Best Password Manager for Business

Top Password Managers for Business

The list below shows some of the best password managers for business that are available right now. These password management tools were chosen based on their ease of use, security, features, and effectiveness.






Keeper Password Manager

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Free TrialYes
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NordPass Review

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Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes



1Password Review

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Free VersionYes







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Free VersionYes




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Free VersionYes



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Introduction: Password Manager for Business

In the world of business, it’s normal for workers to have multiple accounts and lots of passwords to remember for the various tools, programs, and networks they use.

Remembering all of those passwords can be a challenge, but the best password manager for business can make a world of difference. 

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the top password managers you can buy to help you pick the perfect one. We’ll also take an in-depth look at how these tools actually work.


Internet security is very important for every modern business. It’s vital for employees to have strong, unique passwords to get into their accounts and protect the company’s data. 

However, it can be hard for employees to create those kinds of passwords and remember them. So, in many cases, workers simply use the same passwords for multiple accounts or use weak and easy-to-crack passwords at work.

A password manager for business can solve these issues. It allows everyone in a business to enjoy the strongest passwords without having to worry about remembering them all off-by-heart.

What Is a Business Password Manager?

A business password manager is a piece of software designed to manage the many passwords that a business and its workers use on a daily basis. It stores the unique passwords for every employee, keeping them all safe and secure. 

The best managers are also able to generate new, strong passwords for user accounts and highlight the relative strength or weakness of existing passwords. 

What’s more, business password managers can also allow administrators to monitor their employees’ password habits, highlighting users who have weak passwords or reuse the same password for many accounts.

Pros and Cons

There are various advantages of using a password manager for business, as well as a couple of downsides to take into consideration. The table below shows some of the main pros and cons.

Protect company files with stronger and more secure passwordsSome managers can be expensive
Easily generate very strong passwords in just one clickMay take time to teach employees how to use the manager
More convenient for employeesDoes not provide total online protection
Makes it easy to track employee password habits and improve online security for all

How to Choose a Business Password Manager

There are several key factors to take into account to help you pick the best password manager for business. 


Security is one of the most important aspects of any password manager. It needs to be able to keep your passwords as safe as possible, away from prying eyes. 

Ease of Use 

When you’re setting up a password manager across your entire business, you need to make sure it’s easy to use for everyone, from entry-level employees all the way to upper management. 


The best password managers come with a wide range of features. They may offer password generation, password monitoring, password strength checks, and password sharing for teams. 


Price is another big factor to think about, especially for a business with a tight budget. It’s important to find a manager that you can rely on without having to spend too much.

Why a Password Manager for Business Is Important

Having a password manager for business can make a huge difference to your company’s security and day-to-day operations.

  • Better Business Security – The main way in which a password manager can help is by improving your online security. Having safer and stronger passwords reduces the risk of hackers having access to your company files.
  • Easier for Employees – Employees often struggle to remember the many passwords they have for different accounts and programs. Giving them a password manager can ease their lives and provide some much-needed convenience.
  • Develop Better Habits – Another benefit of using password managers is that they can help all users develop better password habits. They teach you the importance of using strong passwords and other online security measures like 2-factor authentication.

Is a Password Manager for Business Safe?

Yes, password managers for business are safe to use. In fact, they’re one of the best ways for businesses to stay safe in today’s world. There are many threats out there, from hackers and viruses to employees using weak passwords or accidentally leaking their password.

Password managers help to defend your business against all of these threats and more. They won’t give you total protection against every possible danger, but they do provide a big boost to your online security. 

What’s more, the developers of these managers take security very seriously. They use various security measures to defend against hacking attempts and to ensure that nobody else has access to your account.

Who Should Use the Password Manager for Business?

You may wonder about what kinds of businesses can benefit from password managers. The truth is that any business, great or small, can improve its online security and efficiency with the addition of a password manager.

Small Businesses

Running a small business can be a lot of work, with many duties and limited resources. Using a password manager helps to ease the burden on small business owners, giving you one less thing to worry about. It ensures that you and your employees will have strong passwords and a barrier of protection against hackers and data leaks.

Medium Businesses

Medium-size businesses, too, can benefit from password managers. At a medium-sized business, with more and more employees to worry about, it’s easy for passwords to be leaked or weak passwords to be hacked. A password manager can provide the added security and peace of mind you need to manage your larger workforce.


The biggest businesses and enterprises are often the main targets of hackers who want to steal company data or break into big business accounts. Password managers can therefore be crucial for these kinds of companies. They offer the premium level of security you need to reduce your risk of becoming a hacker’s target.

How Do Business Password Managers Work?

Password managers work by storing all of your business’ many passwords in a secure vault. Most of them create this vault on a secure cloud server so that you and your employees can access it from different areas and devices. 

It’s also possible to find some managers that set up a local vault on your device, but this can make it harder for businesses with remote workers to operate. 

The vault is designed to be extremely secure and safe from hackers, with a master log-in code that you need to remember. 

As well as storing passwords, some password managers for business will offer other features like password creation and security alerts.


Countless businesses are already using password managers on a daily basis, and it’s not hard to see why. There are many benefits associated with these pieces of software. Here are some of the biggest and best benefits your business can experience from a password manager for business.

Protection Against Hackers

One of the biggest reasons why so many businesses use password managers is to defend against hackers. There are lots of hackers out there who target businesses and try to exploit weak employee passwords. With a password manager, your business will be better protected against these kinds of hacking attempts.

Employee Education

Another big benefit of password managers is that they can help to educate your employees, at all levels, on the importance of online security. A lot of people still don’t understand the importance of using unique and strong passwords. Password managers help to demonstrate why strong passwords matter and provide tips and alerts to users with weak or reused passwords.

Efficiency and Convenience

Time is money in the business world, and it’s important to find ways to save time and streamline your business operations. Password managers can help with this, too. A good password manager can save your employees lots of time in situations where they might have forgotten a password or want to create a new one. Instead of spending ages looking for the lost password, they can just use the password manager to find it in seconds.

Peace of Mind

Many business owners stress and worry about the risks of their business being hacked or important company files falling into the wrong hands. And the bigger your business gets, the more worrying it becomes. A password manager can provide some much-needed peace of mind, allowing you to focus more of your energy and effort on the things that matter.

The world of business has rapidly embraced password management technology in recent years. However, the ways in which passwords are managed are changing all the time. Here are some of the top trends we’re seeing in password managers for business usage.

Passwords Are Here to Stay

New methods of authentication and online security are being introduced, like fingerprint scanning and face scanning. However, these new methods are not going to replace traditional passwords anytime soon.  

The data shows that passwords are still the main method of authentication used in businesses all over the globe. Without major advancements in other authentication technologies and increased availability of those technologies, this won’t be changing.

Cloud-Based Managers Are Preferred

There are two main kinds of password managers for business: those that store your passwords in a cloud-based vault and those that create local vaults on your machine. Trends show that the vast majority of businesses are opting for cloud-based PMs. 

The reasoning behind this is clear to see: more businesses than ever are using remote workers and teams, and cloud-based managers are much easier to use when you have workers in different locations.

Companies Are Learning from Past Mistakes

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of high-profile data leaks, with companies failing to build strong defenses against hackers. However, new start-ups and big businesses alike are beginning to learn from those mistakes. 

Business leaders are recognizing the importance of strong passwords, investing more in educating their employees on the dos and don’ts of password creation. This, in turn, has led to a big rise in the amount of companies using password managers, too.

How to Setup and Install a Password Manager for Business

Setting up a business password manager is very simple. You just have to create an account with your chosen password manager, download and install the necessary software, and obtain your master-key or password to enter the account. 

This password is extremely important; usually, if you forget it, you will be locked out of the manager forever. So it needs to be handled with care and should be managed either by a business owner or IT security head.


It’s clear to see that password managers for business are immensely important. They can make a real difference to the online security of any business, from a brand new start-up to a global enterprise. And in today’s world, with so many threats out there, having a password manager is becoming more and more of a necessity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, studies and surveys show that an increasingly large number of businesses use password managers daily to protect themselves.

Many of them make use of password managers. These tools make it easy to store, manage, and monitor passwords for many employees and accounts.

Password managers for business can offer countless advantages and could defend your business against major hacks, so they are considered to be worth it and are recommended by many experts.

Yes, many cybersecurity experts state that password managers are essential for modern businesses.
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