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Your Apple device is your gateway to the digital world. Use our password generator to create a strong, secure password that keeps your data safe from hackers. Generate an Apple password now!

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    • 6 Characters.
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    • At least one Number
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1. Set Your Parameters

Select your password requirements, including length, complexity, and character types. You can also choose to exclude certain characters if needed.

2. Generate Passwords

Click the "Generate" button and see how the tool creates a secure password that meets your specifications in less than a second.

3. Start Using Your New Password

Copy the password and use it to protect your Apple device and keep your data secure. Feel confident that your information is protected with a strong and unique Apple password.

Overview of Password Generator Apple

The world seems to be full of passwords, and most people aren’t aware of just how many websites they visit that require them. You might be like others and use the same one or two for each site. However, that’s dangerous.

If you own an Apple product, you are likely to get iPhone password suggestions right from your device. That makes it a little easier to generate options that are secure, unique, and random. 

It’s also possible to get your iPhone to generate password options for you. However, you never know if they are the best and safest options. Therefore, it might be wise to use a Safari password generator. Apple recommends this for many reasons, and Password Hero might be the best choice. Let’s learn more!

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What Is Password Generator Apple?

Apple has its own password generator, and all the devices include it so that you can quickly and easily create new passwords and phrases to protect yourself while online. However, some people dislike the annoying popup or prefer to use variations of their favorite songs and terms.

A password generator for Apple ensures that all criteria are met, and Password Hero has you covered. 

Password Generator Apple

The Importance of Apple Passwords

Unauthorized access to accounts and Apple devices is a major problem for anyone who uses laptops, iPads, and iPhones. There are multiple ID-theft victims every day, and some of them lose their important emails, photos, and music. Others might have money stolen out of bank accounts or fraudulent charges to their credit cards. 

Hackers are excellent at guessing passwords, so simple ones can help them gain access to your device and control it. That means they could break the law on your account or steal from you.

Modern technology allows devices to connect with others and share information. For example, when you sign in to your banking institution’s account, you conduct financial transactions. That company might log into other websites to complete the task. All those machines are vulnerable and should be protected.

Overall, your Apple password is your first line of defense to protect from unauthorized access. 

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Things to Keep in Mind When Generating Apple Passwords

When using our password generator, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Don’t use one password for multiple accounts – While it’s time-consuming and inconvenient to create a new password for every account, it secures your online strength and protection. Use Password Hero as your top password generator for Apple products.
  • Use a Strong Password – Your passwords should include numbers, symbols, and letters. Plus, they need to be long and not focus so much on specific words. 
  • Regularly Change Passwords – Many applications now ask you to change passwords frequently, such as every three months. Even if they don’t, it’s wise to do so on your own. Therefore, you may want to choose a day when you have little to do and update everything after 90 days.
  • Protect Your Passwords – Many people use a password manager and automatically generate unique passwords. However, you must remember at least one, and it must stay private. Don’t write them down or store them in a central document. While Apple is safer than other options, you still shouldn’t let it automatically fill in passwords, either.
  • Consider Passphrases – This is a newer method of creating passwords. Instead of odd characters that are tough to remember, you can use passphrases, with at least three words separated by symbols.

How to Generate Strong Passwords on iPhone and iPad

You can make iPhone generate a password that’s strong and unique for most of your accounts. It stores them in the iCloud Keychain and automatically fills them in for you so that you don’t need to memorize all of them.

Consider signing in with your Apple ID whenever possible. This limits the information those sites share about you. If that’s not something you’re interested in, you can generate passwords for iPhone and iPad with these steps:

  • Enter a new account name for the new app or website. In fact, iPhone suggests a complex and unique password on supported apps/sites.
  • Select between “choose a suggested password” or “make up your own.” 
  • Tap the “yes” button when asked to save the password so that your device will automatically fill it in for you.

If you’re not satisfied with the passwords iPhone generates, you can use a password generator, such as Password Hero. It allows you to create passphrases or words, and you may customize them to meet your specific needs.

Some people like to make their own passwords, and you can then use Password Hero to test their strength. Come up with something you want that’s easy to remember. Double-click into the box, paste your password, and it shows as weak, medium, or strong.

How to Use Apple Password Generator 

You can use Apple ID to create passwords. Simply log into the Apple ID account from a web browser. Navigate to the “Security” section and tap “Generate Password.” Add a label, click “create,” and the website makes a password that you may copy.

It’s also possible to create strong passwords with an iPhone 12 or greater. Launch Safari, navigating to the website where you want to make an account. When you tap into the “password” field,” iOS automatically generates a very strong password. Choose “Use strong password,” and you’re done.

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Apple Keychain Generated Passwords vs. Password Hero

Compare Password Hero to iCloud Keychain-generated passwords now:

Apple Keychain GenerationPassword Hero
Automatically sets a password based on that website’s criteriaAllows customization, including length of password and characters used
Doesn’t allow you to test your own passwordsLets you test your own creations to see how strong they are
Must navigate to different areas on the device to create passwordsAutomatically provides strong passwords from one location that you can copy/paste

How to Keep Your Apple Passwords Safe

If you use iCloud Keychain, you can protect your passwords automatically. Turn it on for your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. Generally, you’re asked for the Apple ID password.

Consider using a separate (third-party) password manager. You can find free versions to test them out, and you only have to remember one password! It can also sync with your devices.


When it comes to generating passwords, Apple does better than the competition. However, it’s not perfect, and you often have to visit multiple websites and settings to get the job done. Therefore, it might be better to use Password Hero to craft unique and impenetrable passwords and passphrases. 

You only visit one page, can customize the password to meet your preferences, and copy/paste it into the password field of any sign-up form. Try it today to see how well it works.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whenever you sign up for services in apps and on websites, you could let iPhone create a strong password for most of your accounts. In fact, iPhone stores these passwords in the iCloud Keychain, filling them in automatically for you. Therefore, you don’t have to memorize them yourself. Many people like the convenience of this feature.

To create your app-specific password, use these steps: Log into the Apple ID account from a web browser; you can only manage or create passwords on the website. Click on “Generate Password” from the “Security” section. Enter a label that reminds you about why you made a password and tap “Create.” The site automatically creates a password that you can copy or write down. Click “done.” Enter your email address (Apple ID username) in your third-party software and paste the new password. Apple lets you create 25 app-specific passwords and recommends a new one for each site or service.

If you don’t use Apple Keychain or it’s not working, you can still generate strong passwords on iPhone. Navigate to the website you want, and bring up the Share Sheet shortcut. Tap the “share” button and choose “Generate Password.” After a few moments, you may copy your new password and paste it into the password field of the site.

Yes, Apple-generated passwords are considered strong. However, it might be wise to use a separate password generator. Apple products can’t easily be hacked, but it is a possibility. When you use Password Hero, you know each one created is unique. Plus, you can set different specifications, such as length and character types.

iPhones have powerful tools that make it hard for hackers to get into your account. Many people wonder: Is iCloud Keychain safe? This app lets you easily and quickly block hackers from snooping. Still, it’s limited in some areas, so there’s always a possibility for a cybercriminal to hijack your Apple products.

Is iCloud Keychain safe? That’s the question on everyone’s mind. Everything you store here is secure and protected by traditional industry-standard encryption. In fact, you can’t set it up on another macOS device until you approve of it. Therefore, no one can easily break into your accounts and steal personal information.


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