Top 6 Best Alternatives for RememBear

Choosing the best RememBear software alternative can be difficult. To help you choose the best RememBear alternative, we’ve compiled a list of the top six RememBear alternatives on the market right now. Learn their features and price, and what benefits they bring to your business.

Top List of the Best Alternatives for RememBear

Review the list below to find the best alternative password management tools to RememBear.






Keeper Password Manager

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Pricing ModelPer User
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes







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Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo






Zoho Vault Review

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Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes







LogMeOnce is an innovative password manager that provides passwordless solutions to protect your login information.… Read more
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes






LastPass Review

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Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes







Dashlane is one of the most secure password managers that features two-factor authentication and patented… Read more
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Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes







Bitwarde is an affordable open-source password manager with features that rival the most expensive password… Read more
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes

RememBear Alternatives

On July 19, 2022, RememBear announced it would end support for the password management platform. Their team stated it wasn’t an easy decision, but they had difficulty breaking through the tough competition in this space. Ultimately, they did the right thing as they wouldn’t be able to update necessary security features to make continued usage of the platform viable. 

As of now, no one can create a new account, and they’ll support existing customers through July 18, 2023 with bug and security fixes. After that, users will need to export their RememBear Vault and find an alternative to store their passwords securely. 

If you’re a former RememBear user looking for a new password manager — or just looking for a password manager in general — we’ve got you covered. Our list of the Top 6 RememBear Alternatives lists their key features and provides key insights so you can make the best decision for your needs. 

How Do We Rank Our Results?

We rank our results from a comparison of 50 to 100 high-ranking competitors within a specific niche and from a variety of software ranking services. 

Upon compiling the list, we sift through expert and user testimony to figure out the metadata and key product features consumers care about. We also bring in our own experts to test the products and provide insights regarding the UI, UX, and overall usability.

With expert reviews in hand, we compile Google trends, search intent data, website traffic trends, and data from Social Listening tools to rank each product and create a final score.

This list represents the best choices from a wide range of competitors within the dropshipping space. To recap, we’ve taken analysis from multiple third-party reviews, demoed the product ourselves, and had our own experts demo and review these dropshipping tools.

Each tool could be a potential password management solution for your business based on its needs. But to be sure, always use a demo or free trial of any solution before deciding on an application. Don’t just take our word for it — no matter how good that word is.

Before we move on to the list, let’s review the basics of password managers so both experts and beginners are on the same page. It’ll help everyone identify the potential best usage from this list of RememBear alternatives.

What is a Password Manager?

Hackers and hacking software is growing more efficient every year. And unfortunately, most users make two key mistakes when setting their passwords:

  1. Using weak passwords — e.g. with personal information and no character differentiation
  2. Reusing passwords on multiple accounts — e.g. using the same password for their email, bank account, and Netflix login

But it’s unreasonable to expect users to remember complex passwords containing uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols for multiple websites. That’s what a password manager is for! 

Password management platforms can store login information for every account you use, generate complex and secure passwords, and help you login to your accounts automatically. The only password you have to remember is a master password that gives you access to everything. 

And here are some other advantages to using a password manager:

  • Alerts to phishing sites
  • Digital inheritance to help your beneficiaries
  • Auto-fill is a huge time saver
  • Accounts typically sync across multiple devices and operating systems
  • Identity protection

With that, let’s look at the top RememBear alternatives. 

Dashlane: Best RememBear Alternative for Premium Plans

Dashlane is easily one of the best password managers on the market. The platform offers unparalleled encryption to secure your data and features a variety of top-tier security features you won’t find on other platforms — with a few extra security perks to boot.

The platform offers comprehensive tools that allow you to import, share, save, and generate passwords. It has auto-fill features for logging in and filling out forms and it’s easy to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) and run security checks on all of your passwords — weak and recycled passwords. Additional features from Dashlane include:

  • Auto-password changer that includes hundreds of supported sites — works with one click!
  • Dark web monitoring in real-time
  • Virtual private network (VPN)

Dashlane is cloud-based, but also offers offline access if you’ve set up authentication beforehand. And the set-up and ease-of-use of the platform is superb. One click from their site will redirect you to download the extension for your browser. And from there, you can set things up in a matter of a few clicks. 

The mobile platform works just as well — if not better — than the desktop platform and allows you to use all biometric features on any of your devices. Everything syncs across each device flawlessly, so you’ll never have issues that leave you searching for the right password.


Dashlane offers one of the best free plans available with 50 free passwords on one device including 2FA and the ability to share with up to five accounts. 

However, its Premium plan is where it really shines. At $6.49/month or $4.99/month with annual billing, Dashlane provides one of the most exhaustive feature lists on the market. They also offer those same features on a family plan at $8.99/month or $7.49/month when billed annually for up to six Premium accounts. 

On the business side, Dashlane offers two tiers with annual billing only. Team costs $5.00 per month, per user, and Business costs $8.00 per user and adds SSO and SCIM provisioning.

Free PlanWith 50 passwords on 1 device, Dashlane’s free plan is mid-tier.It only works for one device and many will use up 50 passwords quickly.
SharingExcellent sharing options that allow you to easily set the level of access.Doesn’t allow for sharing full vaults on the Family Plan.
SupportBests the others on this list as it has comprehensive support including live chat.Support options via social media are only in English.
PricingDashlane is a high-value password manager. You may pay more than other providers, but you get the features to go with it.There are cheaper options available. But again, you get what you pay for.

LastPass: Best RememBear Alternative for users who need to share passwords

LastPass is a go-to in the world of password managers and has an impeccable reputation. With over 25 million users and a solid free plan, you’d be hard pressed to find a better name in this space. 

Like other top-tier password managers, LastPass offers 256-bit encryption, 2FA login, and compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems — excluding Linux. The platform works both as a desktop download or through an extension within your browser and both offer single sign-in tech with auto-fill capabilities. Although a little dated, the interface is easy-to-use, and importing passwords is simple.

Along with a standard password generator, auto-fill, and vault, LastPass adds a dark web monitor feature, username generator, and a secure digital wallet to its portfolio of feature additions. 


Like Dashlane, LastPass provides a free tier on one device, but it sweetens the deal with unlimited passwords. Their Premium tier runs for $3.00 per month and provides unlimited passwords on unlimited devices plus 1GB of secure document storage. 

The Family Plan costs $4.00 per month and provides all the features from the Premium tier to 6 accounts. It also adds unlimited shared folders between everyone on the account. 

Business pricing has two tiers: Teams and Business. Teams gives access to up to 50 users at $4.00 per user, per month, and Business is available to unlimited team members at $6.00 per user, per month. 

One key point to note is LastPass offers only annual billing. 

Free PlanLassPass offers a comprehensive free plan with unlimited passwords on one device.Their Free tier doesn’t include email support.
SharingThe sharing options on LastPass surpass all competitors, especially with their Family Plan.There are no cons to speak of.
SupportThey offer solid self-service resources with email support.Support is the low-point for LastPass. They only offer email support and it’s notorious for slow response times.
PricingIt’s cheaper than many of the other options on our list.LastPass doesn’t offer a monthly billing option on any plan.

1Password: Best RememBear Alternative for overall password management functionality

With 1Password’s “Zero Knowledge” policy — no storing, tracking, or sharing of passwords — the platform has quickly become one of the most popular password managers on the market. The platform is compatible with an extraordinary range of devices and operating systems that includes Linux on that list. And it offers an excellent syncing solution that works between multiple cloud-based platforms.

1Password excels over other password managers on this list with its interface. It’s both straightforward and intuitive, and using any feature includes logical instructions and insights that both beginner and experienced users can use. Plus, it has robust sharing and security features.


Unlike its competition, 1Password does not offer a free tier or monthly billing, but they have a 14-day free trial. A 1Password personal plan starts at $2.99 per month billed annually, and Family plans are $4.99 per month and provide access for up to 5 account members. You can also invite additional account members at $1 per account. 

1Passwords has three tiers for business accounts: Teams, Business, and Enterprise. Teams costs $19.95/month and works for up to 10 team members with five guest accounts for limited sharing. Business costs $7.99 per user, per month and allows up to twenty accounts for limited sharing. You’ll need to contact 1Password for custom pricing at the Enterprise level.

Free Plan1Password only offers a 14-day free trial.With no free plan, you’ll have 14 days to try things out and decide if this is the password manager for you.
Sharing1Password gives you the ability to share entire password vaults.No cons. It’s a solid, comprehensive sharing solution based on the tier you choose.
Support1Password has a solid history with its email, social media, and forum support.There’s no live chat or phone support available.
PricingFor what you get, 1Password offers superb value over the other managers on this list.Again, there’s no free plan!

Keeper Password Manager: Best RememBear Alternative for users who want a secure messaging application

With over a decade of experience, Keeper has the look and feel of a password management platform that takes what it does seriously. It offers a standard 256-bit encryption service with a “Zero Knowledge” policy, and they audit on the regular using a Service Organization Control 2 developed by AICPA

The platform offers standard password manager features like a generator, autofill, and sharing. And it’s relatively easy to download and use the browser and device extension on the platform which are compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices. Keeper also offers a desktop platform for offline usage. 

The interface can be a sticking point for some users as it’s complex and has a slight learning curve on both desktop and mobile. But once you get the hang of things, it’s an excellent platform.

It also boasts a secure messaging application called KeeperChat that allows you to send messages and documents securely.


Though they don’t advertise it, keeper offers a Free tier that allows you to store unlimited passwords on one device (offline), and they also offer a 30-day free trial with unlimited access. 

But if you’re ready to go with Keeper, they have two tiers for consumer level use: Personal and Family. Personal costs $2.92 per month, billed annual, and Family costs $6.25 per month for five vaults. It’s also billed annually.

The real catch with Keeper is that additional features on the platform are billed as add-ons. You’ll pay the base price for the basic features. But if you want extra storage, 24/7 customer support, dark web monitoring, or other useful features, you’ll pay extra. Yes, it’s the same add-on system for business plans which start at $3.75 per month, billed annually. 

Keeper also offers enterprise level plans and student and military pricing.

Free PlanKeeper has an offline system that gives unlimited passwords on one device.There’s no browser extension access on their free tier.
SharingWith unlimited encrypted sharing, it’s an excellent system.No cons here.
SupportKeeper offers an excellent 24/7 support system with form and phone support. Even for personal tier users.You have to pay extra for priority support.
PricingFor the basic features, it’s a cheaper option.It’s only a cheaper option at face value because you have to pay for all the addons that other services include in their pricing.

Bitwarden: Best RememBear Alternative for a cost effective password management solution

As an open-source password manager, you may think Bitwarden can’t stand up to many other platforms on this list. But you’d be wrong! Bitwarden offers a solid option for password management at an excellent price point. Plus, it comes with loads of additional features.

That being said, the platform lacks in its user-friendliness. The interface is a little clunky and complicated, so expect to spend some time learning how to get everything set up. It’s not for beginners. But once you do, it’s an excellent cost efficient option that also offers self hosting — even on the free tier.


Bitwarden’s free tier is easily the best on the list. It offers unlimited passwords on an unlimited number of devices. However, you can only share with two users, and there’s no encrypted file storage. 

They advertise their premium plan as “Less than $1 per month” and charge $10 annually. That gives you access to advanced 2FA login options, emergency access, security reports, and more. Family plans cost $3.33 per month, billed annually and give you access to six premium accounts. 

For businesses, Bitwarden offers a Teams and Enterprise plan at $3 and $5 per user annually. 

Free PlanBitwarden gives you unlimited passwords on unlimited devices.Sharing is limited.
SharingSharing is simple and easy to use on the platform.Based on your tier, you may have issues with the number of users you wish to share with.
SupportBitwarden offers a robust forum and information library along with fast email responses.There are no live chat or phone support options.
PricingThey offer the best overall pricing value of any platform on this list.No cons. If you’re willing to learn their system, it’s the best value.

LogMeOnce: Best RememBear Alternative for a feature-rich password management platform

Based in Washington D.C., LogMeOnce is a highly trusted platform used by the US Secret Service, the Mayo Clinic, and BMW. They’ve been around since 1995 as a computer security company and moved into the password management space in 2011 — longer than any other company on this list. 

Their tagline for password management states they offer “57 unrivaled ‘Top Features’, and counting…,” so it’s easily the most feature-rich platform on the market. They specialize in ‘passwordless’ login options, so you can login using features like photo logins, PIN codes, or biometrics. Or you can go with classic password creation, storage, and login system. 

The platform is intuitive and easy-to-use and includes a ton of dynamic features that allow you to import, generate, and share passwords with ease. LogMeOnce has support for all major browsers and devices, but there is no desktop application available. Regardless, the platform has superior monitoring and security features that go beyond most other password management platforms. 


LogMeOnce offers four pricing tiers with a wide range of feature additions too lengthy to list out here. Their Premium tier is also their ‘Free’ tier and offers unlimited passwords on unlimited devices, but it comes with ads. 

From there, they have a Professional, Ultimate, and Family tier at $2.50, $3.25, and $4.99 monthly. Each tier gives you access to even more security features like additional sharing options, multi-factor authentication and password tracking, and the family tier gives access to 6 accounts. 

Business accounts have three tiers: Team & Business at $3 per user per month, Enterprise at $4 per user per month, and Identity at $7 per user per month.

Free PlanLogMeOnce offers a robust free plan with unlimited passwords on unlimited devices.It has ads…
SharingThe platform has solid sharing capabilities with ease of use.Users must upgrade to the Ultimate tier to get unlimited password sharing.
SupportTheir site has solid support options with chatbots and fast email support.You have to pay for priority support.
PricingThey offer competitive pricing options. There’s nothing negative to say, but other platforms may give you more for less.

How to Choose RememBear Alternatives

When researching each of the password managers from our list, consider these factors. 

Storage Security

Password managers work on a cloud-based server or on a vault stored within your device — or both. Cloud-based password managers have gained popularity because users can access their vault securely from any device and even if a device is lost or malfunctions. Yet, some users prefer to store their passwords offline. 

Consider your security needs. You may want to opt out of cloud storage or use both online and cloud-based password vaults.

Encryption and additional security features

Your password management platform should provide additional security features like biometrics — facial recognition and fingerprint identification — and 2FA. Although a strong password generator is a given for most password managers, investigate the controls on the generator. Find out how many characters it can generate and other controls like adding and removing numbers and symbols. 


No matter where you intend to use your password manager — phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. — make sure that the program works on the device. The best way is to take a deeper dive and check the compatibility with the operating system on your device. Also, check that your password manager has an extension available on your preferred browser. 

Last, if you’re using multiple devices, make sure that your password manager has a solid syncing capacity. 

Ease of use

Either take advantage of a free trial or review screenshots from the password manager you intend to use and review its interface. Password managers should have simple language and automation features that allow you to move between accounts and devices with ease. Biometrics — also a security factor — adds convenience as well. 

In addition, check the full range of features offered by your provider. Many password managers flag weak or duplicate passwords and provide options to auto-change them. Some have integrations with certain accounts that allow you to auto-change passwords on a schedule to provide added security with convenience. And some password managers offer secure storage for important documents. 


Digital security is invaluable, especially with financial accounts. However, not all users are on the same budget. Yes, there are free options available. But if you want true security, you’ll need to pay a little. Investigate the payment plan options for each platform — single and family plans, monthly and annual pricing — and the range of features they offer for the price. Try to find the one that provides top value. 

You can also look into current discounts. Many password managers offer tremendous offers around Cyber Monday.

What are the Best Password Management Platforms for you?

Any of these password management platforms could be a solid option for generating and storing your passwords for secure use across the web. Here are some points to consider with each option.

  • Dashlane is one of the priciest options on the list. But it’s Premium Plans offer robust features and support along with a highly intuitive interface on any device. You really get what you pay for.
  • LastPass also has an intuitive platform, but where it shines is in its sharing capabilities. If you need to share your passwords with multiple family members, friends, team members, etc., this is a viable option.
  • 1Password is an all-around solid option. It offers great value with its price to feature ratio, and you can share entire vaults.
  • Keeper may not have the top interface, but the platform is renowned for its top-level security features that include an encrypted messaging service.
  • Bitwarden is the most cost-efficient platform on this list. However, it’s open source, so make sure you’re okay with a learning curve.
  • LogMeOnce offers an astounding number of features and many come on their ‘free’ tier. But it might be too many features for some users who get overwhelmed easily.


With so many password managers on the market, it can be hard to make a choice. There are tons of features available on each platform, and pricing is getting more competitive every year. Regardless, make sure you invest in one of these platforms.

Internet security is getting more complex, and hackers are becoming more aggressive in their tactics to access your personal information. If you’re using weak passwords or recycling passwords for multiple accounts, it’s time to make use of one of the password managers on this list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Recycling and choosing weak passwords are the top reasons for online security vulnerabilities. Using a password manager gives you the ability to create unique, strong passwords for every single account you use — without having to recall or consult an offline spreadsheet every time you want to log in. Instead, you only need to remember one password that provides access to an encrypted database. In addition, most password managers offer a portfolio of features that enable you to further secure your accounts.

Bitwarden and LogMeOnce are the two best free RememBear alternatives on our list. They offer the highest number of features, passwords, and devices of any platform. However, Bitwarden has a learning curve and LogMeOnce has ads.

It’s a security tactic that allows password management platforms to ensure your data is secure. They store your password data, but only you have access to the information. They do not store, and cannot tell you your master password if you lose it. This policy protects you from both internal and external threats to your passwords.

Password management platforms have protocols so you can gain access to your master password should you lose it. But you have to set up the secure channels ahead of time. If you don’t generate and store backup keys or designate another account for secure login within your password management account, you’ll be locked out from your vault for good.

It all depends on your needs and risk profile. Cloud-based managers have security risks, but that’s what allows you to access your secure passwords from any device. Desktop-based password platforms are more secure, but you’ll only be able to access them where you’ve installed the platform beforehand. You’ll need to analyze these elements before you decide on which direction you should go.


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