Best Password Manager for Family

The Top Password Managers for Family

This list shows our favorite password managers for families. Each entry was chosen based on important factors for family use, like ease of use, security, and sharing features.






Keeper Password Manager

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Pricing ModelPer User
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo



NordPass Review

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Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes



1Password Review

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Free VersionYes







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Free VersionYes




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Free VersionYes



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Free VersionYes

Introduction: Password Manager for Family

Passwords have become a huge part of everyday life for all of us. We can enter dozens of them in a single day to access our various online accounts on social media platforms, streaming sites, online banks, and more.

It’s clear to see that passwords are important, and they play a key role in keeping us safe and protecting our lives and data. However, they can be a little frustrating to use, and many people find it hard to remember the dozens of different passwords they need.

This is where password managers come in. A password manager for your family can protect you and your family members, making your lives easier by storing all of your passwords in a safe place. In this guide, we’ll help you find the very best password managers for family use.


Many people want to find technological solutions and pieces of software to improve the lives of not only themselves but their family members too. However, this can be easier said than done.

When you’re looking for a solution for the whole family, you need to take multiple factors into account, such as price, ease of use, and so on to help you find something that will work well for everyone.

Therefore, finding the right password manager for a family can be tricky, but it’s not impossible, and there are some super family-friendly password managers out there. Read on to learn more about them.

What Is a Password Manager for Family?

Password managers are pieces of software that can run on a wide range of different devices, such as laptops, computers, phones, and tablets. They’re designed to store and manage a user’s passwords in a safe, secure location.

When we talk about family password managers, we’re referring to password managers that are designed with features, functions, and user interfaces that appeal to the whole family. These kinds of password managers need to be easy to use, with great sharing features and excellent value for money.

Pros and Cons

Before you decide whether or not a password manager is right for your family, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. The table below shows the advantages and disadvantages of password managers for families.

Great value for money as you can share one account with the whole familyCan be tricky to set up the various sharing privileges for a family
Can protect your family from hacking attempts and prying eyesSome family members might need extra training to use the app
Great for teaching younger family members about cybersecuritySome password managers simply aren’t equipped to cope with multiple users
Useful sharing and administrative features for parents to monitor kids’ online activity

How to Choose a Family Password Manager

Not every password manager will work for a family. Here are some of the key factors you should focus on to find the right password manager for your household.

Suitable for Multiple Users

This is one of the most important factors, as a lot of password managers are designed for solo use. If you want to share a password manager with your family, you’ll need to find one that is suitable for multiple users and has built-in features and functions that let you give access to different users and control the sharing of passwords among your family members.

Easy to Use

Different members of your family may have different levels of technological experience and expertise, and you may have one or two family members who struggle with new apps or pieces of software. So it’s also important to find a password manager for the family that is easy to understand for the whole family to use without difficulty.

Strong Security

Any decent family password manager also needs to have very strong levels of security. Since there are multiple users on a family password manager, the security has to be strong to reduce the risk of any strangers or hackers getting access to your family’s data. Look for password managers that boast excellent levels of privacy and protection.

Why a Password Manager for Family Is Important

A password manager for the family can be a very smart and sensible investment, offering a range of key benefits, such as:

  • Making Your Family Smarter about Cybersecurity – In today’s world, it’s vital to have a good understanding of cybersecurity. Using a password manager is a great way to improve the whole family’s cybersecurity habits and knowledge.
  • Protecting Your Children –  A lot of parents choose password managers for their families in order to provide protection for their children, as younger users can use weak passwords or may not fully understand the importance of using unique passwords for each account.
  • A Happier Family – Overall, a password manager can make your family’s lives happier, too. Password managers save people tons of time and help you avoid unnecessary drama when old passwords are forgotten or misplaced.

Is a Password Manager for Family Safe?

It’s completely normal to worry about safety when buying a new tech solution for your family, but as long as you choose a high-quality password manager, there’s no cause for concern.

The best password managers are designed to be as safe and secure as possible, encrypting your passwords and keeping all of your personal data in a sealed, digital vault that only you can access.

In fact, many cybersecurity experts say that having a password manager is much safer than not having one, so a password manager for your family could be one of the smartest and safest additions to your family’s devices.

Who Should Use the Password Manager for Family?

So, what kinds of families can benefit from the use of a password manager? Well, this software can be of use to almost anyone, including the following people:

Large Families

Very large families can really benefit from password managers, as it can be tricky to keep accounts organized when you have lots of people living together in the same home and sharing passwords with one another. Using a password manager is a good way to add some organization to your big family life.

Families with Young Children

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for young children to have their own devices and accounts on platforms like YouTube or Netflix, but it’s important for parents to protect their children’s online activities and reduce the risk of hacking or data leaks. Using a password manager can be a good way to not only organize your kids’ accounts but also to teach them about cybersecurity.

Families with Remote Relatives

If your family has members living in different locations who need access to the same accounts and files, a password manager can help to bring everyone together. It makes it easy, even for people living far away, to feel like part of the family and have access to the same services and accounts as the other members of the family.

How Do Family Password Managers Work?

When you set up a password manager, it creates a digital vault, either on your device or in the cloud, for you to store your passwords.

For family password managers, this vault is made in the cloud, so that different family members can all access the vault, even on different devices.

The vault can then be filled up with all of your different passwords, and one user – the admin – has control over how to share the various passwords and organize them.

The admin can categorize passwords into different folders for each family member and use the password manager’s sharing features to decide who gets to see and use which passwords.


A password manager for the family isn’t just a useful way to organize your passwords; it can also offer an array of interesting benefits, including:

Less Stress Throughout the Family

Family life can be pretty stressful, and it can be especially dramatic when someone in the family forgets or loses an important password. Well, with a family password manager, there will be a lot less stress for everyone, as all of the family passwords will be safe, secure, and ready to access as and when you need them.

Easier Account Access for Everyone

It can be frustrating for many people to get access to their favorite accounts when they have to keep on remembering and typing in different passwords, and this is especially true for younger people and children. Using a password manager will make everything easier and let the whole family access accounts with a single click.

More Control and Peace of Mind for Parents

As a parent, you may worry about your child’s online safety. It can be scary or worrying to think of what could happen if your child had an account hacked due to a weak password or accidentally gave their password away due to a lack of cybersecurity knowledge. Password managers give you more peace of mind and more control over the passwords your children use.

Sharing Accounts with Ease

Families often like to share accounts with one another or at least provide access to certain accounts to their loved ones from time to time. Having to send passwords back and forth can be time-consuming, but with a password manager, it’s way easier to share account access with your children or spouse.

Here are some relevant trends connected to password management, family, and cybersecurity, in general, to show how important password managers for families can be.

Younger Users At Risk

Even though younger people are growing up with technology and are generally considered to be more educated in regard to using devices correctly, studies suggest that many young people are at risk with their passwords.

A lot of younger people use the same passwords for multiple accounts compared to older people, who are more likely to use a unique password each time. Password managers for the family can combat this issue by alerting younger users about old or weak passwords.

Sharing Accounts Among Family Members

Surveys show that a lot of family members like to share accounts with one another. This can include social media accounts, streaming platform accounts, and access to various programs and tools.

In this age of account-sharing, password managers can have a big part to play. They make it so much easier to share accounts, but more importantly, they also make it a lot safer compared to simply sending passwords in private messages or emails.

More Younger Users Online than Ever Before

As stated above, young people are growing up in a world filled with technological devices. Consequently, there are more young users online than ever before, creating accounts and passwords on countless sites and platforms.

In this technological age, having tech tools for your family like password managers can be essential. These tools allow you and your children to enjoy the benefits of the internet and technology with minimal risks.

How to Setup and Install a Password Manager for Family

To set up a password manager for the family, the first thing to do is pick the one you want to use. Once you’ve selected a password manager, you can download and install it on your device.

You can then create an account and start entering your passwords, and your family members can also download the app or software to their devices, too.

Then, as the admin, you can grant access to the account to your various family members and share certain folders of passwords with them, depending on their needs. 

It’s a simple process and most of the best password managers have plenty of guides and tutorials to help out if you get stuck.


A password manager for your family can help you and your family have a happier, safer, and simpler time online on all of your different devices. Whether you have a large family or a smaller one, everyone can benefit from these effective apps, and we encourage you to give password management a try and see what it can do for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A password manager for your family is the best tool to use when you want to store your family's different passwords in one safe place.

When searching for a password manager that is suitable for family use, you need to make sure it allows for sharing and multiple users. Ease-of-use is another big factor.

They can be, but others are much cheaper. Try to find one that offers the best value for your family.

Yes, as long as you choose one that is easy to understand and show your kids how it works. You should also retain admin control and be careful about how much information is shared with your child to avoid any problems.
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