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Let’s take a deep dive into Keeper’s pricing options to help you choose the right package for your needs. We’ll break down each package, compare the features, and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.




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Keeper Password Manager

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$2.91/month (billed annually)


Keeper Password Pricing Facts

Pricing ModelPer User
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

Keeper Password – Your Go-To Password Manager

Almost every online service, from matchmaking apps to banking websites, requires a separate login. Password generation could quickly become difficult.

Most people employ short, simple passwords, while others learn one long password that they use across all internet platforms. Don’t choose either because doing so will almost certainly result in data breaches or unauthorized access. Instead, the best solution is to leverage the power of a password manager. 

Since the surging need for advanced, state-of-the-art password management software, the world has been introduced to plenty of such softwares. One such excellent password manager amid the wide range of options is Keeper Password. 

However, this platform comes with various distinct pricing plans, each serving a specific purpose. Things may seem confusing when choosing between these plans. But don’t worry; this Keeper Password pricing review will answer all your questions. 

Just stick with it till the end. 

Keeper Password Pros And Cons

Keeper Password ProsKeeper Password Cons
plus Simple-to-use interfaces that include facial recognition and fingerprint loginsminus Most people complain about lengthy customer service response times.
plus Family accounts facilitate sharing among family and friends.minus A minimal free plan provides little benefit (confined to a single device with zero syncing)
plus Only the user has access to credentials thanks to the zero-knowledge model.minus Certain users claim that filling out forms can be glitchy or difficult.
plus Powerful and robust security 
plus Ensures supplemental features including secure photo and file storage

Keeper Password Pricing Plans  

Users with more sophisticated demands, like families, organizations, and business users, can save money while still retaining the opportunity to incorporate extra services thanks to Keeper’s price structure. 

Additionally, it makes a comprehensive password management solution accessible to single users with relatively modest requirements at a minimal price.

Even though Keeper does provide a basic free version, it is minimal. It only allows users to view the software on a single device without the capability to synchronize between platforms.

Here is a table representing the Keeper Password pricing plans: 

Keeper Password Pricing PlansMonthly Pricing PlansAnnual Pricing PlansSave % Using Annuals
Personal Plan$2.92 $351.14%
Family Plan$6.25$750%
EnterpriseGet Custom Quote
Business Plan$3.75/mo/user$450%

Value Metrics 

tick Starting Price Per Month$2.92$6.25
tick Starting Price Per Month (Annual)$2.92$6.25
tick Starting Price Annual$35$75
tick CurrencyUSDUSD
tick Number of Private VaultsNA5
tick Cost Per Private Vaults NA$1.25
tick Secure File Storage (GB)NA10
tick Cost Per Secure File Storage (GB)NA$0.63

Keeper Password Pricing: An Overview 

For Personal & Family Plans: 

Feature PersonalFamily
Unlimited Password StorageAvailable Available 
Monthly Cost$2.92$6.25
Unlimited Devices And SyncAvailableAvailable
Unlimited Secure Password SharingAvailableAvailable
Unlimited Identity And PaymentsAvailable Available 
Platforms Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and WebMac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web
Fingerprint And Face ID LoginAvailableAvailable
Emergency AccessAvailableAvailable
Web App & Browser ExtensionsAvailableAvailable
24/7 Customer SupportAvailableAvailable
5 Private VaultsNot AvailableAvailable
10GB Secure File StorageNot AvailableAvailable
Share Folders, Records And Manage PermissionsNot AvailableAvailable

Try Out The Personal Plan Now!

Keeper has undergone comprehensive independent auditing and complies with various security requirements, which sets it apart from other password managers in the marketplace.

tick Password Vault 

Keeper’s password vault is one of the best you’ll ever see. There is unlimited password storage available, as well as numerous organizational options (altering view layouts, making unlimited folders, etc.).

Furthermore, creating new passwords is simple. Simply click the + Create New icon, select the type of records you want to add, and then fill out all of the required fields.

tick Unlimited Payment, Password & Identity Storage

One of Keeper’s main advantages is its capacity to save infinite passwords as well as personal and financial data like credit card details, locations, and driver’s license numbers.

Data centralization has advantages over distributed storage. You won’t have to fumble around trying to remember your username and password for your social media profiles and net banking records, or even actively looking for your card details to access your invoices when shopping online.

tick Emergency Access

While deciding which password management software to use, you must consider emergency access. It’s one of the aspects that is sometimes disregarded.

In an emergency, Keeper lets you open its doors to your vault to a dependable relative or friend. An emergency backup can get your data or other information when you become disabled or cannot open the vault.

Need To Share Files Seamlessly?

Sharing files and passwords is very simple with Keeper. Simply by clicking on the record in your vault, you can share your login details. Try it today using Keeper Password.

Keeper Password Integrations

Whenever users login to the Enterprise membership via a current identity provider, the SSO or the Single Sign-On capability offered by Keeper Enterprise enables frictionless verification of its customers (IdP). 

Simply put, this enables staff to log in to Keeper and enter all business-specific resources without providing user credentials. 

Not only does it contribute to internal security, which is crucial given that 34% of data leaks result from within-company entities. It also gives staff members an easy-to-use interface to quickly access resources.

Keeper Password Support 

Keeper provides various communication tools, including live chat, webinars, and even email support. The assistance is prompt, beneficial, and cordial. Choose Live Chat over email assistance if you need responses quickly.

We were pleased to find a sizable library of FAQs, detailed user manuals, and instructional videos, and the Q&A Help conferences are a great way to receive answers to issues that weren’t resolved yet.

Keeper Password Pricing Plan Explanation 

Whether you’re a single person, a family, or a corporation, Keeper has a strategy to accommodate you. Even students receive a 50% discount.

Even though the Free plan allows for infinite password storage, only a single gadget can access it. It will quickly become clear that securing only one gadget is insufficient if you consider how much time you devote to surfing the internet across all your gadgets. 

You risk becoming a victim of hacking if you don’t safeguard all online access points. Given this significant restriction, we suggest subscribing to Keeper Personal, their premium option.

tick Keeper Password Personal Plan 

With Keeper Personal, you can efficiently safeguard your information and control your credentials across an infinite number of gadgets by removing the one-device limitation. You’ll gain access to limitless payment, identity, and password storage as well as:

  • Cross-device syncing – Keeper synchronizes all of your confidential documents between all of your computers and smartphone devices, securing all of your gadgets.
  • Record exchange – This feature enables you to transfer not only single objects but also entire files of records in one go.
  • Version Background – Save and retrieve earlier iterations of your data.
  • Emergency contact – Up to five emergency connections can be added, and they will be allowed access to the vault in case of a crisis.
  • Two-factor verification – By using it, you can further verify that only you have permission to access your account by adding another security layer in front of your email id and Master Login.
  • 24/7 support – Ranging from a chatbot to a wealth of stage process self-help manuals.

All these features cost $2.92 per user per month, billed annually for $35.

tick Keeper Password Family Plan

Have you heard that poor, repeated, and bad password combinations account for over 80% of all data leaks? Malicious hackers prey on all demographics, such as the elderly and children. They steal passwords, identities, and money. Hence, it’s critical to protect the internet safety of the entire family.

Along with all the advantages of Keeper Personal, you additionally receive the following:

  • Each family member can safely save their credentials in one of five private vaults.
  • 10GB of safe file storage – For storing pictures, movies, and private files like banking or tax records, among other things.

The Family plan has a monthly fee of $6.25 for each additional user, for an annual fee of $75. Given that, the Family plan offers excellent value for the money.

tick Keeper Password Business Plan

Keeper Business was created to minimize the danger of data theft, provide high security, and strengthen regulatory privacy requirements by eliminating time lost and aggravation spent attempting to locate and recall passwords.

Establishing on the Personal plan, companies can gain from private vaults for every worker, a password-generating system to produce strong, one-of-a-kind passwords, auto-fill to make recording into all accounts simple, version control to grant access to viewing old credentials and recoup files whenever necessary, and more: role-based access, security audit, admin console, and secure sharing.

The main Keeper Business plan costs $3.75 per user per month, which equates to $45.00 when paid annually. With all add-ons activated, this price can rise to a maximum of $50.00 per user per month.

tick Keeper Password Enterprise Plan 

Keeper Enterprise gives you the following capabilities in addition to those found in Keeper Business:

  • Single Sign-On – Leveraging single sign-on advanced technology, business users can log into their Keeper profile or app using a Google or Microsoft Azure (GSuite) profile or another third-party login source.
  • Sophisticated 2FA Device Support – The Keeper can employ advanced 2FA gadgets to verify digital credentials. Wearables, cell phones, and tablets are some of the available gadgets.
  • Command-Line Provisioning – Skilled users can communicate with the application using commands entered on the command-line interface thanks to command-line provisioning. Additionally, this makes it possible for system admins to communicate with Keeper deployments using tools like group policy, etc.
  • Email Provisioning – By enabling network administrators to define automated provisioning policies for many large-scale customers, email provisioning streamlines their work. The Keeper management console may be configured to detect logins from a specific domain and immediately create a Keeper login for the client.

Costs for Keeper Enterprise are available after obtaining a quote.

Try Out The Personal Plan Now!

The interface of Keeper is easy to use. It is indeed simple and logical to add new credentials, credit card details, and private details. Try it today and find out how easy it is!

Overview of Keeper Password Pricing Models 

Pricing PlanBest For 
tick Personal PlanIndividuals looking for a budget-friendly plan
tick Family Plan Good deal for small to big families
tick Business PlanSmall and Medium-sized businesses
tick Enterprise PlanLarge-sized businesses

How Much Does a Keeper Password Cost?

The cost of a personal subscription from Keeper is $35 annually. Keeper costs more than a Sticky Password annual membership ($29.99) and is comparable to a LastPass Premier yearly fee ($36). Dashlane provides an Essentials edition for $35.88 annually, which is less costly but has fewer features than the more expensive Premium tier at $59.99 annually. 

The Premium plan for Bitwarden is only $10 per year. Keeper offers a wide range of products and subscription choices. For instance, Keeper’s Personal plan, which costs $45 annually, contains 10GB of safe storing files, the BreachWatch security tool, and the Keeper Unlimited password manager. This feature checks your credentials against breaches. 

For just $75 annually, you can have five Keeper vaults with Keeper’s Family plan. The BreachWatch surveillance capabilities and secured data storage for every user are included in the Keeper Family plan. Student discounts of up to 50% are available when purchasing a Keeper.

Which Pricing Option Is Right For You? 

Each of Keeper Password’s four pricing tiers is tailored to the user’s demands. Personal, Family, Business and Enterprise plans are among these options. They provide two organization-specific solutions that may be customized to meet the organizational and financial requirements of companies of different sizes. Consequently, let’s determine which pricing option is best for you:

tick Personal Plan – Best For People With Low Budget 

With the finest, most reasonably priced password organizer, Keeper Password, you can safeguard your passwords and confidential data from online predators. Here are the features it offers:

  • Multiple devices and syncing
  • Unlimited Credentials And Payments
  • Face ID And Fingerprint Login
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Limitless password storage
  • Share Passwords Safely and Continually
  • Emergency Access
  • Chrome Extensions & Web Apps

tick Family Plan – Best For Families In Need of Secure Password & Account Sharing

Keeper Password is one of the best password managers for families in need of sharing passwords for streaming services, Wifi, and more securely and seamlessly. This family-friendly plan comes with the following features:

  • All features included in the Personal plan
  • 10Gb secure file storage 
  • Five private vaults 
  • Share records and folders, and manage permission

tick Business Plan – Best For SMEs In Need Of Advanced Data & Password Protection

Whether your business is small or medium-sized, you’ll need a password manager with easily shareable access to all team members. This plan from Keeper will protect your business with super-secure, convenient-to-use vaults on multiple devices. 

Here are some features of this plan: 

  • Bonus Offering – Family Plan Access For All Users
  • Shared Team Folders
  • Policy Engine And Enforcements
  • Activity Reporting 
  • Standard Two-Factor Authentication
  • Folders and Subfolders
  • Security Audit 
  • Team Management 
  • Unlimited Device Access
  • Encrypted Vault For All, and much more

tick Enterprise Plan – Best For Large-Scaled Businesses 

This is an excellent plan for comprehensive business password management with digital integration, sophisticated provisioning, activity logging, and monitoring. The features of this plan include the following: 

  • Every feature you get from the Keeper Business plan
  • Automated team management 
  • Active directory and LDAP sync 
  • Email auto-provisioning
  • Developer APIs For Backend Integration and Password Rotation 
  • Single Sign-On Authentication 
  • Advanced 2FA (RSA & DUO)
  • Azure AD and SCIM Provisioning 
  • Command Line Provisioning 

Try Out The Family Plan Now!

Among the market’s most efficient and effective password managers, Keeper offers extra techniques like encrypted communications, secure file storage, dark web monitoring, and various multi-factor verification choices to safeguard the information in your Keeper profile.

Things Included In The Business Plan – The Best of All Keeper Password Pricing Plans 

With this plan, small and medium-sized businesses can leverage the private vaults for all staff, auto-fill to ensure login becomes more seamless than ever, utilize the password generator to produce robust, strong passwords, enable access to view old passwords via version control, recover records, and more. 

Here are the ideal things included in this plan: 

tick Admin Console 

It allows business administrators to oversee and watch Keeper’s usage while smoothly deploying it throughout their organization.

tick Access Based On Job Roles 

New members can be added and removed easily, and entry can be set using perfectly alright, personalized staff permissions.

tick Security Audit & Secure Sharing 

It offers tools to implement internal control systems and uphold compliance with relevant, in addition to transparency into the security and reliability of the company’s passwords. Also, every worker can establish their own files and folders to share with teams or other users.


Families can also choose the FamilyBundle, which comes with BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring, KeeperChat Private Messenger, and the Keeper Family Password Manager. This plan has a monthly fee of $9.99 for five users, which works out to $119.98 invoiced annually.

More Information About Keeper Password 

Additional/Hidden Cost At Keeper Password 

To further improve the security provided, a number of add-on options are available, such as specialized assistance and training, BreachWatch, and more disk space (extending from 100GB to 10TB). 

It also includes document management and notifications to help stop, identify, and separate potential threats, and KeeperChat, a messenger app that encrypts all staff correspondence across all gadgets. Given the variety of options, you may tailor your plan to your own business requirements.

Best Tips To Save Money Using Keeper Password 

Use the software to save money on features that you’d otherwise have to pay for, like:

  • BreachWatch: Give your staff access to the most recent risk analysis of credentials in their vaults. Additionally offers a comprehensive picture of your firm’s password breach situation.
  • Advanced Reporting: Enterprise-grade, configurable monitoring, reporting, and notifying features based on Keeper’s zero-knowledge authentication scheme will help you take advantage of Keeper’s standardized reporting capacity to a whole new level.

How Do I Pay For My Keeper Password Membership?

Keeper Password subscriptions can be purchased using UnionPay, Diners Club, American Express, Mastercard, or Visa. If you have an existing gift certificate, you can use it to pay for your Keeper subscription.

Your invoice contains information about the software which is used to collect taxes legally. Following successful payment, the subscription is automatically renewed.

Can I Use The Keeper Password Manager For Free? 

The password manager from Keeper is available in a free edition. It is only accessible after your free trial has ended and has constrained functionalities.

Only basic functions, such as storing passwords and credit card information, are available in Keeper’s free edition, which only supports one smartphone or tablet.

Platforms Supported By Keeper Password 

In addition to browser extensions for Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome, Keeper provides programs for Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, Windows Phone, and Kindle. Additionally, Keeper has a Microsoft Store edition.

How Does The Keeper Password Free Trial Work?

Keeper provides a 14-day free trial for its Keeper Business plan and a 30-day free trial for its Keeper Unlimited personal plan.

Do Keeper Password Prices Vary By Location?

The Keeper Password has preset pricing models for all nations where it is offered; therefore, there are no regional differences in the prices.

Try Out The Family Plan Now!

You don’t need to recall any of your credentials since Keeper will. You can save an infinite number of objects in storage, instantly log into the websites where you have profiles, and benefit from regular security checks to strengthen password protection. Try it today!

Comparing Keeper Password With Dashlane and LastPass 

Who wins between LastPass, Keeper, and Dashlane? Dashlane is in charge. The only significant distinction between LastPass and Keeper is that you can personalize your Keeper plan.

Primary FeatureKeeper Password DashlaneLastPass
Monthly PlanA free version of the software is available, and the plan starts at $2.92. A free version of the software is available, and the plan starts at $3.99. A free version of the software is available, and the plan starts at $3.00. 
Annual PlanPlan starts at $35 per year with no free access offeredPlan starts at $3.33/mo/year with no free access offeredPlan starts at $36/year with no free access offered

plus Secure password sharing and inheritanceplus Less expensive than a few cups of espressoplus Zero-knowledge security model
plus Cross-platform syncing with excellent browser extensions and mobile applicationsplus Distinct capabilities, including a built-in VPN and dark web monitoringplus Synchronizing passwords on devices running different operating systems

minus Limited free versionminus Constraints of the free plan (maximum storage capacity is 50 passwords only)minus Users frequently experience server problems

1. Dashlane 

For only $4.99/user/month, Dashlane offers all customers a built-in VPN for complete online anonymity in addition to the conventional password management tools. 

Dark Web Monitoring also crawls the web continuously to find any of your stolen data. BreachWatch, which is comparable to Dark Web Monitoring, can be added for an additional $4.16 per user each month if you favor the aesthetic of Keeper, though.

2. LastPass

Although Keeper and LastPass both have many of the same baseline capabilities, Keeper excels in the area of plan customization with a wide range of add-ons.

Regarding user-friendliness and password security, LastPass is among the best. It combines a zero-knowledge security paradigm with an intuitive user experience and includes all the necessary components to allow you to safeguard and use your confidential information securely.


Keeper is a safe, reliable, robust, and feature-rich password management software that uses bank-grade, high-level encryption technology, and a zero-knowledge model to safeguard user information. 

The password manager’s simple, intuitive and advanced features are efficient and simple. Keeper is unquestionably among the finest password managers in 2022, despite lacking a few additional capabilities that other such password management software have.

Try Keeper Password Now!

Keeper Password’s pricing model is budget-friendly and has various options to consider. Check it out today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Users looking for the finest password manager at an affordable price for personal or family use have two alternatives with Keeper. Prices for Keeper Unlimited, the best and most highly regarded password manager currently offered, start at /month (/year) for individual accounts and /month for family packages ( billed annually). The Family Plan’s five digital vaults make it a terrific password manager for groups of friends and couples. Users can pay extra to upgrade to the Plus bundles or add new features for better protection. Try Keeper for 14 days for free to determine which plan is best for you.

The greatest password-management tool for use by individuals, families, and businesses is Keeper. You can get the tools you need from the personal password manager to safeguard your online activities from hackers.

Once everyone has a Keeper account, users on a Family Plan can share records and passwords. - Go to the Keeper application and select Sharing from the Options menu. - From the dropdown menu, choose the member(s) whose email address(es) you want to share the record with. Alternatively, you can manually input the email address(es). - After deciding on their permission type, click Add. Read the Keeper password manager for families for more details on using the Keeper Family Plan guide.

Powerful 256-bit AES encryption is offered by password management software like Keeper, acting as a strong deterrent against online criminals due to how difficult it is to crack. At the federal level, AES encryption is now the industry standard for protecting sensitive data. Users get the highest levels of protection and privacy thanks to Keeper, a zero-knowledge and zero-trust security software. Cybercriminals won’t be able to steal your login information thanks to our autofill feature. The human mistake was the leading cause of data breaches, according to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report. For example, using shoddy passwords or falling for phishing scams. A password management system can reduce the dangers of human mistakes and shield you and your company from security breaches.

Keeper’s answer to safeguarding internet users from the dark web risks is BreachWatch®. This function searches the dark web for compromised information and alerts the user so they can take appropriate precautions to prevent a data breach. Cybercriminals exchange over 20 billion stolen login credentials (usernames and passwords) obtained from public data breaches on the dark web. They target your internet accounts and break into them using stolen usernames and passwords. Therefore, to safeguard yourself against credential-stuffing assaults and other popular attack routes, BreachWatch dark web monitoring is a must.


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