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RememBear Review


RememBear is a famous password management software that you can use to keep your information safe, sync computers with mobile devices so they share your passwords, and much more.  

In this RememBear review, you will learn all about the program, including its usability features, main options, and pricing plans. When you’re making your choice and deciding on your ideal password management software, make sure you compare RememBear to other options! It’s a great alternative, so keep it in mind! 

Pros and Cons 

Many people know RememBear and say positive things about the software, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any flaws. Take a look at all its advantages and disadvantages: 


  • It’s immensely easy to use – you can quickly understand all its functions 
  • RememBear has fun and intuitive dashboard – bears guide you through its features 
  • It offers basic features – you get all you might need 
  • You can easily navigate through its options – no complicated features 


  • It’s not as affordable as other options – some other programs are cheaper 
  • It might be too simple for your needs – it does not offer advanced features 


Even though there are many password management software alternatives out there, RememBear is one of many people’s favorites due to its usability. On the one hand, it’s immensely easy and intuitive when you first try it out. 

Then, on the other hand, its dashboard is fun to interact with since it shows you different animated bears with all the software’s options. Overall, RememBear is one of the best alternatives you could go for in terms of usability, so if you want something straightforward and easy to understand, this might be the ideal option for you. 

However, you should also keep in mind that RememBear does not offer as many advanced features as other options such as Dashlane or 1Password. Thus, it’s convenient if you want something basic and easy to use, but if you need more alternatives, you might want a different program. 


This RememBear review would not be complete without the main features that this software offers you. Here is what you can get if you use RememBear: 

  • Fantastic Encryption Methods 

While some password management software options are immensely secure, not all alternatives give you 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption, which is what RememBear does. 

  • It Protects Users with a New Device Key (NDK) 

RememBear protects your security each time you log in with a new device. Thus, when you try that, it generates an automated 20-digit code to keep you safe. 

  • RememBear Secures Your Data with Advanced Security Methods 

Firstly, it uses TLS (transport-level security) to keep your information safe from any HTTP attacks, then, it uses SRP (secure remote password) to secure your data while you move it from one device or server to another one.  

Lastly, it relies on KMS (Key management system), which guarantees that your data is encrypted, even if the RememBear servers suffer from a breach. 

  • It Has a Browser Extension 

To make your life easier, RememBear offers a browser extension, and you can easily install it in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. 

Support Quality 

One of the best aspects about RememBear is that it offers a free plan. You don’t get that with all password management software options, and it’s immensely convenient if you want to try out the program before spending money on it. 

This software offers strong security features, it’s very easy to use, and it offers some alternatives if you go for the free plan. However, keep in mind that you’re not able to explore all its features because you need to pay for that, which might be a disadvantage in this area – some people believe that the free plan is not that useful. 

RememBear Pricing – What Does it Cost? 

RememBear pricing plans include two different alternatives: a free and a paid one. Check out the following table with the information on each one: 

Free PlanYes, but it doesn’t offer all the features
Premium Plan$3 per month, billed annually

Compared to other password management software options, RememBear is slightly more expensive and it costs you 36 dollars per year. However, it’s still immensely useful since the paid version gives you many different features, for example, a browser extension, password storage in the cloud, a backup kit in case you lose your master password, and more. 


This RememBear review explored the main features of the program, and as you can see, it’s an affordable option that offers many fantastic alternatives. It can provide you with strong security measures for your passwords, it’s immensely easy to use, and you can try out the free plan before paying for anything. 

RememBear may not have as many advanced features as Dashlane or 1Password, but it’s still many people’s favorite because of how easy and fun it is to use it. Therefore, it might be the ideal option for you! 

Try Out RememBear Now! 

You can try out RememBear today and get started with the free plan. Don’t waste any time and start exploring all this software can offer you because it might be the one you’re looking for! 

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