Best Password Manager for Google Chrome

The Top Password Managers for Google Chrome

This list features the very best password managers for Google Chrome. All of these password managers can be used as Chrome extensions and are ready to keep your password data as safe and secure as possible.






Keeper Password Manager

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NordPass Review

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Free VersionYes



1Password Review

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Free VersionNo



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Free VersionYes




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Introduction: Password Manager for Google Chrome

Every day, countless people forget passwords for their online accounts and have to waste lots of time trying to remember the right code to gain access to their favorite platforms and services.

Password managers exist to prevent those problems. These simple, easy-to-use apps make it easy to create, store, and use strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts, with minimal effort required on your part!

But how do you find the best password manager for Google Chrome? Well, in this guide, we’ll show you some of the top password managers you can choose and explain all you need to know about how to use them.


Google Chrome is one of the world’s most popular internet browsers, famed for its speed, performance, and ease of use.

Extensions for Chrome allow you to enhance Chrome’s features and functionality even further, and one of the best extensions you can get is a password manager for Google Chrome.

As the name implies, a password manager is able to store and manage your password data safely and securely. It keeps your passwords safe, hidden from prying eyes, and lets you access your log-in details for any account with the click of a button.

What Is a Google Chrome Password Manager?

A Google Chrome password manager is an extension you can install to your Google Chrome browser. It saves your password data, letting you quickly and easily log in to different online services via Chrome.

Password managers keep all of your passwords in a secure vault, usually in the cloud, so you can access them whenever you open Chrome and you don’t need to worry about anyone else having access to them.

Many of the best password managers also come with a range of other functions and features, like the ability to create new, unique passwords with the touch of a button.

Pros and Cons

Password managers for Google Chrome have a range of plus points to improve your life, but they also have some downsides that you need to consider before deciding if you want to use one.

Ideal for people who use Google Chrome as their primary browserWon’t work on other browsers like Firefox and Safari
Makes Chrome more functional and effective as a browserDoesn’t offer protection outside of Chrome
Very simple and easy to use for one-click log-ins and easy password generationSome password manager extensions for Chrome can crash
Helps you strengthen your online security

How to Choose a Google Chrome Password Manager

There are lots of different password managers for Google Chrome out there, and it’s important to pick the right one. Here are some key factors to focus on.

Works with Chrome

The first way to narrow down your search is to focus on password managers that are fully compatible with Google Chrome. A lot of password managers have Chrome extensions, but some don’t.

Ease of Use

If this is your first time using a password manager, you’ll want to find one that is beginner-friendly and easy to understand, as certain apps can be quite tricky and complicated.

Level of Security

The best password managers need to have superior levels of encryption and data security in order to keep all of your passwords as safe as possible.

List of Features

Take a look through the list of features provided by your chosen password manager for Google Chrome. The best password managers have various features like password alerts, password strength gauges, and password generation.

Why a Password Manager for Google Chrome Is Important

There are lots of benefits associated with password managers for Chrome, and they can change your life in some very important ways, such as:

  • No More Lost Accounts – Some people lose accounts because they simply can’t remember the log-in details, but with a password manager, you won’t ever have to worry about being locked out of your emails or online accounts.
  • Stronger Protection – The best password managers for Chrome can generate new, unique, super-strong passwords for your accounts. This gives you much better protection against online threats and hackers.
  • Saving Time – The average person can waste minutes or even hours each week looking up old passwords or trying to remember log-in details. With a password manager, all that time will be saved.

Is a Password Manager for Google Chrome Safe?

This is one of the most common questions people have about password managers, and if you’re worried about safety, you’ll be happy to hear that password managers are safe to use.

They create strong, secure vaults for your password data, and these vaults usually have one master code to access them. It’s therefore very hard for anyone to try and break into the vault or access your data without you knowing about it.

In addition, using a password manager is much safer than browsing the internet without one; many cybersecurity experts agree that password managers provide much-needed protection.

Who Should Use the Password Manager for Google Chrome?

You might be wondering if you really need a password manager for Chrome, but the truth is that these programs can benefit people from all walks of life, including the following groups:

People Who Worry About Forgetting Passwords

If you have a habit of forgetting passwords or log-in details, a password manager for Google Chrome can change your life. It will make it infinitely easier for you to log in to your different accounts without having to remember dozens of different code words.

People Who Are Concerned About Security

Worried about online security? You’re not alone. With more hackers and online threats than ever before, many people are stressed about the safety of their online data and accounts. A password manager for Chrome can provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Users of Google Chrome

If you use Chrome a lot, it makes sense to add some extensions and make your browsing experience even better and more streamlined. A password manager for Google Chrome is a great addition to enhance and extend your browser’s functionality.

How Do Google Chrome Password Managers Work?

A password manager for Google Chrome is downloaded and installed to your Chrome browser and activates whenever you open Chrome and use it to browse the web and log in to different sites and services.

It stores all of your password data in an encrypted vault, which is usually stored on the cloud, and you get a special master password that can be used to open the vault. This makes it very secure and minimizes the risk of anyone else getting into it.

When you need to log in to a site, the password manager for Chrome can automatically enter the log-in data for you, speeding up the log-in process and saving you plenty of time.


There are a lot of advantages that users can experience with a password manager for Google Chrome. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

Protection and Peace of Mind

One of the best benefits is the protection you get from storing all of your password data in a secure vault. This provides powerful peace of mind and can make your life less stressful, with fewer worries about hackers or other people getting access to your passwords and accounts.

Drastically Reduced Risks

Every day, your accounts may be at risk of hackers or even just people around you stealing your password data and accessing your account. Using a password manager is a super way to minimize those risks and enjoy much safer browsing and internet usage.

Saving Time

Many people waste a lot of time thinking of passwords, entering passwords, and trying to remember old passwords. With a password manager, all of that time will be saved. You’ll be able to log in to all of your accounts with the simple click of a button.

Streamlined Browser

A password manager for Google Chrome makes browsing the internet much easier, smarter, and more streamlined, too. Every time you arrive on a new site, the password manager will automatically detect log-in data and will be ready to enter or update your password in a matter of seconds.

No More Worries

Ever worried about losing one of your most important passwords and being locked out of your account forevermore? Well, with a password manager, those kinds of worries are no more. You’ll have total protection for all of your accounts, with an absolute peace of mind.

The technology behind passwords is changing and evolving all the time, and our attitudes and usage of passwords and password managers are also ever-shifting. Here are some key trends from the world of passwords.

A Generational Divide

Studies suggest that elderly people could be at much greater risk of having passwords guessed or stolen. Reports show that younger people are much more likely to use strong passwords and additional protection like 2-factor authentication and password managers. 

Older people are less likely to be using these kinds of technologies and protections, but those that want to stay safe online are encouraged by cybersecurity experts to start using password managers as soon as possible.

Password Manager Usage Is Rising

Studies also show that the use of password managers, on the whole, is rising, year on year. More and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of a password manager, and many people are recommending password managers to friends and colleagues, too.

Those who choose not to use password managers are not just missing out on a trend; they could also be putting their accounts in serious jeopardy. As the number of password manager users increases, hackers will become increasingly likely to target people who don’t have password managers.

80% of Successful Hacks Are Connected to Passwords

A Verizon study, carried out in 2020, found that approximately 80% of all successful hacking breaches involved passwords in some way. In some cases, passwords were stolen, while in others, they were guessed.

This trend shows us the importance of having strong and secure passwords. Using weak or old passwords can put your accounts in danger and make you a much easier target for hackers and brute force attacks.

How to Setup and Install a Password Manager for Google Chrome

To set up and install a password manager for Google Chrome, you’ll first need to choose a password manager you want to use and make it have its own Chrome extension.

Head to the official site of your chosen password manager and make your account. You may then be able to download and install an app to your device to use system-wide, or you might simply need to download the relevant Chrome extension.

Wait for the extension to install and relaunch your Chrome browser. From there, you’ll simply need to click on the extension icon in the top right and log in to your password manager account to use it.


The number of people using password managers on Google Chrome is rising all the time, and it’s easy to see why. These simple tools can offer so many advantages, providing users with stronger passwords, easier password entry, and total peace of mind. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your Chrome experience, a password manager extension is a perfect way to start.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, there is a feature called Google Password Manager, which is available for Chrome users. However, it doesn't have the same features and security as some of the best password manager extensions.

Yes, most password managers have desktop apps that you can download and install to protect your entire device, so you can use them even when Chrome isn’t open.

To find the best password manager, we recommend looking for one that is easy to use and well-rated, with strong security and useful features.

If you’re a frequent user of Google Chrome and want to have easier access to your passwords and stronger passwords, a password manager is definitely worth it.
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