms come with free trials or free plans, which we suggest using to figure out which password manager truly works for you. Standouts on our list include Zoho Vault, NordPass, and LogMeOnce. 


As we become more inclined to sign up for many sites, with personal details stored on many of them, safety and security threats start to rise rapidly. Subsequently, password management software is an inevitable measure that must be taken to protect ourselves from these threats. 

Although many password managers are available that can make it difficult for users to choose from, this increase in web security shows that resources are available to help individuals, families, and businesses leverage their internet safety. And anyone unsure about which password manager to choose can use our list to find the best option that suits you! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dashlane is one of the best password managers available to users. Still, a solid alternative software is LastPass, one of the most popular password managers in the world, with a total of 25 million users.

Suppose users would like more extensive password security and don’t mind paying for this. In that case, LastPass offers a premium plan that is just as thorough as Dashlane and has premium-level security and encryption.

There are many safe password managers available to choose from, with the likes of Dashlane, LastPass, and 1password providing users with a safe space to store their passwords, with a unique password or authentication system in place to access this data.

If you are concerned about your internet safety and find yourself using many of the same passwords across different platforms, using a password manager will help to keep your data safe while also flagging up any passwords that should be edited for safety purposes.

The best place to store passwords is a password manager. Whether you opt for a cloud-based password manager or device storage, both options ensure password safety has been leveraged while allowing you to access passwords easily.
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