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Join us as we explore all the pricing packages offered by Dashlane and break down the features of each one. We’ll compare all the options to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

88% overall rating

Starting Price

$3.33/month (billed annually)

Dashlane Pricing Facts

Pricing ModelPer User
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes

Dashlane – A Complete Pricing Review Guide

In today’s advanced digital world, protecting your business and personal data has become more critical than ever. This has led to the emergence of password managers, and one such amazing software is Dashlane. 

However, this software has several pricing plans categorized for business and personal data protection. 

Given so many options, you may have trouble determining the best pricing model. 

Take no worries, as our value metrics will provide precise details and help you in decision-making. In this review, we will highlight all the pricing models the Dashlane software offers, along with their pros and cons. 

So, let’s start. 

Dashlane Pros and Cons 

plus Visually-appealing user interfaceminus No reports when users export passwords
plus Built-in VPN & multiple vault categoriesminus Admin cannot reset passwords for any users
plus Seamless onboarding in minimal time
plus Affordable, fast and super convenient
plus Automatic password changer
plus Customization available

Dashlane Pricing Plans 

Currently, Dashlane introduces two business plans and four family/personal pricing models. The platform allows you to test and enjoy the benefits of the Dashlane Premium plan for up to 30 days free of cost. Also, it enables you to easily switch from a free to a premium or family plan. 

Here’s a table representing its pricing plans. 

Dashlane Pricing PlansMonthly Pricing PlansAnnual Pricing PlansSave % Using Annuals
Team Plan$5$60NA
Business Plan$8$96NA
Premium Plan$3.99$3.33/mo16.54%
Family Plan$5.99$4.99/mo16.69%

Value Metrics

ParticularsTeam PlanBusiness Plan
tick Starting Price Per Month$5$8
tick Starting Price Per Month Annual$5$8
tick Starting Price Annual$60$96
tick Features Listed2824
tick Cost Per Features Listed$0.18$0.33

Dashlane Pricing: A Complete Overview

tick For Personal Plans:

Feature FreePremiumFamily
Number of Devices1UnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Cost$0$3.99$5.99
Number of Password Vaults116 (max limit)
Password Storage50 passwords (max)UnlimitedUnlimited
Password Sharing5 accounts (max)UnlimitedUnlimited
Dark Web MonitoringNAUp to 5 email IDsUp to 5 email IDs per user
Password Health CheckerAvailableAvailableAvailable
Password Generator AvailableAvailableAvailable
Form and Payment AutofillAvailableAvailableAvailable
Secure NotesNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
VPN for WiFi ProtectionNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Encrypted File StorageNA1 Gb1 Gb
Save up to 20% on your purchase by grabbing an annual subscription from Dashlane.

tick For Business Plans:

Cost (billed annually) (per month per user)$5$8
Security DashboardAvailableAvailable
Enforceable Policy SettingsAvailableAvailable
SAML-Based SSONot AvailableAvailable
Group Password SharingAvailableAvailable
Two Factor AuthenticationAvailableAvailable
Personal Account Every seat gets free premium personal accountEvery seat gets free family plan
Customer Success Manager (with 30 seats or more)AvailableAvailable

Try Out a Premium Plan Now!

Dashlane has a wide range of pricing plans for both business and personal use. However, you can get started with the platform’s premium plan for free with a 30-day trial and enjoy all its features. See for yourself how effective and streamlined the platform is – and decide the pricing plan accordingly. 

SAML-Based Single Sign-On (SSO)

This feature enables users to access numerous web applications once they log on to the identity provider.

The fact that you only have to log in once means you’ll enjoy a seamless, quick user experience. Luckily, one of the Dashlane pricing plans includes this amazing feature. 

By selecting the business plan, you gain access to this advanced feature. It’s safe to assume that the team plan will soon include this feature as well, but there’s no guarantee because offering such a feature can be expensive for both the company and the user. 

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) 

This feature leverages two of three factors to verify the user’s identity. It can include something like a password and a pin or a passcode and then a fingerprint.

You can enjoy the benefits of this advanced security protection with both Team and Business plan. 

The availability of this amazing and much-needed feature on both plans makes Dashlane quite appealing to the professional world. That’s because both startups and mid-sized enterprises can access this feature through any of the respective plans. 

Free Personal Premium Accounts

The Team plan from Dashlane entitles everyone to one amazing bonus-like feature: free personal premium accounts. It means every Team member will have access to a premium plan account. 

On the other hand, the Business plan members will get access to free premium family accounts.

Thus, there’s no doubt in saying that subscribing to the Team or Business plan gives you access to almost every Dashlane feature. They are the ultimate deal. 

Did You Know About Dashlane’s Fine Print? Check It Out!
tickDashlane currently offers a 1-month money-back assurance on both family and personal plans. This offer does not apply to business plans. However, with Dashlane’s 14-day trial version, you will evaluate business strategy for roughly 500 workers risk-free.
tick Nevertheless, the free plan is constrained, with a maximum storage space of 50 credentials and user login confined just to a single gadget. Yet, it will be on track with the elements you’d get from free subscriptions by those other simple password managers.

Dashlane Business Plan For Integrations 

Regarding integrations, the Dashlane business plan is the best option for your organization. 

With a business plan, you can integrate Dashlane with your Identity Provider for SCIM directory sync and single sign-on sync. Once the setup is done, you can log on to Dashlane using the SSO credentials instead of just using the Master password. 

Upgrade to Dashlane business plan to benefit from the following integration: It offers deep integration with Azure AD while possessing the power to integrate SSO with SAML, group sync, and plan member sync via SCIM. 

Dashlane Premium Plan For Support

With the Dashlane premium plan, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the priority support that you want. When it comes to Password Health, the platform lets you prioritize which passwords you want to enhance first.

If you receive any Dark Web or Security alert, take that alert advice and alter the passwords on your accounts. 

Also, Dashlane premium and business plans are best-in-class in terms of customer support. No matter the plan, their representatives are always there to resolve your problem. From FAQs to Chat options, this software solution has everything you need for smooth and efficient usage in the long run. 

Dashlane Pricing Plan Explanation

Nowadays, everything is digitized, and there’s barely anything left that can’t be done online. From online banking to shopping and administrative tasks, online services are everywhere. 

Based on the number of smart gadgets you use, the features you require, and the number of people who want access, Dashlane offers pricing plans to meet your exact needs. 

To make things align with your budget, Dashlane allows you to choose between annual and monthly subscriptions. The Dashlane pricing plan, in general includes the following:

  • Dashlane Free
  • Dashlane Premium
  • Dashlane Family

For business users, Dashlane introduces the latest Team and Business plans. Dashlane is the ultimate solution to get strong control over your passwords.

tick Dashlane Free – Best For First-Time Users

The primary thing here is that Dashlane Free is completely free. It is the simplest and most inexpensive approach to leverage the basic features of this software. This trial plan lets you assess and see the power and potential of Dashlane to make your gadget and life more secure and simpler. 

Thanks to Dashlane’s state-of-the-art security, one can easily and automatically log on to their online accounts and instantly make payments and fill out forms automatically.

It lets you store a maximum of 50 passwords, which can be used on a single device at once. If there’s an account breach, it will boost security. 

When you sign up with Dashlane for the first time, you’re entitled to the free 30-day premium trial plan. This way, you can get to know all the features and benefits of the platform’s Premium plan. This gives you instant access to all Dashlane Premium features. The only exception is VPN protection, which must be purchased.

Features of Dashlane Free Plan:

  • Get the most out of your digital life by using Dashlane’s premium plan to its full extent. 
  • Use unique, complex passwords for every account with Dashlane’s password generation. 
  • Prioritize which passwords to enhance first with its Password Health tool. 
  • It auto-fills information on online forms. 
  • It lets you use two-factor authentication for an added layer of security. 

tick Dashlane Premium Plan – Best For Advanced Security & Protection

With the Dashlane premium plan, you get entitled to all the upgraded, state-of-the-art versions of the platform’s key features, such as: 

  • Unlimited secure notes and sharing of passwords
  • Secure access to your data and secure synchronization
  • Unlimited number of passwords

The Dashlane premium plan ensures the next-level security for your online activities. Here are some of the exclusive premium-only features at Dashlane:

  • Secure information syncing and access across all of your gadgets simultaneously
  • VPN for WiFi security: A Virtual private network, or VPN, enables you to connect discreetly across an unencrypted network, such as public WiFi. This feature is exclusive to paying Premium members.
  • Secure Notes and Passwords can be shared indefinitely.
  • Password storage is limitless.
  • Observing the Dark Web with Customized Notifications: Dark Web Surveillance, which supplements our basic security warnings, continually explores the internet and warns you whenever it discovers your confidential info.
  • Priority assistance
  • The option to save files of a maximum of 1 GB in the Secure Notes

tick Dashlane Family Plan – The All-In-One For Everyone! 

Dashlane Family Plan is a package for the entire family that allows up to six family members to share the subscription plan. Every member can enjoy the same benefits and features that Dashlane Premium provides while keeping track of their individual accounts.

You can buy this plan and share it with friends and family to let them easily manage their security and privacy on the web. You can subscribe to the Family plan with an annual or monthly subscription directly from their website or app store. 

Once you get this plan, the platform will redirect you to their invitation page. Here, you’ll get the invitation link that can be shared with others with whom you want to share the accounts. When it comes to features, you get every feature detailed on the Premium plan. 

tick Dashlane Business Plan 

The Dashlane business plan is specifically designed for small, medium, and large-sized businesses that want to secure and protect their confidential business and financial data on the web. Their exclusive features for this plan include: 

  • Identity Provider Integrations (SCIM & SSO): When subscribing to the Dashlane Business plan, you get the most-demanded feature – the one that offers a simple, quick, and seamless login experience with the enterprise’s existing IT tools. It also enables a better experience for provisioning and de-provisioning groups and users. 
  • Premium Family: Every Dashlane Business plan member gets entitled to a Family plan for them and five others with whom they want to share the account.
Did you know?
tick More than 15 million users and 20,000 businesses trust and use Dashlane. With over 125,000 5-star ratings in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it is undoubtedly a trustworthy site.
tick The platform leverages US-patented security technology and end-to-end encryption to ensure that access to your data stays with you only. Even Dashlane won’t have access to those data. 
tick Dashlane stands out as the only US-based password manager to leverage a patented security technology with AES 256-bit encryption and high-end safe security architecture, just like the one they use in banking institutions. 

Overview of Dashlane Pricing Models 

Pricing PlanBest For 
tick Free PlanIndividuals/Startups with low or no budget.
tick Team PlanSmall and medium-sized enterprises.
tick Business PlanLarge-sized businesses.
tick Premium PlanIndividuals and startups.
tick Family PlanIndividuals who want to share the subscription with their friends and family. 

Try Out a Business Plan Now!

Dashlane is the most secure platform for your password management needs because it has never been compromised in the last ten years.

Try it out to find out whether it will suit your business.

How Much Does Dashlane Cost?

The Dashlane Premium plan is the best of all their plans as it’s simple to use, feature-rich, and completely safe and secure. However, if compared to its competitors like RoboForm, the pricing may seem a bit expensive. 

The Family plan by Dashlane is also one of the most reasonable pricing models for families. It offers the same features as the Premium plan, but it gives access to six users with a user-friendly and intuitive family management dashboard. 

The Dashlane Free Plan is also impressive. Although it only stores a maximum of 50 passwords on a gadget, the plan offers the auto-fill and auto-save option, password auditing, and limited password-sharing features. The platform has a 30-day money-back guarantee offer, which entitles you to try and enjoy all its premium features without any risk. 

The business plans are affordable and are the best choice for enterprises looking for an advanced password manager with integration capability, high-end encryption and security, and best-in-class support. Overall, their Premium and Family plans are the best as they don’t come with any limitation and gives access to best-in-class features at the best price. 

Which Pricing Option Is Right For You? 

Dashlane has three major pricing plans: Free, Premium, and Family plan. The platform also has two business plans that fit into the requirements and budgets of both small and large-sized enterprises. Let’s check which of their pricing plan is the right choice for you: 

tick Dashlane Free Plan: Best For Individuals Who Prefer “Try Before Buy”

This is a limited plan from the software. It only allows you to save a maximum of 50 passwords and can be used on a single device only. It means you won’t be able to use it on all your gadgets, which is crucial for ensuring online security. 

Given that we use multiple devices – both laptops/PCs and smartphones – it’s recommended to go for a plan that enables users on multiple devices. However, the Free plan is the right choice for those who are new to the concept of password management. To get a grip on the platform’s features before paying for them, choose this plan. 

For instance, if you’re a freelancer who needs to manage passwords of different software accounts, you can get started with the free plan. It will give an idea of how the feature works before you actually start paying for them. 

tick Premium Plan: Best For Individuals Who Want Password Protection On All Devices 

Besides the features you get with the Free plan, there’s much more to explore with the Dashlane Premium plan. Some of the popular features under this plan include password storage and sharing and unlimited device syncing. 

However, dark web monitoring stands out to be its most prominent feature – protecting your data from getting leaked on the web due to any data breach on the sites where you logged in with your account. Also, the plan has a built-in VPN feature that lets you stay secure and safe while exploring the internet using any unsecured public WiFi. 

If you’re an IT professional or someone’s personal assistant, you’ll need to take care of your online security and data protection. In that case, the premium plan is the best choice due to its dark web monitoring and built-in VPN feature. 

tick Family Plan – Best For Comprehensive Access To Online Security Shareable With Family or Friends

The Family Plan, formerly known as the Premium Plus Plan, offers all the features that you get with the Premium plan. What differentiates it from the Premium plan is its accessibility on unlimited devices by six individual users. This plan is ideal if you want comprehensive password management and an online security solution that can come at a competitive price and can be shared with your friends or family. 

tick Business Plans – Best For Enterprises In Need of a Scalable Password Management Solution 

Dashlane introduces its Business plans – Team and Business – for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a startup coping with industry standards and market demands or a large-scale organization needing the best-in-class password manager, Dashlane will meet your expectations. 

Depending on the explicit needs of businesses, the Business plan offers a range of features that ensure user management, third-party integrations, and an admin console for business data security and scalability. 

Try Out a Free Plan Now!

Dashlane provides a plethora of features. Decide what you require and enjoy the best pricing plan available.

Things Included In The Premium Plan – The Best of All Dashlane Pricing Plans 

Dashlane Premium plan is best for users who want access to high-end security and password protection across all their devices. This plan includes the following top-notch features: 

tick Unlimited Password Storage 

The Premium plan lets you save unlimited passwords across all devices to make password management easier than ever. 

tick Unlimited Devices & Synchronization 

The ability to manage and protect passwords across multiple devices is what makes a password manager truly effective. Unlike the Free plan, which limits accessibility to only one device, the Premium plan lets you use your account across unlimited devices while enabling automatic data synchronization. 

tick Share Unlimited Passwords Safely 

Besides getting the benefit of storing unlimited passwords, the Premium plan also lets you share unlimited items. 

tick Dark Web Monitoring 

This is one of the Dashlane Premium plan’s unique features. It’s also available on the Family and Business plans. This feature constantly scans the dark web to look out for any compromised information like passwords or usernames due to data breaches. Thus, your data stays 100% safe. 

tick VPN For Public WiFi Protection 

Free WiFi areas in public are primarily unsecured and open to hackers. However, Dashlane offers its built-in VPN to provide anonymity and a secure tunnel to use WiFi in such areas. 

We’d recommend opting for Dashlane’s Premium plan as it not only entitles you to the best-in-class features that every ideal password manager provides but also puts something extra on the table.
Its dark web monitoring and built-in VPN are something worth the money, which alone would cost you several dollars. The Premium plan is reasonable, feature-rich, and convenient for all. 

Additional Information About Dashlane Pricing Plan

tick Hidden Cost At Dashlane 

As of now, Dashlane doesn’t have any additional or hidden charges for any of their plans. All their pricing models charge a comprehensive price for all the features with full transparency. Being one of the most effective password management solutions in the world, the platform avoids having hidden costs to break the trust or dissatisfied the users. 

tick 2 Best Tips To Save Money Using Dashlane 

Here are the two best tips to save money using Dashlane:

1. Use Dashlane VPN For Gaming, Torrenting & Streaming

After using Dashlane, you won’t have to pay any more for some other VPN software. Dashlane’s built-in VPN allows you to use as much data as you want – which you won’t even get from most VPN services. 

You can use its VPN for gaming, torrenting, and streaming without any hassle. This way, you save money that you otherwise would’ve spent on VPNs. 

2. Use Dashlane For Real-Time Dark Web Scanning

If you’re truly worried about your personal, business, or financial data and passwords, you should know that often data breaches can result in their leakage on the dark web. 

For this purpose, many people often have to subscribe to a dark web monitor alongside their password manager. However, Dashlane provides Dark Web Monitoring as one of its unique features under the paid plans. This is a great way to save money. 

Try Out a Family Plan Now!

The Password Health tool from Dashlane is one of the best password auditing tools that keep scanning your saved accounts for weak, reused, and compromised passwords 24/7. It also provides you with a comprehensive password health score. 

tick How Do I Pay For My Dashlane Membership? 

The payment procedure for a Dashlane membership is quite feasible. Every pricing plan (excluding the Free version) is levied on both a monthly and annual basis. When paying annually, the plan’s cost (given per month basis) needs to be multiplied by 12. It’s imperative to know that a plan’s annual price is less than that plan’s monthly price. 

tick Can I Use Dashlane For Free?

Dashlane offers a Free pricing plan for its users, which they can use forever. Nevertheless, this plan has some limitations and won’t meet your expectations if you’re specifically looking for a comprehensive password management solution. This plan is only best suited for trial to get an idea of its premium features and later switch to the platform’s paid plans. 

tick Platforms Supported By Dashlane 

Dashlane is supported on both mobile and desktop platforms, including:

  • Android and iOS
  • macOS and Windows 10

The software is also supported on all prominent browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. 

tick How Does the Dashlane Free Trial Work?

When you opt for a free trial, you get access to all the features of the plan you choose. The trial period is typically 30 days, and there’s no payment method involved until you’re ready to buy a paid plan. 

tick Do Dashlane’s Prices Vary By Location?

No, the Dashlane’s prices don’t vary by location as it has fixed pricing plans for all countries where it’s available. 

Try Out a Premium Plan Now!
The Dashlane mobile app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices – which is impressive. The available app ensures quick and seamless access to all the Dashlane features. The app works properly, has a user-friendly interface and comes in handy. Try it today!

Comparison of Dashlane Pricing Plans With Other 2 Software 

The two most prominent competitors of Dashlane are 1Password and LastPass. All these password management softwares, including Dashlane, are simple and intuitive, have robust security models, and ensure all the top-notch features essential for managing passwords and confidential data safely and securely. Nevertheless, these softwares have their own differences, so let’s check them out. 

Primary FeatureDashlane1PasswordLastPass
Monthly PlanPlan starts @$3.99 per month and the software has free access for one user per month. Plan starts @$2.99 per month and the software has no free access available. Plan starts @$3.00 per month and the software allows free access to one user every month. 
Annual PlanPlan starts @$3.33 per month and there’s free access for one user every month. Plan starts @35.88 per year and there’s no free access for users. Plan starts @$36 per year and there’s free access for one user every month. 

plus Costs less than a couple of beers per monthplus Easy to use and 24/7 supportplus Ensures multi-factor authentication
plus Best in terms of security, support, features, and valueplus Zero-knowledge security protocolplus Functions on a zero-knowledge security model
plus Premium and unique features like Dark Web Monitoring and Built-In VPN.plus Encryption same as the one used at banksplus Password synchronization on gadgets with varied operating systems 

minus The Dashlane Free Plan has some limitations – storage of up to 50 passwords being the top one. minus Unavailability of live chat functionminus Users often experience servicer issues, which makes the users’ fail in uploading encrypted passwords. 
minus No free plan available (only free trial for 30-days)

1. LastPass 

LastPass is an excellent software for password protection and management. The combination of user-friendly interface, multi-factor authentication, and zero-knowledge security model makes it an ideal software for use. 

The perks of using this software include: 

  • Password synchronization on gadgets with varied operating systems
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Zero-knowledge security model
  • Storage of multiple data types

2. 1Password

1Password is an amazing software that provides protection of payment methods, passwords, and credentials while guaranteeing 100% safety and privacy. 

Here are a few perks of using this Dashlane alternative: 

  • Encryption is the same as the one used by banks
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Zero-knowledge protocol


Dashlane provides excellent and affordable pricing models that are designed to provide all the features that you need in password management software, plus some extra. The mix of reasonable pricing plans, high level of security and protection, and plenty of features make it an ideal and best-value password manager. 

The Dashlane Free plan is the most basic plan in their stack that offers limited storage of 50 passwords on a single device. The limitations of this plan are why we solely recommend this as a ‘try and buy option that should only opt to test the features before paying for them.

The Premium plan – which starts at $4.99 per month – is the best value plan of all. Given that you would spend $5 on a couple of beers, the Premium price is a bare minimum for your enhanced online safety. 

The Dashlane business plan is ideal for businesses of all sizes that need scalability and high-end management of all their accounts and passwords. Moreover, their family plan is also impressive as it offers all the Premium features and can be shared with six other people. 

Try Out a Premium Plan Now!
Dashlane’s pricing model is reasonable and cost-effective. The app has a user-friendly interface and is functional. Try it right now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re a Dashlane Free user, you can get access to a 30-day free trial of the software’s Premium plan. Within these 30 days, you can enjoy all the features of the Premium plan.

Yes, Dashlane is indeed worth the money when it comes to a password manager. Given the amazing and unique features like built-in VPN and Dark Web Monitoring at such affordable prices, it’s really the best value password management software.

There’s no doubt in saying that Dashlane is a web-based password management software. Now, one can use the software on both desktops/PCs and mobile phones.

Dashlane has plenty of extras that many of its competitors don’t have - comprising an incredibly fast and spacious VPN.

Dashlane has been in business for more than a decade and it has never witnessed or experienced a security breach ever since its establishment. Plus, Dashlane is trusted and used by 14+ million users and 18,000+ companies, and most of them have given 125,000+ 5-star ratings to the application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Thus, it’s safe to say that Dashlane is the most trustworthy choice.

Yes, your passwords are secure with Dashlane as the software leverages zero-knowledge, US-patented security infrastructure technology, which makes sure that no one, not even Dashlane, can access your data. You can check Dashlane security whitepaper to understand how they have instilled a system solution that has never been breached.

You can access Dashlane on both mobile and desktop platforms including the iOS, Android, MacOS, and the Windows 10. Plus, Dashlane is supported on all major browsers like the Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

When it comes to payment methods, Dashlane accepts all major bank cards and credit cards. They also ensure purchase orders upon request. It’s best to contact their customer representative for more details on payment methods.


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